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  1. Who can I ask for help in changing my username? I would like to use this forum more, but I have concerns that when I first started using this forum, I un-wisely used my last name as a username and now these things come up in google searches which my employer doesn't like. Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. I need base pads - Glock 35 for limited. What do you prefer and why?
  3. I'm using 4.0 titegroup under 124 plated at 1.10 with no problems.
  4. I've installed plenty of triggers, but haven't run into this - the Guncraft trigger is rubbing against mags when installed and I'm not sure how to tackle it. File the whole bow? Polish? Thoughts?
  5. The mec-gar 17 round mag body is confirmed - that works. The one RIA supplies their guns with has an IPSC international sytle baseplate that works and fits in the magwell. If you have the standard mec-gar mag with the sheet metal floorplate it won't work, and will require you to change the baseplate or trim it. The Dawson precision basepad with arredondo spacer is confirmed to work in the mec-gar mag tube.
  6. You've got some trimming to do - On major problem is that you can't get the insert into the Mec-Gar magazine, as it is a few milimeters shorter than the factory para mag. The ribs in the mag tube interfere with the insert getting in. You'll have to get that to fit without affecting the integrity of the insert (we wouldn't want it to weaken and get in the way of a spring). Even without the insert, the base pad gets hung up with several milimeters to go. It is catching on the magwell. It will at best need to be reshaped.
  7. I still haven't gotten to try it out - I'll go now. I trimmed and sanded some factory mec-gar P14 basepads that I had lying around and put them on the P18 mec gar mags and they fit. I'll try the para basepad/mecgar combo. BRB
  8. I don't think those +2 basepads will work - i have some factory para mags with those basepads and they didn't. I'll try to swap the para tube for a mec-gar tube later tonight to see if the para pad has clearance.
  9. Any idea who makes or where to purchase the factory basepads that come with the 9mm version? They look like the Arredondo International base pad.
  10. I'm curious is anyone has had luck with any aftermarket triggers? The trigger that came in my 51679 is incredibly heavy.
  11. JGO75, I'm curious as to whether that SVI Triglide just dropped in or if it required a lot of fitting. Similar question with the posilock mag release. Do the factory mags fit and function with that mag release??
  12. Robport, when I called Armscor they told me that the only sights they stock were .175. What was the height they sent you?
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