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  1. Thank you for your reply! Would you make those holes in a row or in a V? What's your take on the shorty option? - I will probably never get to shoot major with this gun again. - Yes, the magtech ammo lead up the comp real fast.
  2. Mostly 5" short dust cover with 3 ports comps.
  3. Mine too, that's why I'm considering switching to a shorty.
  4. Actually the dot moves alot less with 124g. I did consider the 2 port comp on the current setup but kinda leaning towards adding a single popple hole with it. I'm not sure how effective the overall process will be with this little gas but trying to get a scope on what's the best setup might be.
  5. - Reloading is illegal in israel. - No factory 147 ammo is available, just 115g/124g. - Yes I am shooting a "2011" with a steel grip.
  6. What's the most effective combination of barrel length, compensator design and popples configuration for a minor open gun? At the moment I'm shooting a 5" barrel, full dust cover, 3 port comp and no popples with 115G/124G magtech factory ammo. The gun feels very soft, but it's not as flat as i'd want it to be. (It's plenty flat with major ammo, but it's not available down here) Thinking of rebuilding it as a shorty (4.25" full dust cover) with a 2 chamber comp and a single popple hole. Discuss. Thank you!
  7. Throwing another variation to the mix, what about popple holes? I shot a glock 19C (2 side by side popple holes) with a 2 port short comp, shot surprisingly flat with factory ammo. What's the overall best mix of barrel length/popples/comp for minor?
  8. Does the Romeo 3XL fit RTS2 mounts?
  9. BenAlpha

    Bul Armory?

    I can confirm this as well, legal for IPSC Standard division starting January 2020.
  10. Any updates on this setup? do you have a picture of the modified mount without the optic?
  11. As title says: Which oakley prizm len is better for red dot shooting, the tr22 or tr45? *I mostly shoot in doors, and when I do get to shoot outside it's in a desert eenvironment.
  12. I mentioned this earlier in the thread and can confirm it is a two piece.
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