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  1. BillGarlandJr

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I agree with everyone else. I've had the best results in terms of accuracy with 124/125 bullets. But like you, I also like shooting 135s. What I found with those, The Blue Bullets 135s in particular, is if I drove them a little faster the accuracy tightened up. Not bullseye accurate, but sub 3" at 25yds, which gets the job done for USPSA type shooting. By driving them faster I mean above 135 power factor. I think the last time I shot them in a match where they were chrono'd they came in at around 137 power factor.
  2. There are a ton of threads on here about Glock 35 Limited Guns, but I'll share with you what I've done to mine. Gen 4 Glock 35 Modifications: TTI sight set, TTI guide rod w/15# recoil spring (I'm still messing with spring weights to figure out which I prefer), Dawson Precision Heavy Ice Maxwell, Talon Grip Tape I prefer a heavier gun overall, so I also have a couple frame weights I've been messing around with to figure out which I prefer. I have an SJC, and a Toni Systems. The SJC is a couple ounces heavier than the Toni. Running a frame weight helps tame recoils a bit, and balances out the weight of the pistol from front to back, which I find much easier to move around efficiently as opposed to a gun that is heavy either in the front or back. What you decide to shoot really does just come down to preference. 2011's are kind of the standard, but there a some guys who can really shoot the Glocks at a high level too. The reason I shoot a Glock is I carry one for work and the difference in grip angles between Glocks and 2011's are different enough to slow me down in finding the front sight when switching from one to the other.
  3. I haven’t shot 1911/2011s much in the last 15 years or so, but when I shot a 2011 in Limited I ran an Aftec. I went to it after Area 4 in 2000. The standard extractor that came with the gun gave up the ghost at that match.....mid 130 point stage. Had about 5000 rounds through the pistol at that point. Changed to the Aftec and ran it another 70k rounds or so and never had a problem. If I were to get another 1911/2011 that I planned to shoot major caliber with I’d get me another Aftec for sure.
  4. Pretty much any service type pistol isn’t “designed” to have the slide go forward when a magazine is inserted at slide lock. It just so happens some pistols do it. The 1.0 M&Ps do it fairly regularly, and I’ve got a couple Glocks that do it on a regular basis. It wasn’t really something a lot of folks who carry guns for a living found desirable, so that “feature” has been designed out. The M&P 2.0s slide stops were designed to prevent it, and if I remember correctly, the P320s aren’t supposed to do it either. I’ve never had a problem with the slide going forward on the P320 (any version) when I insert a magazine at slide lock because the slide almost never locks back for me. A consequence of having larger hands that ride all over the slide stop. When the slide has locked back, I have never had the slide “auto-forward”. I have one I’ve used for work that has over 60,000 rounds through it and it still doesn’t auto-forward, so I don’t think its a matter of breaking in. I just think the P320 isn’t supposed to do it.
  5. Shot a section championship back in September, and shot Limited minor. I didn’t have a major caliber pistol at the time and I had been doing ok locally shooting minor. I shot a solid match....tons of points, but a little off the pace because I really needed the points shooting minor. I ended up 7th. I went back and did the math. If I had shot the same times, and the same hits, but scored major I could have finished second. I could have been a little more aggressive with my shooting which may have improved my scores too. I’ve since built up a Glock 35 complete with a brass mag well and a frame weight. The thing shoots great with Winchester white box 165gr, so I imagine once I get some match ammo loaded it will really shoot nicely.
  6. Talked to a rep at SHOT and that is what he said.....that they do limited runs amidst all the other stuff they’re making.
  7. I tried getting a VP9L kit in early 19' when they came out, but the supply dried up too quickly. Been checking on and off the last few months and can't find one anywhere. Vendors are either showing out of stock, or manufacturer no longer produces this product. Did HK do away with these?
  8. I've got a bunch of Redhill stuff, and I'm definitely a fan, but I think they have something going with DC Precision and are making holsters to accommodate their frame weights only.
  9. As you might have guessed from the title, I’m looking for a holster for my Glock 35 with an SJC frame weight. Specifically, I’m wanting to get a double layer kydex holster. I’ve sent emails out to Sul-Tac, and Amarok Tactical, but I’m looking for recommendations for some other holster makers who might be able to help me out. Thank you.
  10. For the money the TTI Grandmaster Kit is tough to beat. I put one in a Gen 5 17 I got recently and it yielded a pull of 3lbs 9oz. Its more of a rolling break, which I actually like.
  11. SInce this post came out originally I have switched departments and found myself having to go back to Glocks for work. Being a guy who doesn’t like switching platforms between work and sport, I bought a Gen 5 Glock 34 MOS to shoot in USPSA. I love my P320s, but I have to tell you guys, I shoot the Gen 5 34 better. I made GM in Production with a Gen 3 34, and shooting the Gen 5 is like coming back home, but better. I think Glock definitely did some things right with the Gen 5. All that said though, I still dig my Sigs, and wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to someone looking for a pistol.....but dang are those Gen 5s good.
  12. I’d pick a division you’re interested in, preferably not revolver, and then seek out some training. Going to a class where you could hone some fundamentals, learn to break stages down better, develop plans and execute them would go a long way in helping you get over the classification hump in all the division you like to shoot.
  13. Springer Precision. By far my favorite.
  14. Have you removed the magwell, or is that something you're wanting to keep on the pistol? If the weights you gave in the original post are with the magwell installed you could probably cut all the weight you need to by simply removing it. When I shot my X5 in production it still loaded plenty smooth without the magwell.
  15. BillGarlandJr

    P320 X5 Thread

    .205 x .090 is the sight I went with from Dawson. As for the other measurements you asked for......beats me. Some others on here said they used that sight and in doing some math I figured out it would work for me too. So far so good.
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