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  1. Having done this, I would recommend against it. It’s better to have a different gun. I get budgets suck sometimes, but I would really recommend just building a whole new gun. Your DVC 3 gun is a phenomenal gun. Don’t go and chop it up.
  2. If you just want to have fun, sure. if you want to compete and have $4200 to spend, I got my Phoenix Trinity Honcho built from them for $4100 and it can be a full tilt open gun or a sightblock 9mm minor. The XC is only decent in 3 Gun open, there isn’t really a place for it other than that. It’d be fun though.
  3. Not to thread hijack, but I have an open 9 major Warwick and a 9mm 3 gun Warwick. Both are great, but they need to be rehomed due to life. If you have to ask "what parts should I use", you should not build an open 2011 I think. Buy a cheap used one and then learn from there. Parts for an open 2011 will be well over $2000-3000 I think. Used are typically $3000ish. Building an open 2011 would be really rough I think.
  4. Also, I find it funny that the OP made a post about "who is buying the $5000 9mm 2011s???" and then comes to this thread and says that he has owned two 9mm Atlas's and an Akai (assumed 40 cal?). Lol.
  5. The DVC 3 gun and DVC Limited were both great guns that hit the perfect spot. Dealers got them for like $2200 and you could find them priced around there if you knew where to look. Absolutely fantastic deal for the $2500 range. I've owned two and shot about 6 of the DVC line and each was a great gun (although I did have to tune the extractor on one of my personal guns). The new Staccato's are nice, and the P works great with the "light" spring and 3 gun, but the XL is a joke for $3600 (and you can't find them lower, I think dealer price is like $2900). Custom 9mms are g
  6. Got about 500 rounds through it so far. Did a little in each barrel. The sightblock barrel doesn’t like light Ammo. I have purpose built stuff for my 3 gun 2011 and it wouldn’t run the honcho (probably 125 PF). Using stock Speer Lawman or American eagle, it was just as soft as my other gun but obviously with hotter rounds. Shot very well and was zeroed from the factory. The minor open barrel was similar. It wanted a little hotter rounds and shot them very well. The major barrel is where this thing shines. I thought the performance for the other two barrels was goo
  7. Got mine!! It is awesome so far. Trigger is at 2 1/4 lbs and perfect. Fit and finish are great. I’m going to do lots of shooting tomorrow and test it out thoroughly.
  8. Mine was shipped today actually! So this weekend will be a good one.
  9. Dang that was quick! Hope you enjoy it. Mine should be showing up next week or so.
  10. Yeah but if you want to shoot lim major, there are much better guns available for $3400. That’s why I don’t get the XL. At all. The DVC line did well cause you could get them for $2300-2500. Once you breach $3000, you get into custom gun territory.
  11. I’ve played with the C2, XL, P, and XC. Also Akai’s, Atlas’s, and a Honcho. Plus most of the old DVC’s (L, 3G, and Tactical). The P is fine. Put the light spring in it and it’ll shoot surprisingly similar to the rest. I would never tell anyone to but the XL or the XC. Just not worth it. I shot a field course with the XC and a my C2 and the time and scoring was practically the same. honestly if I was getting into the 2011 I’d ask two questions. What caliber do you want to shoot? Do you want a metal grip? If 9mm and no metal grip, then g
  12. Got the email! November 30 or so should be delivery day. I’m stoked.
  13. Oooo. I ordered mine on March 17. lets gooooooo
  14. If you hold both guns next to each other and shoot them, the XC will be way nicer. if you are shooting them in an action sport, I really doubt you’ll notice the difference. I shot a quick stage with my staccato C2 duo and then shot it with a XC and didn’t even notice it while I was shooting. I don’t think they are worth it. Get the duo.
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