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  1. I bought 2 uppers to go with my 2011 lowers, one for each kid, plus spare extractors and ejectors which I have not needed. I believe the breech is enclosed by the barrel extension, which is not the case with most 9mm ARs, but verify this.
  2. Olympic Arms makes one. LRBHO works great. Buy the 10mm magazines if you load long. I milled a lower to use 2011 magazines so I will sell you some Olys for 1/2 price. Middle TN if you want to shoot one.
  3. You forgot to mention the Chip McCormick 10 round magazine
  4. As used in 1911 parlance, the advertised poundage is not a rate but a force developed at a particular length. I don't know about other designs.
  5. Thanks folks.... So the peening causes the left leaf to bend inward, the heat shrink centers the spring in the opening, and the metal shim forces it to the right? C
  6. Twice now, I have found that the sear spring has moved or tilted such that the left leg fell off the sear. (I can duplicate this with sloppy assembly) I searched the forum and found that I am not alone, but no clear fix was identified. Any help out there? Charlie
  7. About 1/200 primers either don't get pushed out of the case, or they are stuck on the pin and reseated with pressure from the virgin primer on the priming pin. .40 S&W.... Any help here?
  8. How about the life of hard chrome in a kydex holster that gets a lot of use?
  9. He bought the complete gun, Glock lower. It came with a 30 round magazine. Trigger was not bad for an OEM AR.
  10. My shooting buddy brought a Palmetto Arms Glock-mag gun to my range today. He ran a wide range of factory and re-loaded ammo through it, and it ran great. He had to shoot the last round from some loads, but we should be able to solve this with the right OAL/bullet shape.
  11. First remove the mag latch to see if that is it. Dimensionally, however, STI magazines vary all over the place.
  12. I see that the new magazines have smooth sides. Do they have any additional capacity, and do they use the same base pads?
  13. We have 4 STIs in the family. They all do.
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