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  1. Very good information, i guess i can modified the way you did as a backup solution. Thanks very much!
  2. Just a quick update to everyone: I switched to the: Wilson Combat Aluminum MSH Dawson Precision Aluminum Guide Rod With the standard STI factory magazine i am at 41.66 oz now, with the Tripp Research and Dawson Competition Basepad i am at 41.97 oz now. I guess i am good to go. Thanks for all the helps here guys!
  3. Yea, the original G10 grips got some meat to shave, but the ones I got is the G10 SureTec Aggressive Slim Grips, which is very thin already, hopefully with all those mods can meet the weight limit, otherwise this step will be my next for sure.
  4. That is exactly what I might do if still not meet the weight limit...lol, actually the grips I got is pretty thin already, might still able to remove a little bit more but not much
  5. Thanks for the additional information, like I said earlier haven't heard about it and haven't seen one before, so kind of hesitate to try it, but really appreciate your info though.
  6. With my current setup I can even fit in the IDPA box and I have tried the USPSA box as well there is no problem at all. In and out easily and there is some wiggle room at the bottom of the magazine and the box.
  7. Thanks for your tips, i guess i will go for the aluminum guide rod for now and haven't heard much about the hollow guide rod, so kinda hesitate at this moment.
  8. My friend suggested to buy 2 or 3 of those aluminum guide rods, just have an extra one or two in case needed.....LOL
  9. Thanks for the tips, sounds like aluminum MSH is a must to reduce the weight, will try the aluminum guide rod first.
  10. Thanks for the tips, ordering the Dawson aluminum guide rod and plug, Wilson Combat Aluminum MSH. Hope this will be able to get down to 43 or even less.
  11. Picked up a DVC Classic 9mm last month, planning to run this gun in the USPSA Single Stack Minor Division, however it seems over weight out of the box. Changed the following things: Techwell IPSC SP Magwell Techwell G10 SureTec Slim Aggressive Grips Ed Brown Stainless Steel Flat MSH (Possibly go with Aluminum? The stock MSH is aluminum, i believe is made by Dawson) The current setup with Tripp Research + Dawson Competition Ready Base Pad i am at 44.33 OZ, with the stock magazine i am at 43.98 OZ. Any suggestion beside changing the MSH to aluminum?
  12. From carry to competition, i preferred SINGLE STACK....lol
  13. Having troubles using the PM system. So hopefully you'll get this message.

    paypal is fine: tim@timbarker.com

    1. Qoo


      Payment sent.

      Kenny Huang

      32700 Capitol St

      Livonia, MI 48150


    2. tbarker13


      Thanks. i will mail the grips tomorrow.

  14. I will take the following -

    3. 1911 Grips. VZ Carbon Fiber Operator II model. Cut for Ambi safety and magwell. $60

    Please PM me with your PayPal info.


  15. Congrats.....i have a long way to go!!
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