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  1. Hi, Has anyone tried the 509T in Open yet? An alternative to the Aimpoint Acro. What mount would fit? I read it comes with a RMR plate. Cheers
  2. Hi guys, Anyone has issues with the 1.5 Shooters connection Gensteel comp belt and CR Speed Equipment? They just can't seem to fit. The belt is too thick/large. Guys in SC were nice enough to send me a video of them using a vice and disassembling the pouch, but it's a no go here. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks
  3. Brand new blaster...fully customized, Bul Armory
  4. I keep seeing Julie G. promoting the sight - That's a lot of $ or €.....why?!
  5. They will make a STI compatible grip, but the new grip fits only bul m5 mags
  6. Looking at other models with the same grip, I've noticed the 2 screws on the trigger guard and a very distinct single line inside - which may suggest the grip is actually 2 pieces.
  7. Don't know how it would handle the beating over time, but the barrel is one piece, like STI's Trubor.
  8. Indeed a glock clone - haven't had the chance of handling it myself, but here are a few more pictures and another model :
  9. The heavy duty is great - I use it on all of my pieces.
  10. Spain has plenty of Law enforcement agencies, some of which are citizen volunteers who work part time(part time of the year) - Guardia Civil(civil guard). It common for citizens to serve part time there. I shot a couple of L.III matches in Spain back in the day - and they explained some of this to me. That's what I remember at least, maybe I'm not being accurate. Unlike what the majority of shooters think, and as mentioned previously in this thread - Pro Shooters have a hard life, and aren't making a lot of money in this profession. They live off sponsorship for equipment and ammo, and may get a salary from one brand or another - they rely on overseeing training and courses to people and organizations. Hence, seeing one pro shooter moving between 2 famous manufacturers, (BTW Another recent big and surprising announcement by another great shooter and big brand), or giving endorsements to accessories. Although I fly a lot for a living, I couldn't imagine myself physically overseeing training or competing in multiple matches every several days in different parts of the world. It's hard enough as it is to change planes and fly between continents, so adding more to the physical factor... I also remember that's Jorge's family used to import SV and STI to Spain as the official distributors - correct me if I'm wrong? *Great guy btw.
  11. https://www.binaryeng.com/products/copy-of-cfd-titanium-compensator-2-port as mentioned above
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