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  1. For the money the TTI Grandmaster Kit is tough to beat. I put one in a Gen 5 17 I got recently and it yielded a pull of 3lbs 9oz. Its more of a rolling break, which I actually like.
  2. SInce this post came out originally I have switched departments and found myself having to go back to Glocks for work. Being a guy who doesn’t like switching platforms between work and sport, I bought a Gen 5 Glock 34 MOS to shoot in USPSA. I love my P320s, but I have to tell you guys, I shoot the Gen 5 34 better. I made GM in Production with a Gen 3 34, and shooting the Gen 5 is like coming back home, but better. I think Glock definitely did some things right with the Gen 5. All that said though, I still dig my Sigs, and wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to someone looking for a pistol.....but dang are those Gen 5s good.
  3. I’d pick a division you’re interested in, preferably not revolver, and then seek out some training. Going to a class where you could hone some fundamentals, learn to break stages down better, develop plans and execute them would go a long way in helping you get over the classification hump in all the division you like to shoot.
  4. Springer Precision. By far my favorite.
  5. Have you removed the magwell, or is that something you're wanting to keep on the pistol? If the weights you gave in the original post are with the magwell installed you could probably cut all the weight you need to by simply removing it. When I shot my X5 in production it still loaded plenty smooth without the magwell.
  6. BillGarlandJr

    P320 X5 Thread

    .205 x .090 is the sight I went with from Dawson. As for the other measurements you asked for......beats me. Some others on here said they used that sight and in doing some math I figured out it would work for me too. So far so good.
  7. I see this problem a lot in LE circles. They will come out and for the first shot get an acceptable sight picture, and prep the trigger well, only to abandon any sort or trigger prep for the subsequent shots. What I tell them is while they don't need to do a hard prep of the trigger for each and every shot, depending on its difficulty, they do need to feel the trigger for every shot. This queue seems to help as they refine their trigger presses enough to make it more like a stroke of the trigger than a slap. Then there is the group who is a complete mess for their first shots and then somehow get it together for the shots that follow. The queue is the same though, and works most of the time.
  8. Since on most stages you're likely to not have to do multiple reloads, make sure you really attack those dead spaces where you're not shooting. Not having to stick a reload at the beginning or end of a movement allows you to be more aggressive and attack the stages more.
  9. The Racing Reds for Rudys are great, and if you're an Oakley guy like myself, the prizm lenses work really well too. My current combo is the Prizm lenses with a green fiber. Super quick to pick up without being so bright its distracting for more precise shots.
  10. Try between 3.5 and 3.8gr or Titegroup at 1.135. I shot 3.7 under a 200gr Precision out of an older G35 and it did around 171pf as I recall. That was with a Barsto barrel. At any rate, it shot very well.
  11. BillGarlandJr

    P320 X5 Thread

    I had my rear sight break. A crack that radiated out from the elevation screw developed after about 5000 rounds. I've since replaced the broken one and got another to have as a spare. I also switched to a shorter front sight so I could run the rear a little lower and not have it bounce as much. So, all that said I think it might be a good idea to have an extra rear sight plate/assembly around.
  12. I really like it. Its all I've used for the past four years on all of my 320s. What I've found is in the warmer weather I have to run a bead of Gorilla Glue around the edges to keep in place. Doing that, I haven't had any problems with it not staying in place.
  13. 12# is a good place to start for a lighter recoil spring. I know of some folks who run 10 and 11# recoil springs in theirs. I have an "Edge Like" limited gun I've been messing around with and am currently running an 11# in it....very nice with 180grn / 170ish pf loads. The front sight comes right back down on target with no dip.
  14. I think the *thumb rest [generic]* thing is pretty neat, but legal for Production and CO? Man, it doesn't seem Production is all that Production-y anymore? Oh well....for another thread..... I've been shooting some Limited minor with my X5 and I may give one of these a try. Currently I'm running one of the old takedown levers mentioned previously and my thumbs are long enough that I'm able to utilize it as a *thumb rest [generic]* pretty well, but the Go Guns product looks like its worth messing around with some.
  15. To follow up, Sig took care of me on this and sent me a new one.
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