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  1. BillGarlandJr

    Getting DQed. A lot.

    I can speak as one who used to try to "dial it forward" for anything larger than a level 1 match.....like the OP I wanted to win my matches. I was super concerned about the results, and that concern was being driven by my ego. It took years for me to finally listen to more experienced shooters and realize that at the end of the day I have zero control over the results of the match. I could potentially "dial it forward" for every stage, nail it each time, and still not win the match. Ultimately all I would have done is run it on the ragged edge of control and risk a DQ, or even worse, an injury to myself or someone else. The advise I was given, and finally heeded was to just execute and enjoy the process of shooting. Those were things I had complete control over. What that's resulted in is a handful of match wins (level 2 type stuff - I'm not a major player in the game), more consistent match results overall, and, knock on wood, almost 20 years since my last DQ, which was the result of pushing beyond what I had trained, and was capable of.
  2. BillGarlandJr

    P320 X5

    You'll hear from other folks on here that TG and coated bullets make for some smoke, which it will, but if you can live with it any 124gr coated bullet with 3.6ish gr of TG will put you in the right range for pf. As for Sport Pistol, I have no experience with it, but from what I've read its very good.
  3. BillGarlandJr

    X5 competition load

    3.6 of Titegroup with a coated 125gr bullet gets me 130-132ish power factor with Blue Bullets, BBI, and Precision. I'll generally go 3.7 to get closer to a 135 power factor since it tightens groups for me a bit.
  4. BillGarlandJr

    X5 competition load

    My best results have been with the 124/125gr projectiles as well. I’ve. messed around with some other powders besides Titegroup (N320, Prima V), but with no real difference in performance aside from being a bit cleaner than TG. My regular full-size P320s shoot the 124/125gr bullets better than anything else too.
  5. BillGarlandJr

    Pros/Cons Limited Minor

    I’ve shot quite a bit of Limited with a minor caliber pistol (P320 X5) this year. Locally, the difference in scoring isn’t a big deal, and I do fairly well, however, at larger matches where there is more heat the difference is felt more. I can’t go fast enough to make up for the difference in points given for C and D hits, and a shooter of equal skill shooting major definitely has the advantage. Before shooting Limited this year I’d shot Production mostly for the previous 13 years, and I really enjoyed the heck out of it. As a division it has some unique challenges compared to the Limited, Open, and CO. What I’ve enjoyed about shooting Limited, even in minor, this year is shooting this game with a high cap pistol allows for some more agressive stage plans, and opportunities to take some chances. I dig that! Also, I can shoot for competition what I carry for work....a P320 with 21 round magazines. More reps with a work pistol has never done me any harm. All that being said, I’ll likely end up with a major caliber high cap pistol before next year. Sometimes the competitor in me wins over the practical side.
  6. BillGarlandJr

    STI Trojan 9mm accuracy

    9mm can be kind of a stinker to get an accurate load with. Most of my 9mm shooting over the years has been with either 124/125, or 135gr bullets. With any of those weights I've found if I drive them a little faster (135+ power factor) the groups tighten up considerably. If you're looking for a really accurate load, dig around and find some data for NRA Action Pistol loads. There are some really good recipes out there that are accurate and are mild enough recoil wise for USPSA stuff.
  7. Assuming you're a right handed shooter.....if you're shooting at a target close to the 180 on your left you're going to have to turn your body, or somehow orient the gun so the muzzle does not point uprange, and thus break the 180 as you execute your reload. If you're shooting at a target to your right, then just hit the reload as long as your technique doesn't incorporate some gun movement that would cause the muzzle to break the 180. As to some prescribed technique for doing reloads in these situations, I'm not aware of one other than to make sure the muzzle doesn't pass 180 degrees. Its not a bad thing to mess around with some in dryfire.
  8. BillGarlandJr

    X5 front sight height

    The rear is adjustable, so you don't have to nail the front sight height right on, however, I and some others have gone with a .205 tall front, which for me with 124/125 gr bullets allows me to run the rear sight closer to the bottom of its travel.
  9. BillGarlandJr

    P320 X5 Thread

    The current version of the trigger kits are designed around the upgraded FCUs, and will not work reliably with the non-upgraded ones, according to Gray Guns. It’s my understanding they are not even doing work on non-upgraded guns.
  10. BillGarlandJr


    Its sort of accurate, but also sort of dated, as is the video in which Todd Jarrett made that statement.(The video itself is about 20 years old) I certainly cannot speak for everyone everywhere, but I do know here in the Pacific Northwest there are a number of departments who’s firearm training programs benefit from their instructors participating in USPSA matches, and little by little that knowledge and experience is trickling out to other departments in the region. I do wish it was more widespread, and occurring at a more rapid pace, but I can say the gap is being bridged and isn’t as wide as it was when Todd said that. On the topic of classes, I’ve taken many over the last 20 years, and each has been valuable to my development as a shooter, both in sport and professionally. On the sporting front, it has made the biggest difference in overall match performance. There are tricks of the trade you can pick up from the top guys in their classes that you may figure out on your own over time, but why wait? If you’ve made M by only training on your own and shooting matches, then that’s awesome. I’d be curious to see how your performance in matches might improve with some training to help you apply your already solid fundamentals more efficiently to the different challenges we see in USPSA stages/matches.
  11. BillGarlandJr

    P320 X5 Thread

    Yes, it is the same one. The Sig website would be a good place to look, and Brownell’s would be another. Top Gun Supply has also had the parts I needed in stock when I needed them.
  12. BillGarlandJr

    P320 X5 Issues (Failure to go into battery)

    I had this same issue with an X5 I purchased last month. The elevation screw turned freely and was not engaging the detent. What ended up happening was under recoil the rear sight springs would depress, and with no tension on it, the elevation screw would turn counter clockwise, and loosen almost to the point the sight would come apart. Thankfully I caught it before that happened. At any rate, I contacted Sig and they sent me a shipping label to send the pistol back and get it fixed. I would have rather they just send me a new rear sight, but that's not the way Sig is doing things. Aside from that slight hassle, the X5 is an incredible platform.
  13. BillGarlandJr

    Grip slide

    Have you tried some kind of grip lotion? Might be all you need to keep your hands from sliding around.
  14. BillGarlandJr

    P320 X5 Thread

    That looks great. What tip did you use?
  15. BillGarlandJr

    P320 X5 Thread

    When applying Springer grip tape I clean, use a heat gun, etc....what I’ve had to do to keep it from sliding around is apply some Gorilla Glue to the edges. That has kept it in place even in hot weather, and me really torquing the crap out of the grip. I imagine the same thing would help the Talon tape to stay put too.