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  1. So STI was “recently” bought out and changed hands. I think this started in 2018, saw a lot of movement in 2019, and is full blown new way of working in 2020. The new group is all prior service dudes who wanna make tactical guns kick butt again. They improved QC, improved parts (all parts of tool steel now from what I understand), and improved models to make ideal “duty” guns. This is good for the “Tac” world, as we now are getting 2011s that are good to go out of the box for duty guns. Every staccato I have held (4 now) have been properly fit with good extractors. I had a DVC 3 gun, DVC limited, Tactical 5.0, and a tactical 4.0 before this new take over. All the guns were good, but each had little issues I had to correct (or extractor tension incorrect, grip too tight, beaver tail fitted poorly, safety digs into hand, etc). I’ve been very impressed with the new staccatos and just got a staccato C2 for my new carry gun. I’ve personally always thought that CCO style guns were the best, and this C2 is almost perfect. Wish it were a 4.25 slide, but I’m happy with it. Shoots nice and flat and is very light. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ve been trying to get STI’s approved for duty at our department and have been involved in conversations about it with Hilton Yam and Buck Pierson. These new STI’s are honestly great. I really like them and plan to buy more.
  2. Then go for the Erebus 100% if you got the money. Those things are gorgeous and sexy as all get out. They do shoot quite nicely, but again, I doubt it’ll be THAT much better than your DVC-P.
  3. Honestly for 3 gun I wouldn’t even get a fancy pants comp’ed gun. I’d go for a STI Staccato Duo for $2500. They shoot remarkably flat. I shot mine next to an Atlas Erebus about a month ago, and while the Erebus was nicer, I certainly don’t think it was worth $3500 more. I don’t think it would change your placing in a big 3 gun match.
  4. Impact Ammo makes really great rounds. I bought a thousand and so far it has been great. They use VV powder and it’s super clean and super soft. I recommend them highly.
  5. They take standard 2011 mags. So if you wanna get $50 gen 2 STI mags, or $130 MBX mags, it’s up to you. Triarcs are typically semi custom builds that I wouldn’t recommend changing a ton of stuff on, mainly due to all the custom cerakoting they do. All 2011 parts should fit though, but you will need to fit them. Triarcs in general are good, well fit guns, but no one really uses them in the competition world. They are kinda like all those gucci glocks. Agency Arms makes a gorgeous glock, but it is 80% sexy factor. Triarcs have a certain amount of gucci appeal which you have to pay for. Plus 9mm 2011s aren’t used really in USPSA, and in 3 gun, cheaper models are typically used. As a side note, staccato p is very similar to the triarcs, and does the majority of what they do for a significantly smaller amount of funds. I’d choose the staccato p 4.45 right now if I wanted a 9mm 2011.
  6. This is key. I match directed a multigun last year and it was a HUGE pain compared to USPSA. You really have to have look at every single stage and make sure they all take about the same time. Also look at the stuff you have to reset. If you are throwing star after star downrange at the end of the run, it takes too much time. Set up Texas stars in the beginning of the stage, in spots where the participants can start resetting while the shooter is still going. Set up KD steel the same way. Paper/quick reset at the end. Match flow is your new god. I did 8 stages with about 80 shooters in less than 8 hours (8am to 3pm). If a stage takes longer than 1 hour to run a squad, you done eff'ed up. We did awards and prize tables and were done by 5pm (including tear down).
  7. Try them with the stock STI parts. I’ve had issues with my gen 2 mags when I swap out the guts. when I leave them stock they perform perfectly.
  8. Major is a 5-10% boost depending on the match and your shooting style. I’ve shot Limited minor for years now cause I shoot for fun and training. I just bought a 40 cal edge this past week to finally give myself an edge. I knew I wouldn’t shoot uspsa if it required that I shoot 40 ( I hate 40), so I shot what I had and what I enjoyed. Now I want that dang M card and it’s been hell trying to get it with minor.
  9. 3 gun is great, but it’s too much stuff to lug around and it takes too much dang time. 4 stages. 8 hours. Yeah....no thanks. I prefer USPSA.
  10. I’ve shot Limited minor for 3 years and have fought and clawed my way to A Class. I just got a 40 cal edge last week and will be building up some loads for it soon. Just go and shoot what you have. Have fun. Once you are going to every match and have a classification and know you wanna devote the time and money to try to win the game, get a 40. That took my 3 years.
  11. if you are familiar with older model STI’s, the new STI’s are surprisingly better in fitment. It is obvious their QC has gone up. and I agree with the statement about shooting 9mm in Limited. 40 is king there. But I don’t think it’s the end of the world to shoot minor in major world, unless you are a contender to win. It’s a 5-10% bump, depending on the match. It’s more important to go to matches and learn the movement and shooting bit, then if you decide you love USPSA, up your game and buy a dedicated USPSA gamer gun. The staccato P would do well in IDPA, 3 gun, and it would help you learn what you like in USPSA while you learn the ropes. The new Staccatos also have been holding their value in incredibly well, so selling it wouldn’t be that big of an issue.
  12. I have been really impressed with STI recently. The guns they ARE making are very high quality and are fit very well. I really really like my Staccato P Duo. Extremely accurate and shoots very soft. Would be a great duty gun if it wasn't so heavy. I wish they would make a Staccato P 4.5 with an aluminum frame. I'd buy that like crazy. I might get that C2. But it really is too bad they have abandoned the USPSA crowd. I'm guessing they finally figured the lifetime warranty wasn't sustainable for groups putting in 100K rounds on the guns.
  13. If you want a 9mm 2011, I really think the STI Staccato P is a good choice. I have one and the build quality is surprisingly nice. It shoots very comparable to my friend's hyperion and cost me less than half of what he paid. You are new to the sport. Get a Staccato P. See what you like and don't like. Try other people's guns out at matches. Find what division you want to shoot in. Find what gun style you like. Do you prefer 4 inch, 4.5 inch, 5 inch, or 5.4 inch guns? Heavy or light? Full dust cover? Heavy dust cover? Half dust cover? Metal grip? Plastic? What trigger? There are a million questions. Don't shell out 4k on your first 2011. Buy a cheap one and play with it, decide what you like, retire the cheap one as your back up and then go full custom (Atlas Gunworks, Phoenix Trinity, Venom Customs, Cheely Gunworks, or whatever are all great).
  14. For a 9mm gun? The new Staccato P is a good choice. It's a 4.45 barrel that comes with a Dawson Tool less guide rod. It's a great gun for 3 gun. All you need to add is a magwell. For a 40 cal gun? I would choose something from somewhere else.
  15. I played with and shot a Hyperion on Saturday. Really nice gun. Absolutely gorgeous and feels beyond smooth. Shooting wise? I honestly wasn’t too impressed. Sure it was a nice trigger, but it felt very similar to my 2011 (plastic grip fill size), and it wasn’t a ton better than my Staccato P I was shooting next to it. Heck I think I shot the Staccato P better. Throughout the match the owner of it shot the gun really well and had a number of very quick (.2 splits at 10 yards) that were touching. He likes it and that’s what matters. After playing with it though, I think I’d get the new 4.45 staccato P for 3 gun and call it a day.
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