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  1. I have no problem with the grip, just compared it to the STI. I do need a shorter trigger shoe because I'm adjusting my grip so my finger will sit correctly on the trigger causing me to lose some grip force. will be getting a Geppart X-line from Atlas soon. (XS/FLAT).
  2. It's awesome. I'm just a 1000 rounds in because the season hasn't startyed yet. It shoots flat. less flat in my hands at the moment, still recovering from an injury but getting better every day. -ZERO feeding/FTE issues. It's clockwork. I had the chance to shoot an STI DVC open gun this week and then shot a mag thorugh mine right after, the bul felt softer and flatter. The only thing I prefer on the STI is the grip, which feels somewhat smaller to me. (i have small hands) Here's a video of me shooting with it 500 rounds in. FYI I'm a new shooter and I'm aware I need to improve in preety much everything.
  3. BenAlpha

    Brazos Thumb Rest

    share them here as well, please.
  4. BenAlpha

    New Atlas Open 2011

    Is that the Short or X-Short vario trigger?
  5. Comparable to STI, much better than CZ.
  6. BenAlpha

    "Graduating" to an open gun?

    Thanks for all your comments guys, I already ordered a custom gun and it's ready. Just waiting for it to be registered and then I can start training. Shot 50 rounds through it last week, it's awesome. Different, but awesome.
  7. No, they are not available here.
  8. They are made in Israel, where I live. Quality seems to be on par with STI, they do Tin coating, DLC if you want to pay for it. The only thing cheap on it is the Nikko Sterling optic which is an RTS2 knockoff. But that's the only option I have down here, and it'll do.
  9. Went for the full dust cover. Waiting on the optic, and installing a dawson ice magwell and go-gun thumb rest when they come in.
  10. Looks like the full dust cover jumps less for me. Are you guys sure the weight difference between the two slides is significant? *yes, i shot both without sights
  11. No steel challenges here
  12. Why did they go to cut dust covers to begin with? haha. Isn't a full dust cover just more "dead" weight and that's good?
  13. Keep 'em coming. Also, take notice that it has a plastic grip that I can't switch for a metal one because they are not imported to israel.
  14. I'm about to order a new BUL SAS UR open gun (israeli made) and there's an option for a full or cut dust cover. I'm a small guy with small hands and the gun smith said heavier is better. Why is it that I rarely see full dust cover ones? which one should i choose? I shot both, without sights and they felt different, not by much. (10 rounds each) It was my first time shooting open so my mind was overwhelmed, can't decide. Also, should i opt for the TiN barrel? Help!
  15. BenAlpha

    "Graduating" to an open gun?

    Why not shoot factory .40 major instead of 9 minor ? Just the way things evolved down here I guess. We don't use .40 for carry in Israel so the ammo is expensive, might be that.