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  1. accu9

    Racker ?

    That's my understanding.
  2. accu9

    Racker ?

    Most 2011 open slides are heavily lightened in the rear (swoop cut). As such, there is not enough meat to mount a racker where a dovetail would traditionally be cut.
  3. accu9

    Racker ?

    The New SV tall boy racker looks like money. I find a 90 degree angle is easier to pinch on unloaded table starts or clearing malfs. as opposed to a 45 degree. The new SV looks similar to the Limcat rackers or the Sebo weapons racker for the Cmate.
  4. In addition to the stepped brass, I cull Tula headstamps. Tula's have really inconsistent primer pockets and extractor grooves.
  5. Replacing the stock mag catch on my MKIV 22/45 lite with an aftermarket extended catch (VQ) did the trick for me. The factory catch was not holding the magazine high enough (maybe 1/16th low) which caused the rounds to impact the bottom of the feed ramp.
  6. The 4th finger comes from splitting the middle leaf (disconnector leg). Splitting the middle leaf allows one tune the trigger return weight and disconnector pressure/ weight independently. In theory, one could go extremely light on the trigger return weight yet still keep the disconnector functioning reliably. My Limcat shipped with the Clark 4 leaf, must be some validity in the design.
  7. I started with DAA racers in production. When I moved to Open I tried the DAA racemasters, Ghosts, CR speeds, and DAA Alpha X's. Came back full circle to the DAA racers. Super smooth release and just the right amount of adjustability.
  8. I mostly use EGW's (made by Colt). Currently trying out the Clark Custom 4 finger spring in an open gun. They work well but are a little trickier to tune vs. the traditional 3 prong.
  9. If your Trubor runs, I would shoot it for a season or two. Once you are in need of a back-up or want a different configuration - you will have a good idea of what your ideal gun looks like. Having owned a DVC, the real differences compared to a Trubor are mostly cosmetic. As others have stated, the Brazos Zig Racker is awesome. While detents can be added to any racker (so as to avoid using a set screw) it's nice to have them from the get-go. Venom Customs installed my rackers, very pleased with Don's work.
  10. Exactly what I was hoping for, thanks for the reply . I run AA7 with 115's (10.3gr - 10.6gr depending on the lot), but your 124gr load is identical to what I was loading when I experimented with 124's.
  11. Anybody running one of the new KKM Hybrid shorty barrels (Commander Length, 4.65" w/ threads) in their open gun? I'm itching to either convert my full-size hybrid or start a fresh build. Curious as to how much one would need to bump up their load. For reference, my middy KKM 5" bull with 6 v-holes and another large popple through the barrel threads & comp Chrono's the same as my 5.4" SV hybrid with three popple's.
  12. Correct. Grams springs and followers in the MBX tubes (as well as in Gen 1 & Gen 2 STI’s and Czechmate mags). Beven is the man.
  13. I’ve found MBX springs to crap out far sooner than Grams, TTI or Wolffs. I used to have to change MBX springs every 4-6 months before changing to Grams guts in my MBX mags. 14 months and counting with Grams internals and no more tilting followers.
  14. My Czechmate won't run anything lighter than a 10#. 8# and 9# springs will not return the slide to battery. However, every CM is different. A friend of mine runs an 8# and does not have any issues. Buy multiple springs in various weights, you may have to clip coils to find the ideal set up for your gun.
  15. In respect to shooting specific lenses - I recently switched to the prizm sporting clays lense that came in an Oakley Tombstone three lense set. They are fantastic, really make the dot vibrant in bright and dim conditions.
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