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  1. Went to the range today to do some live fire drills. Was expecting for it to be packed. It was busy, but not abnormally so.
  2. There will be lots of pain. Its already here.
  3. Howdy Folks Philosophical question, and some accountability. What do you think the impact of COVID-19 be on the shooting sports. I am worried that the financial aspects of this epidemic will cause harm to all of us. However long term, will we see drastic improvement for most shooters as a result of the pandemic? I am working from home for a week now, and I got a great work dry-fire balance going. Running dry-fire drills from Steve Anderson's books, in between meetings and other work tasks. Anyone else dry firing while stuck at home? Do we want to get a dry-fire accountability thread started? -Gene
  4. Sorry for my delay in getting back to everyone. Had to do some last minute scrambling with all of this Beer Flu that going around. All settled in now. Trying a different image server for the pics. Please let me know if you can see them. I did de-horn the spikes very gently with a jewelers file and that helped. Have been dry-firing a ton now that we are indoors, and teh spikes still bug me every once in a while.
  5. What do you see? Red X? This is my first time hosting pics from google drive.
  6. Hi Arkadi I will take some pictures for you next weekend. I am not aware of the slide stop functionality you are describing, but will check. If it exist it is not something that I explicitly ordered form SVI. -Gene
  7. How Folks After 10.5 month of waiting my Infinity is finally here. All stainless 5.4" IPSC legal sight tracker in .40. Certainly the finest pistol I have ever handled, exactly what I wanted. But I have one minor dilemma with it. I got the pistol built to be IPSC legal, since shooting some matches in Europe is a long term ambition of mine. In order to fit in the IPSC box, SVI shaves the back of the magwell. The cut that they make looks amazing, but it leaves two somewhat sharp spikes on the back of the grip. Here are the great looking, but sharp spikes in all their glory. I don't think they are an issue for shooting, but I can totally see cutting myself on these sometime. I am thinking of filing them a tad... To those that have SVI pistols built to IPSC specs like this one, what have you done? How does it look? Thank you -Gene
  8. Kids, job, family... I don't have all day. Sorry.
  9. Do you have a link to them? The app does not have any diagrams.
  10. I think a bonus of having less divisions would be better designed stages at matches. You don't have to accommodate everyone, and can design challenging course of fire.
  11. Its the nature of man, can't make everyone happy. I think 3 divisions would be great, simplify things. As much as I want to see "heavy metal" be a thing again, less division complexity is better.
  12. What I think is needed in many shooting sports is a "practical" division when it comes to gear. This is a constant debate about what is "practical" in the shooting sports. USPSA production is a never ending drama fest in regards to this. Practical IMHO for 3gun would be, 5.56 rifle 30 round mags, Tube fed shotgun 8+1 capacity, RDS equipped pistol 140mm mags no magwells no comps. CCW, house clearing etc... training has no business in competition. I don't think we need that. There are other venues/events/methods to train for that.
  13. The ability to preform complex firearms related tasks on the clock is very useful.
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