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  1. Thank you guys for the feedback. I’m thinking the DAA for USPSA and the Weber for 3gun. Anyone have a preference on *thumb rest [generic]*? I have my frame drilled and tapped to run it for open but I would like the run a *thumb rest [generic]* or something similar for limited. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated
  2. I should be getting my honcho within the next two weeks. To say I’m w excited is an understatement. But I have a couple questions. Those of you who have the honcho, who holsters are you rocking ? I bought the 4 barrel set up. I’ll mostly be running .40 limited for USPSA and 9 sight blocker for 3gun. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  3. Ok, thank you. I think I’ll be ordering the Sentinal today.
  4. Ok, thank you. I have the legion and a Sig 365xl. Looking to pick up some red dots for each, and heard swampfox were worth looking into.
  5. Did you have to get a specific mount for your X5?
  6. Thank you everyone who helped me out and gave me such awesome advice. I placed my order to get a 750 and will be patiently waiting. I do have a couple more questions I’m hoping some of you experts can answer. I’ll be loading .40 long for my 2011. I’ve heard miCes reviews on using SPP and SRP. Is there any issues with using small rifle primers or even small magnum pistol primers ?
  7. Thank you for all the great info. I’ll probably do exactly what you said and start saving for the bullet feeder die down the road. As for the aftermarket dies that are better. What do you recommend ? I don’t see myself ever growing out of the 750. But I’m trying to get/purchase all the good parts now in order to not waste Money on things I don’t really need or will end up upgrading down the road. Again, thank you so much for the advice.
  8. Thank you for the advice. I primarily shoot 9 and 40, but I’ll also be shooting 5.56 as well. I started out reloading with an old lee single stage press but that was about 10 years ago. So I’m somewhat familiar with reloading. I’ve been watching a ton of YouTube videos to get better educated on the 750. But that link you sent is super helpful. Thank you again!
  9. You guys are giving me a lot to think about and I appreciate all the advice. I should of realized it would be hard to get the components now with the price of ammo going up, more people will be reloading. But I’ve been putting off reloading for too long and I’m ready to get into it. Even if it’s just buying the press now, and getting components when they become available. And that might be a little easier on the wallet
  10. I’m finally at the point where I want to start reloading. I decided on the Dillon XL750 and was hoping I could get some advice from the experts on here. I shoot 9mm, .40 cal, and 45acp. Primarily I Shooting limited major for USPSA and CO for IDPA but have tossed around the idea of getting into PCC at some point. Anyways, could someone help me out on what I need to get besides the actual Press. I saw on the Dillon website on additional things they recommended but is there specific things I need to get. I don’t want to keep buying parts as I find out I need them, I’d r
  11. I appreciate the kind words, but it goes both ways. I wouldn’t hesitate to sell or buy from you. It was an easy and smooth transaction.
  12. That’s good to know. I’ll probably end up getting the GG trigger at some point but it seems like there’s not a huge reason to get it right away. But I’m with you, I like my triggers feeling the same. I shoot a stock Glock for work and going from the range at work to my other guns is a pain sometimes. I’ll get use to prepping the trigger and finding the wall on the Glock and it’s definitely not the same as my other guns.
  13. Hahah yeah you’re right. Haha I think I’m just trying to justify buying a new gun!
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