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  1. Club recently bought a case of target pasters from Shooters Connection. We buy all our targets and pasters from them. This case of pasters will hardly stick to the cardboard targets, especially when applied with a paster gun and not pressed really hard to the target. This is true even for dry and warm indoor matches. They are falling off just from subsequent bullet strikes on the targets. We have not had this problem before. I am wondering if they have changed the specs, changed manufacturer, or just got a bad batch. I plan to call them to discuss but just wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue with Shooter Connection pasters in the last couple of months.
  2. Want to buy an Ultrasonic cleaner for pistol and MPX parts. I know a lot of folks use the Harbor Freight unit. What size in liters do you guys think is the best for gun cleaning work? I know bigger is always better (Tim Allen) but I suppose there would be downsides to too large a unit in terms of wasted cleaning fluid etc. Any specific brands or models that you recommend? Thanks.
  3. I think you may be on to something. I think I need to do a better cleaning of the gas system. As I mentioned above I have replaced the extractor spring and insert and then even tried my father's bolt carrier group, recoil springs and charging handle in my upper and still got stovepipes. Today I tried swapping his entire lower with my lower to rule out any trigger component issues mentioned above. Still got stovepipes. So really all that is left is a clogged gas system in my upper I think.
  4. Dang just received my SRO have not tried it out yet. Gorilla duct tape may have to come to the rescue once again.
  5. Keep in mind, I took my complete bolt carrier group and put it into my father's mpx and it ran fine. I put his BCG in my MPX and had the same stovepipes.
  6. I am using the "support arm" that came with the Raptor. I assume that is what you mean by "new spring plate" or are there different versions of the Raptor plate? But, I have been using the raptor with the plate it came with for some time before these stovepipes starting happening. Also, when I substituted in the bolt carrier group from my father's mpx`it included the factory charging handle and spring plate and recoil springs etc and the stovepipes continued in my gun. And when I put my group including the Raptor into his mpx it ran without stovepipes.
  7. look at my thread for some milling suggestions
  8. Thanks for all the responses so far. I think I am going to go with CZC plate system. Now I just need to decide if I want to do one of my Shadows or my Shadow 2. If I do the Shadow 2 it would have to have some lightening so I can shoot IDPA CO as well.
  9. I have gen 2 MPX carbine, have shot a few thousand rounds of various 115g factory and 115g peak performance remans with virtually no issues. Have recently installed the Timney MPX trigger and a Raptor charging handle on it and an Isler hand guard. Otherwise factory standard. All of a sudden I am getting stovepipes on every mag. I cleaned the gun including the gas tappet which had a caked on layer of carbon. I replaced the extractor spring and lubed the bolt carrier group well with oil reassembled the gun. The stovepipes continued with various ammo and various mags. I swapped the bolt carrier group with my father's new (less than 500 rounds) MPX pistol. My bolt carrier group ran just fine in his gun (no stovepipes), my gun with his bolt carrier group still stovepipes. Does this seem to indicate a problem with the gas system of my gun??? Clogged gas port?????, bad rings on the tappet????? Keep in mind this happened quickly one day at a match and the gun went from flawless to stovepipe every mag.
  10. Do you have any difficulty switching between the guns and instantly finding the dot?
  11. Leaning strongly towards CZC plate cut. Roughly, What kind of lead time are you running right now. Is the direct mill cut the same depth as the plate cut, so in effect you gain exactly the height of the plate when using an optic with the plate?
  12. Good point, but I also like the ability to add a rear site plate back on the gun.
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