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  1. Maybe they or could shim between the shoulder and extension, but when an extension only is sold with pin hole drilled then what? How will you headspace and align gas port on a barrel without drilling a new pin hole in the extension?
  2. If a gas port is drilled latter (could be) then burrs would need to be removed from the rifling. Maybe the headspace (like you're saying) extension torque then pinned, gas port drilled. Somehow/way the breach will need too be shaved too get proper headspace (torque extension, check headspace, incorrect headspace, remove extension, shave off .oo2" from barrel, torque extension, check headspace, drill and pin extension, drill port, clean barrel, add to inventory)? Maybe? I have never inquired about procedure. You might be 100% correct!
  3. No, that's not what I'm saying. Headspace is changed/set by how far the extension is screwed on. The extension is like a receiver on a bolt gun. Instal a headspace gauge into the barrel, screw the barrel into the extension, place a bolt into the extension, then adjust the barrel until headspace is met. Barrel shims is for barrel nut timing as on a Delta ring for gas tube can pass threw. You might with a different type of shim(s) be able to headspace a bolt? Not sure on that? When you go too , let's say (x caliber or McGowan) there a place for checking JPbolt for headspacing. They will send barrel and bolt used (they used) for proper headspace. Midway USA sells barrel and bolt together from Shilin as some other companies.
  4. Gunwerks Ti will be my next purchase
  5. HNT26 26oz complete MDT chassis
  6. Some brakes can disturb the way gas exits that causes inaccuracies. I perticulary don't know which ones do that, but it happens. I put a 40 dollar brake on a 338lm and it's a great gn for never loosing sight. Recoil is extremely low and accuracy is very good even with IMI 250smk. Ultradyne has worked very well in all caliber guns I've installed then on. 1 being/making it more accurate, I don't know. I test with and without just in case.
  7. So true! I have 11.5, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24" barrels all in AR, but ammo specific for each. The 24" has a bull barrel (not much fun too lug around), so nothing wrong with a 556.
  8. As much as I like the 26cal AR or not my favorite is the 6.8spc. 6.5g vs 5.56 nato is mags, bolt (carrier stays the same) and barrel.
  9. I do have SI flat wire and it's not that big of deal? Also have jp scs in several guns....also not any noticeable difference, but quieter (hence silent capture spring). Also heavier.
  10. The F1 so called lite are heavy, but cool! 2A has good lite weight options. I've used poly upper and lower receivers without any issues. I also built a 4# 3.5oz with optic build that shoots 1.25 to 1.5 moa with pmc xp193 ammo after 300 rounds of high rate of fire (about 2 minutes).
  11. How do you think it's headspaced? The extension is used for headspacing the bolt, then a hole is drilled in the extension for gas port to dowel alignment. There could be another way? I've never tried too remove an extension too see if the pin/dowel goes into the barrel enough so the extension doesn't inadvertently unscrew. Maybe my next project!
  12. I can agree on muzzle device removal. How tight was the muzzle device.....seems excessively tight? Best wishes!
  13. Depends on the handgun? From 15 to 50 yards.
  14. Try Smoke Composites! CF tube w/adj cheek, cant and length. It's a LOT less problematic than zulu 2.0, especially using jp scs. @TonytheTiger has it correct.
  15. Gas poet is an orifice so ir will restrict gas volume and pressure (adjustable can further reduce it). On ordering custom barrel thay ask if an adjustable gb will be used? If yes or no (yes gp at .100 and no at .080"), so they use a larger port size for adjustable gb. Different companies might use different sizes based on gas system length?
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