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  1. The warm and fuzzy is great. I now have the trust that I just case gauge as they come out of my brass marker.
  2. Just remember spring rates arent the same across manufacturers. You may love X weight in one brand but it may be different feel in same weight of another brand.
  3. What happened to me. I was seeking out a 5moa SRO to match my 2.5 and the new Sig dots dropped. Never knew they were even coming. Tried one from Short Round Supply and whoa. Sold some DPPs and my SRO and now Im all about the Sig.
  4. Ive tried and tried again to break the habit of catching the round but I just cant. Even going to expensive 38SC didnt help haha.
  5. The draw I totally agree with and in fact what I tell people the same thing you said about not practicing it. But with the hovering, one hundo faster if you can hover vs raise your hands and then go to the gun. I know you are a revo shooter so a .20-.50th inst an eternity for you haha. But for us open shooters, that could be a stage win or few spots. Last match I had a .92 makeup shot that wasn't needed that dropped me 3 stage spots.
  6. What a coincidence. ***Link to ad removed. -Admin
  7. Not gonna lie, I would have never thought of that. Then I saw a fellow competitor do it with RO approval. If the RO is going to let someone do it and it's an advantage, you have to do it or you are openly putting yourself behind. At that point its fair cause the dedicated Stage RO will let all competitors do it.
  8. We had a match with unloaded gun on table. WSB stated Wrists below belt. The table was so low your hands hovering were technically below the belt. OR does this mean like underneath your belt and not a horizontal plane?
  9. So the next question is when you are at an L1 and they screwed up, do you put your hands anywhere but touching the gun?
  10. Is that where the confusion is coming from? We use to have a default in the previous versions?
  11. When it comes down to it....buy the dot with the best warranty and turnaround time. Even the good dots will go down eventually. In the CO world, 2 is none 3 is one.
  12. The whole "If no hands position is outlined in WSB, you default to wrists below belt" is a MYTH correct? Because START POSITION in the WSB per the rule book is REQUIRED or the WSB is incomplete.
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