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  1. BenAlpha

    Thumb rest

    Who makes it?
  2. Any updates on this setup? do you have a picture of the modified mount without the optic?
  3. As title says: Which oakley prizm len is better for red dot shooting, the tr22 or tr45? *I mostly shoot in doors, and when I do get to shoot outside it's in a desert eenvironment.
  4. I mentioned this earlier in the thread and can confirm it is a two piece.
  5. It's a two piece design, you can see where the two pieces meet. But it was seamless and smooth. You can tell a gunsmith did the final touches and not a machine.
  6. I just got back from Bul, got to handle the Bullesteros for a bit. The grip is awesome, the texturing is actually quite mild but feels good. The barrel+comp design is interesting, the two "poppers" are actually part of the barrel and are on an "island" so the barrel is longer than it seems, not the comp. New trigger feels a bit nicer than my x-line trigger kit too. (and the flat short trigger shoe is a god send for my small hands) Full details and many more pictures: Right here.
  7. A sneak peak of the long awaited Bul stainless grip and the new comp/slide design they've been appartently working on with jorge. Cool.
  8. BenAlpha

    Bul Armory?

    The 7 years in a row Israeli open class champion who's sponsored by them.
  9. BenAlpha

    Bul Armory?

    Probably Eli Elkobi?
  10. BenAlpha

    Bul Armory?

    They are quality guns. They just run. They do not accept STI magazines, but the Bul magazines are VERY reliable and don't require much tunning. (if any) I've shot a few STI's and the Bul guns seem to be of higher quality, more reliable, and the full dust cover model shoots way flatter than the DVC open.* *shooting 9m"m minor shelf ammo. (Almost no one shoots major in Israel)
  11. I have no problem with the grip, just compared it to the STI. I do need a shorter trigger shoe because I'm adjusting my grip so my finger will sit correctly on the trigger causing me to lose some grip force. will be getting a Geppart X-line from Atlas soon. (XS/FLAT).
  12. It's awesome. I'm just a 1000 rounds in because the season hasn't startyed yet. It shoots flat. less flat in my hands at the moment, still recovering from an injury but getting better every day. -ZERO feeding/FTE issues. It's clockwork. I had the chance to shoot an STI DVC open gun this week and then shot a mag thorugh mine right after, the bul felt softer and flatter. The only thing I prefer on the STI is the grip, which feels somewhat smaller to me. (i have small hands) Here's a video of me shooting with it 500 rounds in. FYI I'm a new shooter and I'm aware I need to improve in preety much everything.
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