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  1. Most of them are simply individual officer purchases. The big CA agencies they are touting that have them approved are optional. It’s simply another gun on the list that officers can use if they buy it themselves. I highly doubt agencies are issuing them to EVERY person in the department. US Marshall SOG is a tiny group and is the only one I’m aware of that is actually adopting it.
  2. BUL can only compete if they actually start showing up in stores. I don't think I've ever seen one in Utah in person.
  3. Mac, personally, I’d go for a new STI Staccato P or even the DVC Carry over the EDC X9. I would rather have a gun with the exact same manual of arms as my other 2011s than have something different. if they came out with a “normal” EDC, without all the superfluous stuff, then maybe I would be on board. But right now I think you can get a better gun for less money in the STI’s. and I really dislike the X9’s fat trigger and tiny mags.
  4. if you think the glock is the same as a Wilson EDC X9, then you don’t get it. and that’s okay. Carry on.
  5. If you ever use your carry gun, won’t you want it to be the best you can afford to save your life? Who cares if the gun cost $3000 if it saved your life?
  6. If I was looking for a sightblock Limited 2011 right now....I’d be making a PT honcho. $3200 for a gun that is comparable to the Nemesis is insane.
  7. Beautiful gun! Just curious though, why the two port comp? Seems most open guns nowadays have monster comps on them.
  8. How many rounds a year do you shoot? A Dillon 650 cost $450. Then the case feeder, $200. Then all the other little tiny things that end up being more. Maybe $800 total after it’s all done with a basic reloading set up? Once you got it all set up, it’s about 8-10 cents a round or so, depending on your components. So if you shoot 10,000 rounds in a year at 20 cents a round, that’s $2000 (or $1700 if you are shooting the cheap stuff). Or if you reloaded 10,000 that’s $1000, plus your start up fee of $800ish. And you got custom rounds made exactly to your specs. I recommend friends start reloading if they shoot more than 5000 rounds a year. The press pays for itself after two years in that case.
  9. I carry my Dan Wesson Valkyrie (commander slide and aluminum officer frame). It’s one of the smoothest shooting guns I have. I’d really recommend DW’s smaller guns.
  10. I can see your point, but I think any officer with their finger on any trigger can panic and shoot someone on accident. It's been documented with striker guns plenty. Fingers don't go on triggers until it's time to shoot. I personally think that's a training thing. I do agree that a higher level of manipulation and control is required for someone to use the 1911 platform as their duty gun, but I don't think the trigger issue is as big a deal as some people think it is.
  11. Supposedly Buck was saying that they were going to move to Dawson Tool less guide rods on all models in the near future for all the Staccato models.
  12. I really like the commander slide. It has a tiny bit of a hi power cut which I love. I want.
  13. I got a Staccato P Duo on order from their Sales Rep. Supposedly STI is 2-3 months out for orders, but I'm going to cross my fingers and hope it gets here sooner. I'll update with more if/when it does.
  14. Yes same grip. Yes to Vario's but may need fitting.
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