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  1. I had to use two wrenches to snug mine up to keep it from changing the powder throw but it has been rock steady since I got past the either ill break something or tighten this up enough to stop loosening up decision.
  2. I just went through that on mine last night. I think it was a case that ended up upside down and bent the spring so that it caught and got further bent.
  3. Ok I finally got time to start messing with the evolution that I got about two weeks ago. So far I haven't gotten a mighty armory die I did get a flyer asking for a video to get a discount on mighty armory stuff so not sure if it is a worthy upgrade. They did throw in a 3 die Lee 223 set so I guess that was the free dies they promised with the pre order machines. What's y'all's opinion of the need for a primer or swage hold down die? Should I order those or are they a just nice to have? I have heard that you can use a size die with the decap pin removed. I haven't gott
  4. I have finally received my press I unfortunately dont have time this week to mess with getting it set up. The good news is that means I wont have time to shoot or reload so it isnt a bad thing that I have 3 boxes of stuff in the office waiting for assembly.
  5. I am not sure if they are taking orders for just the evolution at this time last I saw they were only selling Evolution Pros.
  6. I ordered mine in April but I have been told mine is in final checks and should Ship "soon".
  7. Supposedly my press is on the table getting its final checks done and should ship sometime this week. I was almost at the point of canceling the order and going with a couple of 1050s but I am glad I havent done that yet. I hope to get a batch of 9mm out soon on the press when it shows up.
  8. Apparently they are re machining the drum and metering assembly from oval to round as they had complaints of powder packing and not throwing consistently.
  9. I just got off the phone with Mark 7 it looks like their powder measure issue has pushed the whole schedule back and my press that was due for September might be due for the November time frame. I guess I will have to break out the red beast for another run. As we decided at sectionals I could have had 2 or 3 1050s running by now.
  10. Looks like my April order is scheduled for September. That means I'll have to setup the old press for another 9mm run between now and then.
  11. The misalignment going into the size die is something I have fought there is enough slop in the Shell plate that the case rim can tilt if it is damaged or thin. This is worse with longer cases such as S&W500. I haven't found a solution other than making my own Shell plate which I'm not able to do.
  12. They won't answer an email or their web contact form so I guess I still have an order but can not confirm.
  13. $20 and a bag of Cheetos that's my final offer.
  14. That is a SJC brass I use it with Taylor freelance brass extensions with that magwell I find the M&P grip a little crowded but I have big hands.
  15. https://store.otdefense.com/products/otd-wagon-wheel-tip They call it a wagon wheel it was included with the kit I ordered. If you are just getting started stippling I would start with a few pmags and spare backstrapps first.
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