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  1. I really like it. Its all I've used for the past four years on all of my 320s. What I've found is in the warmer weather I have to run a bead of Gorilla Glue around the edges to keep in place. Doing that, I haven't had any problems with it not staying in place.
  2. 12# is a good place to start for a lighter recoil spring. I know of some folks who run 10 and 11# recoil springs in theirs. I have an "Edge Like" limited gun I've been messing around with and am currently running an 11# in it....very nice with 180grn / 170ish pf loads. The front sight comes right back down on target with no dip.
  3. I think the *thumb rest [generic]* thing is pretty neat, but legal for Production and CO? Man, it doesn't seem Production is all that Production-y anymore? Oh well....for another thread..... I've been shooting some Limited minor with my X5 and I may give one of these a try. Currently I'm running one of the old takedown levers mentioned previously and my thumbs are long enough that I'm able to utilize it as a *thumb rest [generic]* pretty well, but the Go Guns product looks like its worth messing around with some.
  4. To follow up, Sig took care of me on this and sent me a new one.
  5. 14# on a tungsten Springer guiderod
  6. Photo quality isn't great, but you can see what I'm talking about.
  7. I noticed my accuracy wasn't what it usually is the other day and upon inspecting my pistol during cleaning I discovered this. I think of note on this is that I was running the stock height front sight, which had me running the rear sight fairly high to get a zero with my 124/125gr loads. My guess is that the rear sight gets bounces and battered around pretty good during recoil, thus resulting in this. This pistol is nearing around 10,000 rounds so it hasn't seen extraordinary use. I've since got a replacement rear sight on there with a .205 tall front sight, so we'll see how that holds up.
  8. Adam, its sounds like you're damn good with the Glock. Frankly, I'm really no faster with my X5 than I was with my Glocks. In fact, I can still pull some faster splits with the Glock. For me the X5 is just more comfortable to shoot. The grip angle is more comfortable, and the big thing for me is my strong hand doesn't get chewed up by the slide as it did with Glocks. So, all that being said, I don't think there is an appreciable speed advantage to be had with one platform over the other.
  9. I was a Glock 34 guy for a long time. Made GM in Production with one. For the past 4 1/2 years I've been a P320 guy, and specifically the X5 for the last two. The X5 shoots and handles very well for me. I believe in its accuracy and know if I can see something I can hit it. I've been shooting my X5 with the stock trigger since I bought it, and I'll say this about it versus the Grayguns trigger... I can shoot it well, but its more work to do so. There is a tiny bit more muzzle sight lift with the X5 than with the Glock 34. I think that's due to the higher bore axis, but that said, the X5 and all the other P320 variants return on target so quick and consistently its a wash. If I was starting again and had to choose between the P320 X5, and the Glock 34 I'd go with the X5. It points more naturally for me, and I think there is less to be done to get it match ready.....a guide rod and a spring and good work could be done with it. With the Glock 34 I had to do sights, trigger, and a barrel to get it where I was happy with it.
  10. BillGarlandJr

    320 X5 Questions

    With NATO Ball ammo I'd run a 15# recoil spring. You may even want to try the factory recoil spring assembly. I have an X5 I've shot more factory ammo through than any other ammo and as the factory recoil spring assembly has aged and gotten some rounds on it it has broken in very nicely. Little muzzle rise and the dot returns quickly and consistently. If you do start running 1911 recoils springs the Springer Precision guide rods are the way to go. I like the tungsten, especially with a little hotter ammo. I've had good luck with Springer Precision's pre-cut grip tape. What I do to get it to stick on and wear on the gun better is use a heat gun when applying, and then also put a thin bead of gorilla glue on the outer edge. I've done that on all of my P320 grips and it stays put. It's actually not all that tough to remove when you want to put some fresh tape on their either. The Grayguns trigger kit is a nice upgrade, but not necessary. They're great pistols. Enjoy.
  11. I’m with the other 124/125gr guys. All of my P320s shoot them better. I usually crank them up around 135pf and get excellent accuracy....like 1 1/2” at 25 yards. With 135s at the same pf the accuracy drops very slightly, but I do like the feel of them a lot.
  12. This is so important. In a class I took from JJ Racaza a couple years ago he preached the importance/advantage of doing a detailed walkthrough, and detailed visualization for each and every stage. Looking at my notes from that class, here is what he had to say (paraphrased with a couple notes I added for myself): Keep it simple by adding a lot of details to your walk through....entries, exits, sight pictures, trigger manipulation. Details give you answers, and answers allow you to shoot with a calm, focused mind because you've accounted for all the variables and have a detailed plan to deal with them. With a detailed walkthrough / visualization you'll have been able to shoot a stage perfectly 25 times before you've even shot it.
  13. In my three X5s the stock barrels have all proven to be more than accurate enough for most gun games, although, one of them doesn't like the 135gr bullets I like to shoot as much as the other two. By "doesn't like as much" I mean it shoots closer to 3" at 25yds vs. the sub 2" groups I get from the other two. I still need to mess around with it more to see if I can remedy that. Sig makes very good barrels in my experience, and with that I would say that most of the time your money and time is best spent finding a load that shoots well out of them.....and that's not too tough.
  14. Smooth and repeatable are what I strive for when it comes to draws and reloads. I don't get real hung up on trying to hit the .8 or .7 reloads except occasionally during dryfire. I just want to be very efficient. Yours look plenty good. You didn't appear to be pushing, which tells me you likely are able to hit reloads like that routinely, which is exactly what you want.
  15. 1.130” for me out of my P320s. I love 135gr’ers. I’ve shot a ton of the Blue Bullets version of these and found that I had to drive them a little faster to get the accuracy I wanted.....about a 137pf, but I like them better than 147s for sure.
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