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  1. Howdy Folks I want to shoot 3 gun heavy metal division. I have a Mossberg 590A1 that I want to get threaded for choke tubes. Is there a company that you can recommend to do this mod for me. Also what other mods would you suggest for a 3 gun scatter gun. This is a thick walled 20" barrel. Thanks -Gene
  2. After reading this thread i got an EGW kit for my 2011. Worked right out of the box. Thank you for the recommendations.
  3. Area 5. Wisconsin
  4. Howdy, My name is Gene, and I have been shooting USPSA for about 5 years. I shoot limited. -Later
  5. I got a slot form my section. Will going to the high cap nationals. What is the lodging/hotel situation like. Is there an event specific hotel that is reserved?
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