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  1. bulldog009


    I run the K2, its what I run on all of my ARs. I prefer the grip angle over just about any other grip that I've tried. I don't necessarily run my stock very short, but I feel like the angle of the K2 gives me the best torque and control over the rifle, I can really pull the stock into my shoulder with it. And I've found that my wrist doesn't start hurting by the end of a match with the K2 like it would in the past running an MOE or similar grip.
  2. bulldog009

    Slide mounted Dot

    As someone who is trying to decide between mounting an optic on my G17MOS slide or on a frame mount for a minor steel gun, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages you have found in your time behind a slide mounted dot?
  3. bulldog009

    Texas star

    Challenge Targets or MGM would probably be my top choices if budget wasn't really an issue. They make great products that should last you quite a while.
  4. bulldog009

    Newbie here in TX

    Well if you're new and looking to get into the shooting sports, DFW is a great place to be! You can head out to Triple C in Cresson, about 30 minutes south of Fort Worth. They hold several monthly matches. http://northtexasmultigun.com/ Then there is ETTS in Waxahachie. They run a match every weekend - http://www.ettsgunrange.com/etts-calendar/ 1st - UML (United Multigun League) 2nd - USPSA - your new Atlas would fit in nicely here, and is a great way to get into the shooting sports 3rd - Falling Steel - Not steel challenge, but a moving falling steel match, you could run your Atlas here 4th - Traditional 3 gun IF 5th - Steel Challenge I'm out at ETTS quite a bit, if you're ever there, let me know!
  5. bulldog009

    Finally got my belt setup

    It helps tremendously with the weight of multigun belts, especially when you are removing and adding different amounts of weight between different stages. How are you liking the safariland caddies?
  6. bulldog009

    Custom made earplugs

    I would look around a little more. I was lucky enough to be invited to a study being done by the Audiology Department when I was in college. They let us make our own set with a DIY kit, then the audiologist did a set. They sent both sets off to be made, and when they returned they ran a bunch of tests to compare the two, and I got to keep the better set - which was obviously the set done by the audiologist. They were trying to require the manufacturers of the DIY kits to put warning labels on their packaging to warn about the possible dangers of the DIY kits not providing adequate hearing protection. The set I got to keep is what I run in 99% of my matches, some 5 years later.
  7. bulldog009

    New Barrel Shopping

    I had almost the exact same load, if I'm recalling correctly, and I constantly had issues. I even had some issues with some factory loaded 115gr. Maybe they have altered their chambers to extend the free bore, I bought mine in early 2018. The issue I was having was the bullets getting to the rifling while still in the chamber - it never caused problems when firing, but clearing the last round at the end of a stage was always troublesome, and I began to feel a bit uneasy about popping off rounds that were already into the rifling, so I made the switch. I hope they have addressed the issue.
  8. bulldog009

    New Barrel Shopping

    I believe that I've read somewhere that Faxon actually makes the KVP barrels, so you will have some of the same issues on hand loads that are loaded a bit longer. For just a bit more, you can go with a JP and not have to worry about that issue.
  9. bulldog009

    Newbie here in TX

    Where in Texas are you located?
  10. bulldog009

    New Barrel Shopping

    I had the exact same issue. I went with a KVP to save a little money up front and quickly discovered that it did not like my handloads that were loaded a little longer than it was set up for. I even ran into issues with factory loads. It would run fine during a course of fire, but to get the last round out of the chamber at the end of a stage, I would have to put the stock into my shoulder and use both hands on the charging handle and mortar it out, or just get the time recorded and burn it into the berm. I swapped it out with a JP a few months back, which is probably what I should have done in the first place. Hindsight is always 20/20
  11. bulldog009

    Dan Wesson PM9 vs STI Trojan

    PM9. I hate that STI decided to gut their 1911 line... The Dan Wesson will be fit better and probably hold its value longer
  12. bulldog009

    Glock 19X - Options for Weighted Magwells and Grip Plugs

    A magwell on the 19x may require some modification to the frame - you may need to remove the lip on the front of the factory magwell so that you can use a more standard Glock 17 magwell. I haven't seen any companies making 19x specific magwells, and I'm not sure if you will since it would basically be a one off, there may not be enough demand for someone to get the tooling setup to do it. So I would look into modifying your frame to use a standard 17 aftermarket magwell. https://www.ar15.com/forums/Handguns/G19X-magwell/13-182385/
  13. bulldog009

    Glock 34 and coated bullets and upgrades questions

    I used to run Bayou's through my 34 factory barrel before I switched to a Storm Lake barrel. I never seemed to have any issues. Since switching to a 2011, I've switched to Blue Bullets, and I've run some of my 2011 loads through my Glock 17 MOS and it seems to do just fine as long as I'm diligent about cleaning it after. The coating on the Blue Bullets seems to hold up pretty well, they recently switched to a coating more like Bayou's, so it doesn't turn your fingers blue when your're loading, and you can hit it with a hammer and it won't flake off.
  14. Good choice! It should serve you well! I haven't had any issues with mine.
  15. I saved a few dollars and went with the Raptor LT, have them on both of my ARs. I think the LT model is one of the better values on the market right now. It works just as well as the all metal Raptor IMO.