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  1. I would think so. Their 10.5" barrel is 22oz, so cut that in half? And a quick google search shows other 5" 9mm AR barrels to be around 10oz.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/SteveFosterCompetitiveShooter/videos/372798209944150/?t=20 JP is releasing a new PCC upper with a 5" barrel, and a permanently attached aluminum shroud with an integrated compensator. They didn't say an exact weight, but it should be considerably lighter than their current, full length barrel upper. Apparently you'll be able to take the handguard off and access a window/port to clean the crown of the barrel as well. They will be available "pretty soon" or a couple of months. I may have to start saving up for this one.
  3. I don't have a photo of mine handy, but I still run the velcro inner belt with the Carbon Arms Ratchet on my ELS belt. I just used Some black electrical tape over the ends that I cut down on my ELS belt. I used a piece over the width of the belt to cover the cut, then wrapped a couple of layers over the edges to keep it all together, it is holding up pretty well.
  4. I run an MRO. There aren't many people running Holosun stuff at my local range. I have been hearing a lot of good things about them, and would love the opportunity to try one of the 510c's out though... It looks like a solid option. BUT, I love my MRO on my PCC. I was running a Primary Arms Micro, and the switch has mad a huge difference in my performance, at least on my end.
  5. I have one on order. I can report back when I get it installed.
  6. bulldog009

    40 lite CO

    You're right. I apologize, it's been 6 years since I shot in USPSA, and its challenging to keep up with all of those rules. Well, then it sounds like a trip to your local gun shop may be in order! Darn...
  7. Welcome! Venture on over to the Reloading Section, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience there that can help you get everything you can out of your Dillon.
  8. Webber tactical, Red Hill, Comptac, or Safariland are the brands I would look at. I have and have used Comptac and Safariland, and have several people I shoot reguralry with run the Webber and Red Hill.
  9. bulldog009

    40 lite CO

    You'll get the typical capacity argument of 9 having the advantage over 40. It's all about what you want to do though, if you are just out having a good time and not really caring about where you place at the end of the day, go and shoot your 40. But if you're serious about competing and winning, I would look at shooting a 9, as you will get more capacity in the mag, and that may come in handy at some point. Maybe look at getting a 40 to 9 conversion barrel rather than a whole new gun?
  10. I run the K2, its what I run on all of my ARs. I prefer the grip angle over just about any other grip that I've tried. I don't necessarily run my stock very short, but I feel like the angle of the K2 gives me the best torque and control over the rifle, I can really pull the stock into my shoulder with it. And I've found that my wrist doesn't start hurting by the end of a match with the K2 like it would in the past running an MOE or similar grip.
  11. As someone who is trying to decide between mounting an optic on my G17MOS slide or on a frame mount for a minor steel gun, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages you have found in your time behind a slide mounted dot?
  12. Challenge Targets or MGM would probably be my top choices if budget wasn't really an issue. They make great products that should last you quite a while.
  13. Well if you're new and looking to get into the shooting sports, DFW is a great place to be! You can head out to Triple C in Cresson, about 30 minutes south of Fort Worth. They hold several monthly matches. http://northtexasmultigun.com/ Then there is ETTS in Waxahachie. They run a match every weekend - http://www.ettsgunrange.com/etts-calendar/ 1st - UML (United Multigun League) 2nd - USPSA - your new Atlas would fit in nicely here, and is a great way to get into the shooting sports 3rd - Falling Steel - Not steel challenge, but a moving falling steel match, you could run your Atlas here 4th - Traditional 3 gun IF 5th - Steel Challenge I'm out at ETTS quite a bit, if you're ever there, let me know!
  14. It helps tremendously with the weight of multigun belts, especially when you are removing and adding different amounts of weight between different stages. How are you liking the safariland caddies?
  15. I would look around a little more. I was lucky enough to be invited to a study being done by the Audiology Department when I was in college. They let us make our own set with a DIY kit, then the audiologist did a set. They sent both sets off to be made, and when they returned they ran a bunch of tests to compare the two, and I got to keep the better set - which was obviously the set done by the audiologist. They were trying to require the manufacturers of the DIY kits to put warning labels on their packaging to warn about the possible dangers of the DIY kits not providing adequate hearing protection. The set I got to keep is what I run in 99% of my matches, some 5 years later.
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