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  1. Wow, I obviously internet well and tripled post.
  2. Yeah Im just gonna double post like a rookie. I played with one and they look well built. Im just leery of being locked into proprietary magwells. Also like to hear how much fitting these need compared to an Evo.
  3. You know nothing Jon Snow....
  4. Didnt read all the replies so excuse the potential double post. MICRO DOT They don't cover the ejection port.
  5. Anyone know if the dot must be mounted to slide rule going to keep this from CO? Looks like the dot is mounted to a third removable item.
  6. My second one took some serious fitting but nothing a novice careful person can't achieve on their own. Just remember, you can always take more material off but you can't put any back on...... Now someone is going to say hold my beer and grab a welder.....
  7. Looks like I'm going to be running 19# mainspring. Only increased the trigger by 1oz over the 18#er but Im getting more reliable ignition in both my guns now with WIN SRP.
  8. ^^^ THIS Grips I think are the one time you go against the cardinal rule of filing/fitting the cheaper piece.
  9. Any pics of you layout?
  10. I switched to Open and my current travel case won't hold two open guns. I love Condition One and Pelican. What are you guys running and care to share some pics of the layouts? Looking for other options before I pull the trigger on a new case. Please include the model number. Thanks in advance!
  11. I try to leave his personal cell number on every trucker bathroom stall I come across.
  12. Good note about the front post. I noticed the first couple of dry fits "smearing" material on the frame there.
  13. I cant say 100% but that's the impression I got talking to the guy on the phone. The website says new photos coming so I expect we will know for sure soon.
  14. Hola guys.... Curious what configuration your STI DVC Open is. I know mine will be different but looking for variables out there.... Main Spring Recoil Firing Pin and FP Spring 38 or 9 Primer brand and Rifle\Pistol
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