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  1. I think what makes it worse is that with my Form 4's, I just accepted it would be 6 months to a year and had no hopes or expectations. The Honcho had the suggested lead time of 10-15 week (or whatever it was), so every week past that is just rough.
  2. Oh dang! I ordered mine then too!!! I wonder when mine is going to show. Thanks!
  3. When did you order yours?
  4. it’s there, but really isn’t bad at all. I am only going with DLC finishes in the future. By far the best out there.
  5. I’ve put 20,000 rounds through my main Limited minor 2011 that was DLC finished. Have had it for 2 years now. I don’t use a race holster, and it’s lived in a custom Kydex holster for that whole time. Barely any wear at all. DLC is amazing.
  6. I ordered in February, so I’m guessing 6 months for me to get a gun. My friend ordered his on Black Friday. He also mentioned he got some sort of coupon with his gun so he was 100% happy with the weight and he loves his gun so far. I like it too. I was nervous to buy a custom gun sight unseen, but after playing with his, I’m confident I made the right choice.
  7. I just got to play with a honcho yesterday for the first time and I’m very excited for my gun to arrive. Fit and finish were excellent based on a quick look over. The balance was great and I’m super excited to get mine in August/September.
  8. Field of view, lower bore for easier zero'ing, better ejection, less weight, and moar sexies
  9. I shot a Erebus next to a Staccato P and the difference was noticeable, but not worth $2000 for me. If you are choosing between an Athena or an Erebus, I would go with the Erebus. The Athena just doesn't have a place in competitions for me. It would be in open anywhere, so you might as well get the Erebus.
  10. Totally agree. I’m just curious because I know that they used to have a ETA on the order page, and now it’s gone. Or at least, I can’t seem to find it. So I’m just curious. And I’ve seen a bunch of the sales posts on Facebook. Practically any holiday has them throwing up some sort of sale.
  11. @HMFIC03, Just curious, I'm no longer seeing a ETA on the website regarding the Honchos. What is the estimate for Race Shop guns right now?
  12. So STI was “recently” bought out and changed hands. I think this started in 2018, saw a lot of movement in 2019, and is full blown new way of working in 2020. The new group is all prior service dudes who wanna make tactical guns kick butt again. They improved QC, improved parts (all parts of tool steel now from what I understand), and improved models to make ideal “duty” guns. This is good for the “Tac” world, as we now are getting 2011s that are good to go out of the box for duty guns. Every staccato I have held (4 now) have been properly fit with good extractors. I had a
  13. Then go for the Erebus 100% if you got the money. Those things are gorgeous and sexy as all get out. They do shoot quite nicely, but again, I doubt it’ll be THAT much better than your DVC-P.
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