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  1. I’m with the other 124/125gr guys. All of my P320s shoot them better. I usually crank them up around 135pf and get excellent accuracy....like 1 1/2” at 25 yards. With 135s at the same pf the accuracy drops very slightly, but I do like the feel of them a lot.
  2. This is so important. In a class I took from JJ Racaza a couple years ago he preached the importance/advantage of doing a detailed walkthrough, and detailed visualization for each and every stage. Looking at my notes from that class, here is what he had to say (paraphrased with a couple notes I added for myself): Keep it simple by adding a lot of details to your walk through....entries, exits, sight pictures, trigger manipulation. Details give you answers, and answers allow you to shoot with a calm, focused mind because you've accounted for all the variables and have a detailed plan to deal with them. With a detailed walkthrough / visualization you'll have been able to shoot a stage perfectly 25 times before you've even shot it.
  3. In my three X5s the stock barrels have all proven to be more than accurate enough for most gun games, although, one of them doesn't like the 135gr bullets I like to shoot as much as the other two. By "doesn't like as much" I mean it shoots closer to 3" at 25yds vs. the sub 2" groups I get from the other two. I still need to mess around with it more to see if I can remedy that. Sig makes very good barrels in my experience, and with that I would say that most of the time your money and time is best spent finding a load that shoots well out of them.....and that's not too tough.
  4. Smooth and repeatable are what I strive for when it comes to draws and reloads. I don't get real hung up on trying to hit the .8 or .7 reloads except occasionally during dryfire. I just want to be very efficient. Yours look plenty good. You didn't appear to be pushing, which tells me you likely are able to hit reloads like that routinely, which is exactly what you want.
  5. 1.130” for me out of my P320s. I love 135gr’ers. I’ve shot a ton of the Blue Bullets version of these and found that I had to drive them a little faster to get the accuracy I wanted.....about a 137pf, but I like them better than 147s for sure.
  6. Yes, they appear to be. Great sights. I wish Sig would have done something like that or the X5 320s, though I do like the Dawson’s just fine. Another route for adjustable sights that are mounted a little lower would be to send your pistol to The Sig Armorer, Robert Burke. He does a very nice job with low mounting a Dawson adjustable rear on 320s.
  7. I attended the 4 day pistol course back in 2000. The facility was amazing and the instructors were very professional , however, what they were teaching in terms of technique was a bit dated, even almost 20 years ago. I went there a strong A class Limited shooter utilizing the modern technique (isosceles upper body with feet slightly offset), but was not allowed to shoot that way. They mandated I shoot using a Weaver Stance, and got on my case every time I went back to the modern technique, even going so far as to threaten to remove me from the course if I didn’t go utilize the techniques they were teaching. I played along and then dryfired like a madman when I got home to get back to normal after four days of Weaver. All that being said, it was a fun course in that I got to shoot a ton, but if I had a choice to do it again ( I went on a free pass too) I would pass. It really did hurt my shooting for about a month after, which just isn’t worth it when I consider all the work that went into developing my shooting before attending the class.
  8. I did just get my hands on a pair of Speedcross 5s. Compared to the 3s I had before, the toe box feels wider and is more comfortable overall. I’m trying them out. So far so good, but we’ll see if they’ll replace the ALTRAs.
  9. Love my ALTRAs! So comfortable and stable.
  10. N330 is the bomb, for sure. Years ago when I was getting into reloading 9mm I got my hands one some to work up some loads and fell in love. Problem was when I went to make a big order you couldn’t find the stuff. I’ve since gone on to use several other powders, including N320, which while excellent, isn’t as good as N330 IMHO. I haven’t shot much NRA Action Pistol stuff but from the little I know about it, lighter bullets driven pretty fast do tend to give the best accuracy results. When I was messing around with it I was shooting 124/125gr jhp at around 140-145pf to get the kind of accuracy I was looking for. I was told by someone with more experience in that game that I should try 115gr bullets, but I didn’t mess around with it long enough to give them a try.
  11. My experience with the upgraded triggers has been good. The ones I’ve felt have been very nice, with some of them breaking in the 4# range. I bought two X5s before the big “drop gun, go bang” frenzy and have not upgraded either. Two reasons for that are that I, like yourself, like the trigger the way it is, and two, I love the click when dry firing and don’t want to give that up. I have since bought a recently built X5 (upgraded) for the sole purpose of being able to put a Grayguns trigger kit in it. The trigger out of the box is excellent, and breaks at about 4.5# before I’ve even put any rounds through it. Honestly, I may not even mess with it. I guess it depends on how light you like your triggers. I hard prep the trigger, so a little weight on a trigger isn’t a bad thing for me. The 2nd gen Grayguns trigger kit I have in another upgraded P320 breaks at just under 3#. It’s awesome, but it takes some adjustment because I’m used to hard prepping a 4-5# trigger. So, all that being said, I’d just buy another X5 and put the Grayguns kit in that one, and leave the one you have with the nice trigger as it is.
  12. BillGarlandJr

    P320 X5 Thread

    I've got three X5s. The first one is an early generation, silver barrel version, the second is a black barreled version with the old trigger, and the third one was made late last year. I shoot 124gr bullets loaded to 1.10" in all three of them. I have used N320, Titegroup, Prima V, and E3 for powders and haven't had a single issue with any of my reloads. I also have shot quite a few 135gr The Blue Bullets projectiles through the first two and have had great results. I'd get a hold of Sig if you haven't already and give them a chance to help you out with this issue.
  13. I see a number of recommendations for driving pf north of 135.....I agree! Seems a lot of folks get lost in the weeds trying to get the softest shooting load.....128-130ish pf, and its at the cost of accuracy. Its 9mm. It doesn't buck much regardless. But, in my experience, getting above 135 has almost always delivered better accuracy. For my money the more accurate load pays dividends.
  14. In addition to everything already mentioned I'd add to be sure not to use too much crimp. Just take the bell out of the case mouth. Too much crimp can damaged the jacket/coating/plating and will raise hell with accuracy.
  15. From where did you order your long slide kit? Been looking around and haven’t found them in stock anywhere.
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