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  1. Well I decided to go with the medium DAA backpack. Glad I went medium. I would not want any smaller and I had to prune my gear a little and organize a little better than with the big Midway bad I had but I love the backpack. One thing that really stands out that I have not heard mentioned before is the zippers feel so high quality and they glide like butter on a frying pan. Oh and used the rain cover on the second time out and it is not a gimmick.
  2. If you go with the "factory" shadow orange you will still need to do either a CGW tuneup or CZC tuneup to make it feel like the CGW shadow. I have both and if I had a choice of only one I would go for the CGW or CZC tuned gun (either by done them or DIY) over the "fitted" factory orange. Now if money is not an object get the CZC Shadow Orange and have the best of both worlds in one delivered to your door ready to go.
  3. CGW reach reduction kit with includes the short reset, added race hammer and other goodies incl springs but you asked about the trigger specifically.
  4. The video shows the prototype and it has a big window with a very minimal but strong looking case around the window. Very unobstructed view. Suggested for use on pistols and PCC's. No frills, no auto on, no auto brightness, no solar power, no built in bottle opener, but looks pretty rugged.
  5. Sig is evidently coming out with a new red dot optic Romeo3 Max worked on by Max Michel. Saw a teaser on facebook today posted by Max Michel. Looks pretty interesting, has a huge window along the lines of a C-more. Start saving your nickels.Quote from Max's post "Sneak peek!... Here it is, the Romeo3MAX from SIG SAUER Sig Sauer Electro-Optics . Still some work to be done but you guys have been asking to see it so I thought I would show a little bit about it. I’m extremely proud to have played a role in the development of this Optic and I truly feel this will be the Optic of choice by many this summer and beyond. Big thanks to SIG for allowing me to bring this to our industry! More details to follow soon and estimated ship date of July." If I can figure out how to post a link to the facebook post I will.
  6. When I say you won't see as much improvement with the new hand guard I am referring to the fact that the new PCC hand guard is already smaller in diameter and feels better, so it is not as dramatic an improvement. Still a great improvement to go to the round Isler, and still a great weight improvement.
  7. I am also deciding between the large and medium CED. It sounds like most folks are pretty happy with the medium. Anyone here glad they went with the large? Is anyone not happy with having to carry guns in the main compartment of the medium instead of flat in the bottom hard sided compartment of the large? I would not use the hydration bladder on the large, would that compartment be a useful size if the bladder was removed?
  8. I just replaced my hand guard with the Isler carbon fiber and am kicking myself that I didn't do it 6 months ago. The size, shape, and weight are so much better. You won't see as much of an improvement over the new hand guard on the PCC model.
  9. Plus the closer you can get an optic to the bore it reduces holdovers/unders. It would be cool if the laser could mount in the space between the barrel and handguard. Low to the bore and protected and leave your sight lines completely unobstructed. Maybe this will be possible with one more generation of miniaturization?
  10. What do you use for a secondary optic on your PCC for USPSA?
  11. What distance is best to sight in a laser on a PCC for USPSA?
  12. What is the best distance to sight in the primary optic on a PCC for USPSA?
  13. I have this same setup that uses the dovetail plate from CZC. Plan to use this to try out CO but I fully expect that I will end up with a milled slide (with plates) if I decide to compete in CO. I will go with plates so that I will have the option to change optics. New optics are coming out yearly and I would want to flexibility to change.
  14. gunner01

    CZ Shadow 2

    race hammer, VZ grips, 10x bushing, dawson .215x.100 FS, 11lb recoil spring, 13 lbhammer spring, cgw ext fp and reducded pwr spring, CGW reach reduction kit
  15. Well I found the problem. I removed the 11 lb recoil spring that CZC sold me (standard round wire type part #30016) and put the factory original flat wire type recoil spring back in it and it is dry functioning as it should. I asked CZC to sell me the exact parts that they use when they customize one of these Shadowline compacts. The 11lb CZC spring was a lot longer than the original and it "bunched" up around the recoil spring guide. I assume this compressed and held the slide just short of a complete stoke during racking. I would think that this gun would need a shorter spring like the original so I will call CZC and confirm that they sent me the right spring for this compact. Edit 1. Just took it outside and it is running like a top. Edit 2. Talked to CZC and they confirmed that that spring is for a full size and will not work in a Compact. They also said that they do not change recoil springs in the Shadowline Compacts that they customize. So just some miscommunication on the prior order.
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