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Found 7 results

  1. I have the Mossberg 930 JM pro 24" 9+1 12 gauge. What length of spring are you using with the Nordic MXT+9? With the stock length spring from Nordic it won't reliably feed from the tube, I trimmed 3" off and it works 90%. I tried the spring that came with the original gun and it took 15 in the tube but didn't feed for crap. I don't wanna cut too much off.
  2. I’ve been happily shooting my JM Pro for monthly outlaw and 3GN matches since April 2012, @ ~2,500 rounds. Once I added the Nordic shell follower I have been trouble free. Well almost. In May 2014 I had a failure to feed (shell kicked up on the lifter but stuck at the chamber entrance) near the extractor, but I figured it was a dirty gun. Cleaned the gun up and it shot fine in a practice session. Since then I am experiencing 3-4% of Federal Multi-purpose (Walmart) failing to chamber. Occasionally I can bump the bolt handle fwd and it chambers, but sometime I have to rack clear and re-rack to load the next shell. I thought it was the Federal (which admittedly has some weird crimps recently) until one Winchester AAs and a few Remington STSs didn’t chamber. I pulled the barrel during a match and found a tiny (1-1.5mm) spur near the extractor on the inside of the chamber. I cleaned that off with a knife during a match and the gun ran fine for the next 9 shell stage. I polished it after the match with Mothers and a dremel. Punched 9 shells through it (including some that has previously failed) and it ran fine. Next match, one failure (Federal multi). At my last match it had one failure (Federal multi). This weekend I tore the gun down to clean it I found that the “bolt guide pin/stub” (no idea what the part name is) on the barrel extension was loose and could be rotated. See photo -- I called Mossberg and they returned my call the same day. +1 for CS. I explained what I was experiencing and asked about a weak recoil spring. The female CS rep said the recoil spring should be fine, but that pin could be the problem. She said it’s welded/soldered in, but should not fail in 3k rounds. Despite being out of warranty (2 year limit) she offered full replacement of the barrel. I lobbied for repair vs replacement and she said that was possible. So after 2,500 rounds I kinda know where my shot, slug and buck are going to hit. The gun fits me well and I am lothe to roll the dice on a new barrel, new patterns, new POI with slugs, right? For now I have blue locktite in the pin, but it may go to Maverick Arms in TX in December for some factory TLC or I may get a local smith to silver solder it. I’ll keep shooting and checking it. If it stays put and my FTFeeds go away we’ll all be smarter.
  3. This one's been discussed a bit; someone on BE gave me the heads up, on using a Ruger 10/22 spring to replace the Mossberg 930 hammer spring. Some JMs/930s exhibit a light strike at some point, with this spring being a slightly stronger, longer, thinner replacement. I've had few issues with my JM, although I have done various amounts of polishing, replaced the follower, etc., but did have one light strike a month or so back, so decided to go ahead and replace it preemptively. I thought it might be worth throwing up a quick pic so someone who hasn't taken their 930 fully apart can see what we're talking about. Replacement spring, SKU # 16801/2/3 depending on qty, Ruger extra strength hammer spring http://www.gunsprings.com/Rifles%20%26%20Shotguns/RUGER/10-22/cID2/mID52/dID225 Removing the trigger/hammer assembly is straight forward, just drive out the pair of pins running through the receiver. You do not want to press the trigger before removing, IMO. Nearly all of the bits held into the assembly are from simple pins which push out from the left side (if shouldered) to the right, with a retaining ring on the right hand side. With the assembly in hand, remove the lifter assembly first - single large ping in the center of the pack. It has a 'tail' on it with a spring, just be careful to not lose them; it's not under significant pressure. Push the pin out, then slide the lifter assembly forward. With the assembly in your hand, put your thumb against the front of the hammer (silver at right hand side of first pic), then press the trigger, and let the hammer move forward. with your thumb. You can possibly leave the hammer in...I took mine out to clean it up while I was in there. If you do remove it, the hammer pivot pin pushed in from left to right, so is removed out the left side.. You'll see the (white on mine) hammer spring, 'cap' and a pin which put tension on the trigger. This is the spring we want to replace... It will pull right out, here it is removed. The white spring is the OE one, the inner pin/spring guide, and the cap. The lower spring is the Wolff/Ruger spring we're going to replace it with. Some have mentioned trimming the spring slightly; I ran it full length w/out issue in a match the other day, some 50-60 rounds, so unless someone gives me good reason to trim it, it's staying full length. Another pic showing the length and diameter difference. Someone with more knowledge than I can chime in here, but after cleaning out the trigger pack, I used a small amount of synthetic grease along the spring guide and on the spring 'cap,' as I generally use grease for thicker metal on metal contact..
  4. So here is the poll with 5 options to choose from. I am not asking anyone to commit just yet, just getting final ideas. May be able to do #2 & #3 simultaneously.
  5. Hi guys, I have a Mossberg SPX with the Choate +2 and am going to be replacing the Choate Mag Extension with the Nordic +4. Can anyone give me an idea what length I should expect to cut the Nordic spring to past the tube? Thanks much!
  6. Hoping to glean some collective wisdom here. I've yet to have an issue on my JM930, but am looking at replacing the OE follower based on comments by others at this point. I've seen the GG&G, along with someone's green or red (ETA?) Delrin, which seems to be fairly long. Thinking about it, I'd prefer my follower to wear vs the mag tube itself, so it seems like stainless (GG&G) shouldn't be the first choice here. My JM is a 22", which can 'almost' fit a 9th in the tube, so am considering adding a Nordic XXL cap once/if I can ever locate one in the future. This is another reason giving me some pause on the fairly long aftermarket followers. Seems like I'm probably looking for a Delrin follower with a short 'tail' for anti-jam/tilt, or am I off entirely here in my thinking?
  7. I just got a new Mossberg 930 JM Pro. I was a little disapointed to find that the for-end has a bit of vertical play closest to the receiver. Has anyone noticed this on theirs? I have never noticed any play in benellis, 1100s, or in the versa max. So not sure if I have a defective piece on the gun or if this is standard for the JM Pro...
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