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  1. Warwick Tactical sells great stuff. I got a couple of their guns and have been really impressed. I'd recommend them highly. If you google search them and find a long review with pics of a black gun with red and black DVC grips, that was me. Feel free to ask any questions.
  2. My SD3G works with my Taccom upper 95% of the time, but it occasionally it suffers from "hammer follow", where the trigger doesn't reset. The reliability increases if you have higher power factor ammo, but still not 100%. Swapped to a hiperfire now.
  3. Just curious, why did Atlas say no? I would think there would be a reason??
  4. I'm super tempted by the Hyperion, but that new 3 gun Honcho also looks awesome. For a tiny bit more than the hyperion.
  5. If you want the best glock trigger, go gen 3. You don’t need some fancy trigger, the stock will do. Just get upgraded springs and polish it and you’ll be amazed by the difference. Get a 17 or a 34, but just be sure to get one with a normal guiderod so you can buy an aftermarket one to change out the spring. Once you polish the trigger and change the recoil spring, the gun is practically ready to go. Only thing left is grip mods and slide mods.
  6. Anyone running grip weights in their CO glocks? Ive been looking for one and can’t seem to find on that doesn’t protrude and violate USPSA rules. I know some local guys just grounded their old weights down, but I’d rather buy something that was built for it. Anyone know of a good option? thanks!!
  7. They really need to come out with SOMETHING that will fit the competition market (besides the DVC's). I really loved their Marauder/Hawk for 3 gun. They need a staccato version without a goofy recoil master.
  8. I've shot one of the Haye's RIA's extensively and while it was nice, I wouldn't buy it. If you can't swing the $2000 or so for a decent used 2011, buy a Shadow 2, get the Single Action kit and flat trigger, mags, and magwell and you'll be way less than $1500 and be done.
  9. I currently have the DVC grip and I am having one of the local GM's Silicon Carbide my grip. It's alot more aggressive and very effective for competition. Look around at the next local you go to and find someone with it on their grip, then ask who did it. You may find someone local who does it like I did.
  10. Lots of people do Silicon Carbine and it turns out really well. If you want to stipple your own grip, just be careful. Buy an extra used plastic grip and see how it works. Good luck on the Youtubes. I've seen way too many horrendous "stipple jobs".
  11. Maximundi uses holosuns exclusively. 510c's are awesome. If you don't like the "circle dot" feature, you can turn it off and just have the dot.
  12. I’ve owned both and preferred the 3 gun. I like lighter guns apparently that snap a little more. The limited obviously has more weight up front with the bull barrel and full dust cover. It dips a little more and is a little overkill for 9mm IMHO. I’d choose the 3G in 9mm, but only if you are getting it at dealer or close to dealer price. Please dont buy a STI for $3000 when there are much better custom options at that price point. I’d suggest a Warwick Tactical Outlaw if someone told me they had 3k. Full CNC precision build and then handfit. I’ve owned two and handled three and they are my favorite guns currently.
  13. Good idea! I’ll try that
  14. I think having the weight in the back would definitely help. I would think the aluminum would do it for me, but it’s hard to say without the grips on hand you know?
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