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  1. Yeah, it really seems that way, moving towards a defensive/tactical focus over the shooting sports. Which, may be good for the market, if there are more 2011 platforms in the market, it may bring prices down. I think as long as they keep 1 "limited" 2011 pistol in their lineup alongside their open gun options, they will still have a good share of the competition market. I know there are other manufactures and builders you can get a 2011 platform from these days, but it is nice to be able to go to a good gun shop and pick up an STI 2011 off the shelf and go shoot a match. Here's to hoping the rumored Staccato L is coming soon.
  2. Excerpt from Brazos Custom Gunwork's Facebook post about it - "DVC L Discontinued by STISTI is discontinuing the DVC L and no direct replacement has been announced. It will soon join the STI Edge as a no longer available but great option for USPSA Limited Division competition. We have only one DVC L left -- 9mm in black with gold. As Dave Skinner (long-time former owner of STI and lifetime USPSA member) would have said, 'when they're gone they're gone...'" It will be interesting to see if there is a new Staccato that will be released to fill this void in their lineup.
  3. He is pretty active on Instagram - bkmiller556
  4. I'll count myself lucky, and knock on some wood as I type this - I've only broken the dust cover retaining c-clip That rifle has 5000+ through it.
  5. If you're a lefty, maybe. But for me, a righty, I would never want the charging handle on the front right side of the gun.
  6. I don't really see any reason for it other than a classifier specific mag reload. I'm pretty quick with my current PCC mag pouches, I don't know how much quicker I would be with that setup. I guess their rationale is similar to open guys running a mag basically flat across the front of their belt.
  7. This. I'm considering building a 45ACP PCC with this upper. A buddy of mine has a 9mm FM upper and loves it. I've run it a few times and really enjoy the manipulation of the front charging handle. If you go that route, look at adding a BAD lever or similar, as it can be tricky to manipulate the bolt hold open while racking the bolt back with your left hand on the front of the gun.
  8. When I ran Glocks, I had the same issue with the extended gen 4 slide releases. So all of my Glocks have the gen 3 slide release put on them as soon as they get home from the gun shop. There is a company that is making a raised slide release - https://kagwerks.com/products/kagwerks-extended-raised-slide-release-for-glock that sets the release higher up on the slide, rather than down on the frame. It may be worth a look?
  9. My only dog in this fight is the feed lips. I've had to change the tube that wears my MBX extension before because the factory Glock feed lips had worn down enough that it was not feeding reliably. The feed lips were presenting the rounds at a higher than normal angle, and were causing mis-feeds and double feeds. I changed the tube out, problem solved. That original tube had roughly 4000 round through it. I tend to run one main mag that wears the MBX extension, then cycle out the reload mags. If having one MBX mag with steel feed lips as my main tube, and the one that gets the majority of the use, keeps me from having to replace the tube once a year, I could see that being a win. In other news, I'm also waiting for XProducts to finally release their Glock drum mag, that may end up being the direction I go.
  10. Yes, you could, but you would be drilling holes in your belt. With ELS, the holes come from the factory.
  11. Run the ratchet on my ELS belt, can't imagine shooting a match without it now. When I load up the belt before a stage, I'll tighten it down a couple of clicks to get it snug; then when the stage is over and I remove the pouches/holster/caddies, I'll loosen it slightly to be more comfortable. A lot of the regulars I shoot with run the ratchet on ELS belts, but there are one or two who have the Carbon Arms belt as well, and they have never talked about any issues.
  12. I currently use the Safariland pouches, but I run matches with several people who are using Weber Tactical and they are all in love with the product. I will probably order some dedicated Glock PCC pouches from Weber soon. Both are solid options though.
  13. I started with Teklok, then switched to TMMS on Teklok, but finally moved to ELS about a year ago and don't see going back. At first, I liked the teklok so I could move things around on the belt, but now that I've been shooting multigun for several years, I have everything pretty much set where I want it. ELS seems stronger than TMMS since it is directly attached to the belt. ELS belts also allow you to use the Carbon Arms ratchet belt system, which most of the people I shoot with run, and I love mine. I also find ELS much easier to deal with, but that may just be personal preference. I felt like TMMS was always tricky to actually remove from the belt and leave the Teklok in place. ELS just works better for me.
  14. RHT - Shooter's Connection has some in stock and ready to ship Tactical Classic HD Tactical Competition
  15. Make the trip down to ETTS in Waxahachie as well! 1st weekend - UML Multigun 2nd weekend - USPSA 3rd weekend - Falling steel (multigun style with lots of movement, and one gun) 4th weekend - UML Traditional 3 Gun (if)5th weekend - special matches, like the all carbine match the last weekend of June The range is one of the best you'll see, and the matches are put on by Sky and Ryan Killian. Sky is a world champion shooter, she knows what she's doing!
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