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  1. Staccato P is a railed short dust cover with a 4.4" bull barrel only in 9mm. The 2019 version did not come with adjustable sights like they are showing on the 2020 version. It does not come with a removable magwell. The Edge is a full length dust cover with a 5" bull barrel in 9mm or 40 S&W. Comes stock with adjustable sights and a removable magwell. In theory, a from the box to a match gun. Does each gun ultimately do the same thing? Yes. But the Edge is basically what got STI on the map, and was a staple of the competitive world for years. It let people go to a gun store and buy a gun that would out-shoot them and serve them for years in competition. And it was a great base for custom work as you learned the platform and learned what you wanted out of your pistol. It was a solid gun.
  2. Honestly, any reputable builder should be able to cut a slide to your optic of choice. Yeah, that's what I don't understand. Why not offer something at a $2000 price point like the Edge always was. It allowed people to get into the platform without chopping off an arm and a leg. And for what you get, I wouldn't pay $3400 for a Staccato either. That's more than what I paid for my DVC Limited, which I think was a better gun than the Staccato XL will be.
  3. Nothing at the Edge price point. The Staccato XL is the only comparable option, and is listed at $3400 on some sites... It's a shame. I guess my next purchase (when my Eagle dies on me at some point in the future) will be a custom route. There's no point to spend that kind of money and not go with a CK or similar.
  4. https://xproducts.com/product/glockdrum/ The part that says "Due to a delay in manufacturing, this product will not be available to ship until early 2020..." has been updated several times over the last year. At first it said like "March 2019", then "early summer 2019", then "late summer 2019" etc. Hopefully they get it out in early 2020. They have videos of it on their Instagram, so they have it working, they must just be having issues with the mass manufacturing of it.
  5. A lot of guys I shoot with run Weber Tactical and love them. I just use my Safariland pouches and have never had any issues. They retain the mags while I'm shooting, and if i have to take off running, I'll just take my off hand and put it on top of the mags on my belt. I should probably upgrade to PCC specific pouch at some point. I have a set of the Comp-tac PCC pouches that I used to run before I switched to an ELS belt, but they don't play nice with the ELS system, so I don't use them anymore.
  6. Where are these being sold? I can't find it on NFA's website.
  7. I'm still waiting for XProducts to release their Glock drum mag. They have been teasing it since Shot Show 2019, and have been pushing back their release date a month every month since. They are saying they are shooting for a early 2020 release now. I feel like XProducts may be the best option once it hits the market, they have a good track record of quality products.
  8. +1 for Dawson Match sights. That's what I've run on every competition Glock I've used. I've always used the black rear with red front fiber. And if you order the set, they include the tools you'll need (front sight wrench, rear sight punch).
  9. It keeps switching back and forth for me. Sometimes when I open Enos I'm signed in, other times, I'm signed out. I've gone to other forums (ARFCOM, TexAgs, ect.) I frequent and I'm not having the issue on any other forum, just Enos.
  10. Seems to be fixed now? Just got on and was signed in. Closed the tab, reopened, and was still logged in. *13 minutes later - now it's signing me back out again*
  11. I'm the exact same. I've never been comfortable with muffs when shooting anything with a shoulder stock. I always end up with the muff on my right ear starting to get picked up by the stock. I've been running custom silicone plugs since college, the molds were done by an audiologist that knew what he was doing, so they are fantastic. The only issue I've ever had with them is having a stock catch on the string that holds the two plugs together if I hadn't checked that it was behind my left shoulder before the buzzer and ripping one of the plugs (normally the right) out mid-stage during a transition. I have Peltor electronic muffs that I'll use if I'm shooting an all pistol match, but I have a fairly large head (wear a 7 3/4" fitted hat), so they begin to give me headaches from squeezing in on my temples. They are mostly reserved for the girlfriend when she comes shooting with me.
  12. Now I'm noticing the following - 1. reopen Enos in a new tab - *LOGGED OUT* 2. click on any forum link - *LOGGED IN* when it loads
  13. Browser - Google Chrome 78.0.3904.108 Over the last few days, I've had to sign in every time I've opened Enos. If I close the tab and open Enos again, it has signed me out and I have to sign back in, even if I have the "Keep me signed in" box checked. When I sign in, I get this error code on a screen - Error code: 2S119/1 - then I have to click the Home button to get back to the forum. This just started in the last few days, and hasn't been an issue prior to this. I'm not sure if anyone else is having this issue.
  14. Buck from STI has posted several photos of the prototype on his Instagram over the last few months. This is it next to a DVC-P https://www.instagram.com/p/Bzk1VW6Aelt/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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