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  1. I’ve owned both and preferred the 3 gun. I like lighter guns apparently that snap a little more. The limited obviously has more weight up front with the bull barrel and full dust cover. It dips a little more and is a little overkill for 9mm IMHO. I’d choose the 3G in 9mm, but only if you are getting it at dealer or close to dealer price. Please dont buy a STI for $3000 when there are much better custom options at that price point. I’d suggest a Warwick Tactical Outlaw if someone told me they had 3k. Full CNC precision build and then handfit. I’ve owned two and handled three and they are my favorite guns currently.
  2. Good idea! I’ll try that
  3. I think having the weight in the back would definitely help. I would think the aluminum would do it for me, but it’s hard to say without the grips on hand you know?
  4. Wait whaaaat? So like a Taran Tactical magwell for a STI won’t fit it??? That sucks.
  5. Personally, I'd get a short block kit. A bunch of the hard stuff is already done, but you still get the fun of finishing a gun. I really like Warwick Tactical's guns, and am planning on ordering a short block to have a local smith build out as I want it. Good luck either way and let us know what you do.
  6. Do you guys know of any that fit Gibbz lowers? I can't find any....
  7. I have a SD3G in my Taccom PCC and love it. Zero issues after a couple thousand rounds.
  8. 105 PF? Dang that is crazy. I bet that thing is a blast to shoot.
  9. Hello! Just curious as to why we don’t see more Trijicon RMRs on Open guns. I’ve been thinking about it and the fact they mount so low and are incredibly rugged is really tempting. I have a couple RMRs on CO guns and really like them. I’ve never had one break and I have seen way too many Vipers, Venoms, Deltapoints, and even C-Mores go down. Is it it just because the window is so small in comparison to the delta point and RTS? Part of me is tempted by the fiber optic ones because you can find them for pretty cheap and they are arguably more rugged then the LED models. What do you guys think?
  10. I want one of these new grips so bad. I really like the profile of the Evo, but I really prefer light guns. Aluminum sounds perfect for 3 gun open.
  11. With the release of the new "aggressive" Cheely Aluminum grips, I think they would go really well with the Hyperion. I don't like the look of the lines of the current Cheely E2 grips. The Evo's look really really good but are too heavy for my preferences.
  12. I've been playing with my wave spring short stroke kit for a while and can't get it to work at 100%. So I ended up taking out the wave spring, but left the derlin cap on instead of the stainless steel one. This seems to help a lot and I've had zero issues since then. This is running really like 130 PF loads too.
  13. I really want a Hyperion. Limited Minor is a ton of fun and 3 gun is always great. My suggestion is get a Hyperion if you are shooting 9mm. Titan if you are shooting 40.
  14. I got some of the first batch a year or two ago and had really bad luck. The coating would bind and the mags wouldn’t drop free, even though they were in spec. I dont see the purpose for them and would suggest against.
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