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  1. Oregron trail defense nub mod is king
  2. This i just one one at my local scheels. I mean they are asking full retail, but it’s there.
  3. I have a thing for butler cuts and high power cuts so i agree. I need that Staccato P5.
  4. Staccato P5 is same retail as the Staccato P. $2000. It’s marketed towards LEOs. I’m pretty sure this is not what is replacing the edge. That will be a different gun.
  5. I doubt they would let us change the safeties. Gotta remember that most police agencies require you to keep the gun stock. They allow you to change cosmetic items, but that is it (sights, 1911 grips, etc). Nothing that is a functional part of the gun can be changed from factory settings.
  6. Even people who compete regularly will fumble the grip safety at some point. That’s why everyone disengages them. Like I said earlier, a buddy who competes regularly, has carried a 1911 for years at work, has carried a 2011 at work, and is a SWAT Team Leader, fumbled his draw on a “retention shot” at a local match because of his gun’s grip safety. It made him a little leery of carrying his 1911s again. He is using his glock 17 at work now.
  7. My department kinda does the same. We issue the S&W M&P in any caliber the officer wants, but he can purchase his own p320, M&P (2.0 included), glock, FN, Colt series 80 1911, and a couple other ones. We just approved RMR's and I am basically debating which is a better gun, a nice G34 MOS with RMR or a STI Staccato P. It almost is coming down to Limited Minor vs CO, and honestly I think they are VERY comparable.
  8. That same argument can be used against the guns for duty use. I've seen officers trying to qualify fail to turn their safety off. I've also seen very good shooters (that actually compete) fail to disengage their grip safety. Sure it's nice to say the suspect would be unable to figure out how the gun works, but what if the cop can't either?
  9. There are a lot of courses out there now that incorporate working around cars and shooting from various prone positions. VCQB with William Petty being the most well known. I believe Aaron Cowan has also had issues but I’m not 100% sure on that. Those type of courses have found the 7TS Holsters squish often. Petty posts up dead holsters ALOT. Not the biggest deal, but just something to be aware of.
  10. If you are buying a new one for competition, no reason to get the RMR. Get the SRO. Way bigger window and great for competition. And I have actually used them both.
  11. Absolutely agree, but weight is a huge factor for cops. Carrying an extra pound or two on your belt for 12 hours a day gets old. And honestly, my gen 5 glock 34 FS with Ameriglo sights and a trijicon RMR isn’t too far away from the price STI is asking cops to pay for a Staccato P....
  12. And I understand what you guys are saying and I guess I’m trying to make that decision myself. Right now I shoot USPSA Limited with my 2011 and enjoy it and do well. I shoot it way more than my duty gun. My duty gun is a glock gen 5 34 FS with a RMR on it. I’ve actually been debating abandoning my 2011 and just going Carry Optics from now on. We are looking at possibly adopting the Stacatto P as another option for duty guns and I just don’t know if the fight is worth it. Our agency issues M&Ps but allows a variety of personally owned weapons. I know I shoot my 2011 better than my glock. No arguing that. But is the extra weight and cost worth it? Honestly I’m not even worried about the cost, but more so the weight issue. I have no doubt I could make a Stacatto P reliable, but I just don’t know if the juice is worth the squeeze I guess. Thinking out loud is all.
  13. No tac light? Looks good though!
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