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  1. That is not correct - THIS PACKAGE IS FOR CUSTOMER SUPPLIED GUNS ONLY. We will offer new guns as they become available. - straight off of the page for the VR80 on their site. The title of the VR80 page even says - Hayes Custom Guns VR80 Competition Shotgun - Customer Supplied Gun $1,500.00
  2. I have a Spikes Glock lower, and love it, I've never had a problem with it. The LRBHO works 90% of the time, but I think its mag specific as it always seems to not lock back on one mag in particular. If their Colt lower is similar quality, it should be good to go.
  3. There are several threads already discussing this topic with a lot of useful information in them.
  4. To add on to my post - if you're looking for this to be a competition style PCC, you may want to investigate which lowers have more aftermarket support for accessories like magwells, enlarged mag releases, etc. Just a thought.
  5. At this point, there are numerous reliable manufacturers of 9mm lowers. Find one that fits your price point - New Frontier, Joe Bobs, QC10, Angstadt, pick your poison.
  6. A small hand stop like JP sells would be an option. There is a guy I shoot with that actually runs a swivel stud on the left side of his handguard, and puts that stud between two of his fingers, at the web of his fingers, as an index point. I don't like running anything on the rails for my competition guns, so I have just gotten used to wrapping most of my fingers around the handguard, and using my index finger as a guide. I point my index finger at the target on the rail, and find the end of the handguard with the tip of my index finger, then the other three fingers wrap around the bottom and the thumb over the top of the rail.
  7. I noticed that too when I visited the site again yesterday. I don't believe that line in the description was there the first time I looked at the site a few weeks back. I may give ARac40 a little more time to mess with his grip and give some more feedback before I order one.
  8. So the grip angle... can you elaborate on that? Can you post pictures of the grip with the original grip on top to show the difference? Do you have a Dawson ICE magwell to try and fit on it?
  9. It’s apparently what is making them money. If you go look at the STI 2020 Staccato Lineup thread, Buck - who works for STI, talks about why they’ve made that move. He said that there had been a significant drop off in sales of the competition lineup from years past, which is why they dropped most of those models.
  10. STI has basically dropped anything from their lineup that is solely intended for competition shooting. They are going after the tactical/LEO/Military markets pretty heavily now. I like the look and prices that BUL is showing, hopefully they can get more dealers in the states in 2020.
  11. ARFCOM posted a video at the Magpul booth yesterday, and the Magpul rep said spring/summer 2020, where are you seeing fall? Also, the Magpul rep said that indeed, this version of the Glock drum mag WILL NOT fit Glock pistols, but they are working on a version that will. This version has the short tower to fit better with PCC lowers, the pistol compatible version will have a taller tower.
  12. I got an email from Nighthawk Custom this morning showing off some of their new products and this jumped out at me - a drop-in 1911 trigger - https://www.nighthawkcustom.com/drop-in/drop-in-trigger-system Its an interesting concept, and I can't think of any other time I've seen something like this. It will be interesting to see how big of a difference that may make over a factory/production 1911 trigger without paying a gunsmith for a complete trigger overhaul.
  13. XProducts has started dropping some teaser images for the new Glock drum mag. They look to have some in final production stages - hopefully we will see them on the market soon.
  14. Yeah, I may have to pick one up. You really can't beat Aero for the price and quality. My girlfriend is wanting a PCC, she loves shooting mine, so I may have to build her one on an Aero lower, or switch my Spikes for a new Aero and build hers on the Spikes.
  15. $2600? I'll probably pass. I wonder if this was an entry to the Army's subgun trials...? I don't remember if Angstad submitted anything, but this certainly favors the B&T that won the contract.
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