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  1. I don't disagree with you in any way, I just choose to not reload the brass from my open gun. Despite my name in this forum, I shoot a ck arms open gun. A nice well built 2011, and all I can afford as a school teacher. I did start with a glock, but no longer shoot major loads through it. I shot at a range, where, the match director sells brass from there indoor range. 20 bucks per 1000. I buy it, separate it by head stamp and load one head stamp at a time. I have had the step, on some brass that has came out of my 2011 open gun, which is, at a power factor of 173. CK arms, say you need a
  2. In a pinch you could do this for primers. I just found this on youtube. Disclaimer I have never done this.
  3. I don't need the u die when I don't reload 9 major brass. I sort by head stamp and don't use any brass that has any defects that I can see. I only load certain head stamps for major. I used a lee fcd, I don't have any issues will any of the rounds l load. I stated earlier that I avoid using my open brass repeatedly.
  4. Your news is fake, some people don't have a udie. And this is an issue.
  5. The cases with the Sharp lip, were most likely shoot out of an open gun. Those cases bulge due to the extreme pressure. I shoot open in uspsa. I avoid using brass that has been in my open gun for this reason.
  6. Bobby answered right away, he said the two companies no longer exist, He would help me out if I have any issues will my open gun. Also master piece arms will be making open guns soon.
  7. I just sent Bobby a message on Facebook, I will keep you posted when he responds.
  8. I have an sjc comp on my 22/45 lite. It does work a little bit, when I shoot cci stingers. The dot barely moves. What it does the most is make the 22 louder, so the shot timer picks up every shot
  9. So do they honor the warranty on my ck open gun
  10. Both big these websites were unreachable when I tried. Any idea what's going on with them.
  11. If I were going to load major, will power Pistol. I would load for my 2011 ck arms open gun. I have a case of 124, montana gold bullets. If I were load for minor load's it would be for my glock 34 or my pcc. I have about 3000, 125 blue bullets.
  12. I know I use autocomp, I have a jug of it and wanted to use it up
  13. Well what do you load, alliant website doesn't give much information
  14. Alliant Power Pistol, does anyone have load data for 9 major load data. Or do you have regular load data for this powder. I have two pounds of it. Curious if anyone used it
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