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  1. Some people like Glocks, but I shoot a 2011 open gun now.
  2. when are you guys coming out with your open gun. I am ready to purchase my next open gun. Bobby built it I want another one.
  3. Offering my help again, Ruther Glen is not that far away from you.
  4. I load on a Dillon 550, I have the lee factory crimp die in my Last stage. That solved all the problems I used t have.
  5. I also live in Virginia, Ruther Glen in Caroline county. I have been shooting open for five years. I load 124 delta precision over 6.9 of each 1.165. wspm primers. I would be glad to help out also
  6. I am looking for suggestions on 9mm, subsonic reload Data. I have a carbine with a can on it and just need some ideas for a quite load. I need suggestions for JHP and round nose bullets.
  7. currently I am using tight group, 3.8 grains of powder under a 124 grn coated bullet, with CCI small pistol primers. I am curious if any other, powders would work the comp more efficiently. Any suggestions
  8. As Long as they function in your gun, not much difference. although I would recommend shooting a few over a chronograph, to check any changes in velocity
  9. I am interested in building an open gun. I have an open gun, but looking for the next one. In the link below, is a fitted upper. I would like to know if anyone has used this as platform to start a build. I also want opinions on Brazos, as far as quality. http://www.1911store.com/Shortblock-BCG-Open-lightning-5--LDC-fram-Unique-slide-Bull-barrel-1-1.aspx
  10. An update for anyone who reads this. I got to spend some time shoot my rifle this past weekend. Shoot Remington golden bullet. I was shoot golf balls at a hundred yards with ease.,
  11. Power factor was 173 prior to bumping up the powder charge. I added three popple holes, so I had to increase the powder charge to achieve the same power factor. My gun builder says the pf needs to be 172 for the comp to work.
  12. I have a ck arms open gun in 9mm. I had three popple holes added to it vs. no popple holes. My load went up two tenths. 6.7 to 6.9. I shoot a 124 grn hollow point, at 1400fps. Making a power factor of 173.
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