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  1. For a while, I was using a laser cartridge during every dry fire training session but found myself looking for the red dot rather than calling my shots. Bad habit... I put it away and may consider using it sparingly to mixed things up. It did help with diagnosing my DA trigger pull resulting in low right shots (Southpaw here)
  2. vinceislander

    My P10C mods

    I'm somewhat disappointed with my P-09 which I bought after a P-07 Duty. The Duty has an unbelievably smooth albeit heavy trigger pull(no polishing done, just upgraded springs) so I was expecting similar qualities in their P-09. Talked to the folks at CGW yesterday. They will have more parts and packages for the P10c in the coming weeks. Thanks for sharing your P10C mods.
  3. We let the PCC shooters go first or last. Otherwise, it tends to break up the rhythm if they shoot somewhere in the middle of the order. At least, that is the perception.
  4. With the UNLOADED gun, take a pencil and insert it into the barrel with the eraser end first so it is against the firing pin hole. Pointed skyward, pull the trigger. The pencil should jump just enough to be noticeable and may even "shoot" out of the barrel. You can also try it in SA.
  5. vinceislander

    SP01 and mags

    I had somewhat similar issues not too long ago. I installed a new slide release and haven't had any magazine related issues since. I'm about 2k rounds into the new slide release. My slide release does move away a touch from the frame during use but not enough to cause issues. Here is my take on what may be causing slide lock issue. The slide release is moved away from the frame enough that the "nub" is too far away for the mag follower to push it up and lock the slide back. Here is what I would do: Take the slide off Push on the slide release nub with my fingers resulting in the slide release lever being pushed away from the frame. Insert Mec Gar and CZ magazines and observe if the followers is able to push the nub up or not. Based on that, you may need a new slide release. Hopefully that makes sense. It does to me
  6. I have a P-07 and an SP-01 with LOK Grenade grips. I understand that Bogies are the most aggressive grips LOK has. With that in mind, the Grenade grips are much more "grippier" than the stock P-07 or P-09 for that matter. Shooting in Arizona heat, my hands can get pretty sweaty but I've never had an issue with wet hands with Grenade grip. But I do have some issue with the P-07/P-09 and keep a towel nearby. Daughter's hands sweat too and often looses her grip with the P-09. I plan to either provide her with some grip liquid solution or stipple the P-09. Good luck
  7. As a lefty who shoots lots of double stack pistols, I empathize with you. I tried using my trigger or the middle finger to press the mag release when on the left side. I also tried shifting my grip to get my strong hand thumb to reach the button when on the right side. For me, shifting my grip was easier, faster and more natural. I can't comment on using the support hand to manipulate the button. Good luck Sent from my P01M using Tapatalk
  8. I don't like it autoforwarding. I want my pistol to be consistent; Ideally, either it happens all the time or none of the time. Some light research suggests the contact surface of the slide stop needs to be shaped in order to affect autoforwarding. For now, I'm not at that level for it to make a different in match results. Silver lining is it will teach me to "listen" for it. I found that the slide stop can work its way out a bit and below is a picture of it as an extreme example. So two issues: bent slide stop and can work itself out a bit. Picked up a new slide stop from CZCustoms. New part has some play(but you have to force it) but is more flush than the stock slide stop. That alone appears to resolve the issue during dry fire. Going to the range today and then a match either tomorrow or Sunday. I shoot IDPA SSP at the present time. So 90% of my reloads is from slide lock with 10 or 11 rounds in the mags. Interesting product.
  9. Local club holds up to 5 idpa matches(4 stages) and one classifier a month. Although I do like having so many monthly matches, sometimes I would trade them for less matches with more intricate stages. I might have to have a chat with the Division director about that.
  10. Here is an update. After closer inspection, the slide stop looks bent. This caused less of the "nub" to protrude into the gun and allowed the follower to slide up next to it. Whereas it should be pushing the nub up and locking the slide back. Because of the binding against the nub, the magazine wouldn't drop freely. Interestingly, I was able to duplicate this more frequently with factory mags than Mec Gars. Taking a trip to the CZCustom shop on Thursday to do some window shopping and pickup some spare parts including a new slide stop perhaps. I'll call CZ-USA warranty and see if they can send me a new slide stop. I still have to figure out why sometimes the top round isn't stripped and chambered when using Mec Gar mags as the slide autoforwards.
  11. So far only when the mag is empty, during a slide lock reload( IDPA ) CZCustoms is within driving distance so may pick up their flat mag brake. I did notice placing those mags fit tight in holders set for CZ factory mags. I hope I don't have to go that route and remove material. Are you suggesting to run without a mag brake? Or just to perform a function check? Removing the grips might help diagnose where it is sticking. That's what I've read that majority don't have issues with Mec Gars Pistol stripped, cleaned and oiled. Mags wiped down with a rag sprayed with Remi CLP. IDPA match tonight. We shall see. Ordered factory mags from GregCote. Worst case is I use the Mec Gar mags in another 75 pistol(which I have yet to buy). Come to think of it, they might work well in my P-09 because I know the factory 75 mags rattle a bit in them. Going to give that a try when I get home. Thanks for all your responses.
  12. For 2017, I switched game guns from a P-09 to an SP-01 Tactical. I noticed two things: random auto-forward when reloading with Mec Gar 18rnd AFC mags that does NOT chamber a round and empty Mec Gar magazine not dropping freely. I have to strip the magazine out. Both behaviors happens during matches but not during dry or live fire practice. The two CZ magazines that came with my pistol have none of these issues. Dropping issue may be shooter issue and not mag which is fixable. I've been spoiled with the P-09. For two years it has run flawlessly with very little cleaning including the magazines. Albeit, the magazines are CZs. So it maybe the SP-01 is finicky and needs more TLC than I expected. Looks like field strip cleaning after each match including mags. OR my pistol just doesn't like Mec Gar mags. SP-01 has CGW Pro package installed by CGW. I polished the feeding ramp and breach face and installed Lok Grips. The mag brake looks and feels flat. Any other suggestions?
  13. My Bad. After taking a second look at your pictures, I don't think those rounds with that bullet profile have a chance to feed reliably. Throw those rounds in your other working Glocks and see where the bullet strikes the feeding ramp AND how high they sit in relation to the ramp. So ride the slide forward and see where it hits it. Thinking out of the box... Try one round in the magazine Try a full magazine. What happens when you load a mag with your dummy rounds into the gun and push the end of the magazine in more. Does it seat the magazine higher into the pistol? And does that help feed the rounds? Good luck man. Update this post if you end up trying different bullet profiles.
  14. So take the barrel out. Drop one of your loaded rounds in the chamber Listen for metal on metal sound Spin the round Determine if it spins freely Then tilt the barrel to drop the round out If it drops, then that round is more likely to feed properly. Repeat... If your loads fail, evaluate bullet seating depth and diameter of the case opening after you removed the bell( most refer it to crimping which is technically incorrect for 9mm ). I don't own Glocks, but maybe consider polishing the feeding ramp.
  15. A followup to my post. Listen to your mother and go to bed. TIL that when we sleep, our brain cells shrink, encouraging cerebrospinal fluid flow which flushes out toxins built up in the brain. This explains why we can't think clearly after a sleepless night. http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2013/10/18/236211811/brains-sweep-themselves-clean-of-toxins-during-sleep Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
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