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  1. That is normal for my cmore
  2. After a couple of match's my zero on my cmore start to drift. Is there an solution to this problem. I don't have much time during the week for practice and resighting the cmore. Any suggestions on getting it to hold it's zero.
  3. Qiuck question do any of you guys use the guide rod buffer on your open guns.
  4. They also make a magnet that attaches to you belt. That's what I have. It can be for on the Dawson percision website
  5. I just bought a CK an I have had it about two months so far. Works great, had a few issues they were all mag related. Buy MBX mags and you will have no problems
  6. What was the mag problem
  7. I have a small problem, my open gun that has a cmore slide ride mounting. Once every so often an empty case does not full eject and get caught between the mount and ejection port. What causes this and how do I fix It. It doesn't happen often and is easy to clean. I just want to fix it
  8. I need some help, one of the the screws came out while shooting and there is no way to find it. So what size do I need to replace them.
  9. Thanks, so it's not a bad idea but regular cleaning process is fine.
  10. While cleaning my gun I came up with a question. Today I polished the feed ramp, which I do every other cleaning. My question is do any of you polish the outside surface of the barrel and the guide rod. I didn't do this, but I wanted to put the question/ idea on the forum to see if it is a good or bad idea.
  11. Add a magnet for open. In stages where you have barrel/table starts it's quicker to grab an go buy putting a mag on the magnet
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