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  1. The Frank Proctor spring is 13lb. His guide rods are high quality too. I use them in all my M&Ps.
  2. To update from this post. After running the forward set apex setups for a few months I went back to the stock shoe in all my m&p's. The reach of the stock shoe works better for me and I don't notice the extra pretravel when shooting.
  3. If that works will you share the .stl file for those of us with printers?
  4. If they sell a model with that trigger it will be the ultimate idpa ssp rig, for those that care about idpa.
  5. Man, it would be really disappointing if it does eliminate the trigger safety. Im hoping these pics/vids are of prototypes and not the final product. I like my plastic Q5 but am in the verge of ordering the SF. This trigger could put me over the edge.
  6. The Apex trigger/trigger bar got rid of pretty much all the pretravel on my plastic Q5. I don't know how you would do that with the stock trigger bar without eliminating the striker block's effectiveness.
  7. I shot my first match in the rain on Saturday. I did better than I expected and had a lot of fun.
  8. I actually just put the stock trigger spring back in mine because I was getting some trigger safety hangups with the 3.5 pound pull and the Apex trigger. I left the lighter striker block spring in place and the pull weight is 4.5lbs, which is around the pull weight of most of my other pistols so I will probably just leave it.
  9. I've been running Apex internals with the stock trigger shoe on my M&P's since Apex introduced the parts several years ago. I was completely content with that setup, especially since my work gun is a completely stock M&P so it was nice having the same reach and trigger feel as my work gun. That was until I got a Walther Q5 match and the respective Apex forward set trigger. I was amazed at how much difference there was in that trigger and how good it feels to me. So now I have 2 Apex FSS kits for my M&P's showing up today. We'll see if they end up winning me over too.
  10. The difference in weight between my regular FS slide and CORE slide (ported) with Vortex Viper mounted is .1 ounce. They both run great with the 13lb spring I use.
  11. Do you have any time behind the plastic Q5? If so, how do the ergonomics compare?
  12. I have the acrylic IDPA box and sanded down the basepads on some 10 round mags to fit. It fits easily.
  13. I saw a post on instagram showing that you have to modify the normal Q5 match CompTac holster by cutting away the plastic to allow the full length light rail of the SF to fit.
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