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  1. I really like the SJC Titan in titanium on my lightweight "bay" 3g rifle.
  2. Agreed, Tooth and Nail have been very helpful getting me replacement parts for my XN series gun.
  3. I'm a big fan of the Rudy photochromatic red lens. They "auto darken" and really make the red dot "pop".
  4. I installed a SV ignition kit into a Springfield 1911, with a bit of adjustment to the sear spring, it breaks at 1.5lbs. I couldn't be happier.
  5. Acetone and a stainless brush as others have mentioned. Also, use a liberal amount of thread locker, I was told that any extra that was not supposed to be there, would just come out as you tighten the comp.
  6. I chose to have a local smith Blue print and true a 700 action and chamber a premium barrel. If I had to do it all over again, I'd pick up a RPR 223 and call it a day.
  7. I have a Pelican 1470, its holds 2 open guns perfectly. Ill try to post a couple pictures tonight.
  8. I have my SV open guns set to 18ozs. Roughly 11 oz of take up pressure, 7 more ozs of final brake pressure.
  9. I bought a 12x10' mesh landscaping tarp from Harbor Freight for $27, cheap , easy and durable.
  10. I use the bubble level in my MPA chassis to be level, then adjust the scope's vertical cross hair to match a plumb bob hung 25yrs away.
  11. It's hard to find used super comp at a decent savings. Your best bet is to get a couple people to go in on a bulk buy directly from SL. If you buy 18,500 pieces the price decreases to 13.5 cent each, if you buy 60,000 the price goes down to 12.6 cents per. When practicing I shoot 600ish rounds, and spend 15 min at the end picking up brass and recover 95 percent of them. While shooting locals, I pick up my marked cases as i'm walking down to paste and retrieve about 80 percent. Major matches are lost brass, and typically are 250ish rounds. Assuming you shoot brand new brass, it adds $31 to your match fee, which is insignificant in the grand theme of things.
  12. I have a MKA1919 from T&N, It runs 99.999% with Winchester AA 1145. It's also half the price of a done up Vepr
  13. Safariland 014. Rock solid retention, zero gun wiggle while holstered and a effortless draw stoke.
  14. I've been very happy with the RHT thumb rest.
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