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  1. So I bought the N320 to try in my limited gun for 3 gun but have never shot it due to a lot of titegroup. So I know nothing beside it should be cleaner and less smokey. So most of you agree it will recoil less than titegroup as well?
  2. It was roughly a palmetto state armory with mbx comp and the blitzkrieg buffer system. I just put the MBX barrel on it with a carbon fiber rail for the new load I am running.
  3. Just curious, if you only need 125Pf maybe 130 PF to be safe, why do you run all the way up to 143?
  4. Ive never shot anything but titegroup but I think I was told to run slower burning powders with a comp... But I dont completely recall. Ive been trying different things to manage the recoil on the pcc so sounds like titegroup is the better choice.
  5. So I have been shooting my PCC with titegroup pushing 147 gr projectiles. I will using a new 147gr fmj and bought a new barrel so I need to develop a new load. Just for record, I have the mbx barrel which is basically 13" before the pinned comp. I have titegroup like I have been running but I have winchester autocomp for my open gun and was wondering if I should try that? What are your thoughts titegroup or autocomp?? I hate to use it just yet because I have a lot of titegroup but I have some VihtaVuori N320 as well.
  6. I run diffuser 85%, Light Mod 14% and improved mod.
  7. Very nice to know. I set mine up at 15 yds. Shot a pcc match and had a plate rack out at 75 and killed everyone. no one knew there holds.
  8. I run the ALS now for retention. Ive got it a little rigged up becuase I shoot a 6" STI and I wanted a better belt loop option.
  9. This is an old post, but 3gun nation just kicked off the new year. I think they had a whopping 78ish shooters. Which is crazy because its one of the few warm places to shoot in February at a range that has some very high profile matches (mainly action pistol). It was at one of my local ranges and none of the local guys even shot it. Ive shot a local match with 70 shooters there. Very sad... that tells you where 3 gun nation is. My buddies and I will drive 18 hrs for a match but not 1 hr for that match.
  10. Sorry Mike, you have worked on several of my Benellis for the record. Since Ive got you on here. You did something to my Benelli M2 to be bale to ghost load. What do I need to send to get the same for the Benelli M1?
  11. Well thanks to all for helping me clear that up, I was just informed wrong at my local club on how things work.
  12. cool, I have a timney and I think that is what I have. 10K is a lot of rds with no issues. I'm jealous of your trigger time.
  13. I see a lot of people running the hiperfire
  14. I'm trying to add rds to my gun and looking at the options and to see what people are doing. The Benelli comes with 3+1. I'm not trying to be difficult, but your answer doesnt specifically tell me what you have on your gun. Nordic doesnt sell a 10 rd tube to my knowledge. I'm assuming you have a nordic plus 7 coupled with a nordic plus 5?
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