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  1. Basepad and magazine mods for the CZC magwell. The only current available magwelll for the 97 is sold by CZ custom. The necessary CZC base pads are out of stock, plus they are expensive. I used the following basepads instead (Henning Group PRO Series Base Pad For Tanfoglio LF, Item: H444-TL). The basepads need some minor mods to work. As seen in the picture below the base pad needs to be slightly radiused to clear the magwell, and the locking plate round tab needs to be slightly sanded. In all these work great, and are a relatively cheap solution.
  2. Howdy Folks With COVID and the obscene ammo prices here in the states I found myself reloading again in 2021. One of my favorite rounds to reload has always been .45 ACP. I have a decent supply of primers and components to roll my own for the next couple years. I shoot USPSA limited, my primary gun is a 5.4" infinity. Its no secret that the infinity grip closely resembles CZ grips. So I figured a good way to utilize my .45 resources and maintain good practice routine for my primary gun was to build a CZ based pistol to shoot USPSA with. Hence this project of a CZ-97 based L10 gun
  3. For DAA holsters use the SP01 insert.
  4. One aspect that missing from the discussion is after sale support. SVI support of their products is top notch.
  5. I think the rule change is for the better, especially about holster and mag pouch positions. Pistol lasers are horrible and irrelevant anyway. As far as lights, I think the approval of heavy weight guns for CO and production, make the issues with them somewhat irrelevant. As far as night matches and low light stages, I think that would be interesting.
  6. Glad the thread is still alive. Here in Wisconsin matches are filling up within 10-15 minutes of opening registration. Wait lists are long. As far as shooting quality, many folks improved drastically, myself included. Some lost perishable skills. The ammo shortage is becoming apparent also.
  7. He was at the Vortex range December 2019. I think they plan on having him teach more classes there.
  8. Had a chance to shoot an informal match. Focused on grip. Generally pleased with results, but did throw some shots high left.
  9. Steve Anderson is probably one of the best trainers I have ever met. I had the pleasure of taking a class from him.
  10. Could be the latter, I did have a sight picture for every shot on both arrays. Will see at the next match if I identified my problem correctly. I also started doing some metronome work, to see how fast I can go while maintaining a death grip on the gun. It has been very eye opening. Around 225-250 BPM (.25 sec split) I start loosening up the grip in order to go faster.
  11. I have been doing just that. I changed my dryfire training to focus on grip. Dialed the par times up a bit. Will see how this translates to match performance.
  12. I do it subconsciously. And I want to stop doing that.
  13. I do grip strength training 4-5 times a week. I think I loosen up my grip when I shoot.
  14. I think my problem has been the opposite. When I speed up my grip loosens up. My epiphany about that was at the last match I shot, there were two four target arrays, about 5 yards, easy high speed targets. I tore a muscle in my leg earlier in the match, so movement was slow for me, I focused on shooting. First array I shot fast, calling my shots, 6 a 2c. Second array I wanted to really burn it down. Shot very fast like a bill drill, still calling shots, 2 alpha, 2 Charlie, 2 mike. I loosened my grip to pull the trigger faster.
  15. Thank you both for the suggestions. I have been running dry fire bill drills with a focus on grip for about a month. I noticed that my par times got higher, and I also had some trigger freeze. Did some live fire today, no trigger freeze, times were slower but the accuracy increased.
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