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  1. accu9

    9mm Major Compensator

    Sounds like a timing issue to me.
  2. accu9

    Venom Customs!?

    Hopefully this picture works...
  3. accu9

    Venom Customs!?

    Don's guns are top notch in every respect. Aside from his guns running from day one, his turn around time is scary fast and he's a great guy. Put it this way, I have had guns built from multiple big name 'smiths that cost significantly more and took 8+ months to receive...sold them all once I found Don. 9011
  4. Check your Pre-Travel tab on the trigger bow as well.
  5. accu9

    Newest holsters for open.

    Same and I 100% agree. WAY more secure, smoother draw and more adjustment.
  6. Everglades JHP V2 are unbelievably accurate. I tested their 115gr JHP V2 vs. Hornady 115gr XTP (Not the HAPS) and the Everglades were significantly more accurate. They can be had for 7.5 cents shipped per when they are running promotions - 25,000 rounds later, I will not shoot another bullet.
  7. I don't have a picture of the LHS but my BCG ejector looks like a normal ejector from that point of view. The tuning is in the concave relief.
  8. accu9

    Volquartsen Scorpion

    I bought my wife a 4.5" Scorpion for Steel Challenge a couple of years ago, zero malfunctions with CCI SV or CCI Mini-Mags to date. Is it worth the extra cost over, a home brewed 22/45? I think so. The Scorpion has a better trigger and is significantly more accurate than my home brewed 22/45 with all the bells and whistles (VQ trigger and all).
  9. accu9

    9 Major load for Czechmate

    My C-mate barrels are reamed, loading 115gr MG CMJ's or EGA V2 JHP's at 1.160 OAL. I've played with a few loads, all of the below net 170-172PF: 8.0gr Power Pistol 8.7gr HS6 9.3gr 3N38 9.6gr SP2 10.0gr AA#7
  10. accu9

    using AA #5, in 9mm. is it good?

    AA5 is a versatile powder in 9mm. While not ideal for minor loads, I found #5 to be almost identical to HS6 for 9 major loads. 8.8gr-9.0gr under a 115gr pill nets 171PF out of a full size w/ 3 popples, the dot tracks well.
  11. accu9

    czechmate recoil spring

    CZ-USA now lists a Cmate recoil spring (Part: 10911291), I have heard it's anywhere from 14-16 Lbs. I personally run a 10# in my gun, I tried a 9# and like Honkey stated, I had issues with the slide returning to battery.
  12. accu9

    Safariland 014 Holster Works For CZ Czechmate?

    My Czechmate (new style TSO frame) will not work in the three 014's that I have. You might have better luck if your frame is older.
  13. accu9

    Czechmate issue

    Call of Beven of Grams, he will get your mag issues sorted.
  14. accu9

    Finally got my czechmate

    Armory Craft trigger...AKA CZUB importer.
  15. accu9

    Does anyone else think the Rts2 is a POS?

    3GunDQ- you are not alone, I went through three in 8 months. Maybe those Fridays are also employee appreciation days with an open bar.