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  1. gunner01

    Optic Ready Shadow2?

    Is the 1,18 kg weight with the empty site plate installed, and with or without an empty mag?
  2. gunner01

    My IFG Stock 1 CO is finished

    I may have gotten bad info from IFG but I was told the Lim Pro would be avail in both sf and lf from IFG.
  3. gunner01

    New Limited Pro... what's the specs?

    Josh, IFG told me that they will have both large and small frame Lim Pro's and they will be here in Dec.
  4. gunner01

    New IFG “LimPro” update

    IFG indicated that the Lim Pro would be priced "around" the price of the Stock II.
  5. gunner01

    New IFG “LimPro” update

    Also, I was confused as to whether the new Lim Pros were going to be black or hard chrome from the different pictures on the web. IFG indicated that the sample they had imported was black but that the production guns will be hard chrome.
  6. gunner01

    New IFG “LimPro” update

    Just got word from IFG that the new Lim Pros will be available from them in both small frame and large frame and should be available in December.
  7. gunner01

    CZ Compacts Shadow Line and PCR

    Ok so decided to put both guns back the way they were and take Stuart's advice and buy the CZC parts to modify the Shadowline and leave the PCR Cajunized. I am trying to get this gun ready for IDPA CCP division, and I would like it to feel as close to my two Accu-shadows and my Shadow Custom as possible. So I have a few questions for Stuart and anybody else who has the CZC Customized Shadowline compact. 1.does the customized shadow line compact from czc feel the same as the full size accu-shadows in terms of triggers. Especially in regards to getting rid of all the trigger take-up in SA. 2.the trigger on the Shadowline is the old style 85c I think, it is a little less curved and a little thicker than the triggers on my accu-shadows and shadow custom. Do I need to consider replacing this trigger with the shadow trigger, I don't think that they replace the trigger when CZC does the custom work on the shadowline. 3.I know I said above that I am trying to be consistent with my other shadows, BUT I am considering putting the reach reduction on the compact as well. What are the pros and cons of doing this? Do I give up anything in terms of pull weight, reset length, reset crispness, pre travel etc? I love my shadow triggers and compete with them and I want that for this new compact but I would like to try the shorter reach as well if it does not require me to give up anything in exchange. Thanks
  8. gunner01

    Fitting rear dovetail sight plate

    Well success. Took a little off the bottom and then a little off the ears. Tapped it in with a nylon punch. Carry optics here I come!! Actually not too bad. Had some new sharp files, went pretty smooth and quickly.
  9. gunner01

    Fitting rear dovetail sight plate

    I am trying to fit a CZC optic dovetail sight plate to my SP01 Shadow. It is too tight. I have done some research and find two schools of thought on fitting rear dovetail sights. Dave Dawson says to file the angled parts of the sight dovetail (he has certainly done a few in his day). Some others say to file the flat base of the dovetail on the sight by just sanding on a flat surface. Seems like this would only work if the dovetail has room to sit lower in the slot. It sure would be easier to just sand the bottom on a flat surface like piece of glass with sandpaper glued to it. Has anyone installed the CZC red dot plate and/or have any general advice to how to fit it to a Shadow? Thanks
  10. gunner01

    CZ Compacts Shadow Line and PCR

    Thank you. Do you guys include your short reach kit in you Shadow Compact Custom build? It looks like it is not included. Is there any reason why it could not be included?
  11. gunner01

    CZ Compacts Shadow Line and PCR

    Need some advice on tuning my new CZ 75 Compact Shadowline. I want to tune this gun to be as close to my Accu Shadows as possible and use it for IDPA CCP. In hindsight, I should have bought the Custom Shadowline from CZC instead of the standard Shadowline, but I don't think they had them available when I bought my gun. I have a Cajunized (by CGW) CZ 75D PCR. Pro package which includes short reset and short reach. This is obviously a decocker gun. Thinking I can save some money since I don't plan to compete with the PCR, I decided to take the trigger, trigger bar (nicely polished by CGW), Cajun race hammer, Cajun hybrid disco, and mainspring from the PCR and put them into the Shadowline. Everything went in nicely but as it turns out I will need to "fit" the seer to get the safety to work. Not a show stopper. In the meantime, I tried to reassemble the PCR using the Shadowline parts and ran into a problem trying to get the seer cage into the gun. Now I am fairly new to gunsmith work so I stopped at this point to evaluate my situation. I know that the disco for the decocker guns only have one "ear" on them. I am vaguely aware that the hammers for decocker guns may have some differences. The one ear disco from my PCR seems to work fine in the Shadowline. Is the two ear disco from the Shadowline not going to work in the PCR? Similarly is there something about the hammer from the Shadowline (it's an unusual one special to the shadow line) that will make it unable to be used with the PCR decocker? Maybe I should swap it all back and: 1. order parts needed to tune the Shadowline and do polishing while in there. Especially want the short reset and short reach. or 2. Sell the Shadowline and order a Custom Shadowline from CZC. Thanks for any advice regarding the parts compatibility questions above.
  12. gunner01

    Removing Disco from hammer on Shadow

    Well Just wanted to follow up. This may be obvious to a lot of folks but it might help some others. I took the disco out to my shop and used the jaws of my vise as a base to hammer on and the disco pin moved right on out easy a pie. Evidently hammering on a rubber gun smithing mat absorbed the impact of the blows and wouldn't force the pin to move. Oh and also used a nail set since I didn't have a small starter punch on hand. But it was mainly the firm support that did the trick. Edit: Used the vise to press the pin back in and that worked like a champ.
  13. gunner01

    Removing Disco from hammer on Shadow

    I think I will try using my vice jaws instead of a rubber mat. Maybe the rubber mat was absorbing too much of the impact. Also I need to get a hardened punch or a starter punch since the punch size is so small the punch takes a beating otherwise.
  14. gunner01

    Removing Disco from hammer on Shadow

    Guys I am putting the CGW reduced reach kit on my S2. I am having a hell of a time getting the disco off the CGW race hammer that is currently installed. I am pounding the crap out of the pin holding the disco to the hammer and it is not budging and is starting to deform some. Is there some secret other than having a press to get the pin out when changing disco's? Thanks for any advice.