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  1. greyhounder

    Sig 1911 Max .40

    Have also used the Safariland 568 with mine works well and the lining easier on the finish.
  2. greyhounder

    1911 magwell options

    Have a Dawson Ice on one and a Tech well on my other 40 1911, prefer the Tech well.
  3. greyhounder

    1911 .40 S&W for USPSA Single Stack

    Have a Sig Elite in 40 never a problem also A STI Sentry with the Brazo Competition parts, Koenig hammer and Sig flat trigger installed. never a problem with the Sig but can not say same for the Senrty(not going to complain here, when it runs runs great). Planning on selling the STI and buy a Sig Max in 40.
  4. greyhounder

    40s&w 1911s?

    Have a Sig Match Elite in 40, it's stainless NOT a Max but costs less and that can be used to upgrade what you want.
  5. greyhounder

    Tripp vs ETM for .45

    Have to vote for the tripps main reason being one of the ranges regularly shoot matches at is sand, and one grain between the follower and body or spacer and its scored at best or jamed up and the rounds fall out.
  6. greyhounder

    SS magwells

    Have the techwell system with the G 10 grips, work very well except you can not use GI issue type mags with add on basepads the ends of the bottom extensions will hang up after pass through the mag well. Also have the Wilson's. Prefer the techwell but both are good.
  7. greyhounder

    Blade Tech for an STI Marauder

    Good idea, thanks
  8. greyhounder

    Blade Tech for an STI Marauder

    Have a Sig Max, their slide design makes the normal Bladetech holster too small the screws are just about out. Do you think the edge holster would be too big?
  9. greyhounder

    FLat triggers Poll

    Sig Max comes with a flat, felt great picked up one from someone who took it out of their Max and put it into my Sig Match Elite in 40 along with the EGW competition set.
  10. greyhounder

    Smith & Wesson 1911 Pro Series

    Very few manufacturers make them in 40, right now I think only STI and Sig. Speaking from experience with one from both of them, can say for what ever the reason or problem a 1911 in 40 is more finicky then in 45 or 9. Might be the one of the reasons except for special order only 2 manufacturers right now.
  11. greyhounder

    .40 vs. .45

    Totally agree.
  12. greyhounder

    .40 vs. .45

    Use 200he for 45 and 180 for 40. Impulse wise not much of a difference to me, personally find the 40 gets back on target faster.
  13. greyhounder

    Any p226 models good for USPSA competition?

    Have a P226 stainless match elite. Put in the short reset, Dawson FO front with the Warren tactical rear and now use it for production. Personally worked on the DA first shot and in a 18 to 32 round stage you can't put that much thought into the one time you go DA.
  14. greyhounder

    divison group

    Totally agree