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  1. Sounds good, we'll see next month. The classifier earlier this month was rained out. Thanks for all your input!
  2. Thanks Rowdyb, I've only been shooting IDPA for about four months and haven't learned all the lingo yet. Those are my final times shooting CDP with a 1911 .45.
  3. So in practice, stage1 string1 I shot 11.73 no misses, string2 5.56 no misses, string3 5.98 no misses. Using these times about where would I classify?
  4. I'm trying to find out about were I will place according to each string. Thanks!
  5. So I got that STI Marauder that I've been studying. Gun shoots lights out, 20 rounds at 10 yards no black left in the bullseye. Now for the bad news. Bought three extra STI magazines plus the OEM. None of the mags will drop free. What now? Anyone have a link to a good magazine tuning articles? Thanks, Doug
  6. I appreciate everyone weighting in, thanks! I decided to go with custom holster from Weber Tactical with a retention hood. I certainly don't want a DQ but the safety factor sold me. I don't won't to be "THAT GUY"! Thanks again, Doug
  7. Ok, we one for and one against. What do the rest of y'all think?
  8. Jon49erfan, I may going with a retention holster, been looking at what's out there. What brand do you like? Also, would you use one in USPSA competition? Thanks, Doug
  9. I just bought a STI Marauder and need a holster. Should I get one with or without a retention hood? I've been using a 1911 for 3gun without a retention hood and have had no problems. But I see more people using them. What are the pros and cons?
  10. This gun will be 3gun pistol first and USPSA pistol second. Mainly looking for a 9mm, maybe a .40s&w because of power factor in USPSA. Thinking about a STI Marauder or Edge. As you know I need something to stand up to a lot of shooting. Just recently started having trouble with my old Kimber. Yeah, I know a 1911 is not the best for 3gun, but it's what I had and really enjoy the 1911 platform. Looking for something to last and hopefully help my score.
  11. Mostly Remington/UMC 230gr., FMJ, some Winchester 230gr. FMJ, a few different HP's. I clean the gun after each 3gun match and USPSA match. After 200 rounds in practice. I give it a though cleaning and use Outer's gun oil same as I always have. The Wilson Combat mags are only three month old. The round starts into the chamber and goes about half way. Someone told me I may need a new extractor.
  12. I'm shooting factory ammo, have shot handloads in the past. Just start back in April, up until then it was flawless. Averages two per 150 rounds. Rarely happens in practice, mostly in competition. I'm using Chip McCormik and Wilson combat magazines.
  13. I'm shooting a Kimber Tactical II that a bought in 2005 with probably 5000 round though it. Has the external extractor. Having FTF issues. I've changed the recoil spring, extractor spring and had the feed ramp polished. Used several different brands of ammo. It's still not running 100 percent. Any ideas? Thanks for any help.
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