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  1. praetorian97

    TODAY ONLY: Interview with Bob Vogel, the paper GM

    It seems the intent started off harmless just as you described, but down the road an inch became a mile. The most heinous example of abuse was three shooters leaving their squad to go reshoot the classifier. But no scores or money were turned in. The more regular occurrence is a second attempt simply cause the shooter felt they could do better. Well no doubt we can all do better after a warm up run. It's pretty clear on what is required when knocking down steel after passing through a hard cover surface or scorable target. It's sad that in this scenario there needed to be an argument even. My interpretation of that was screwing over a local hotdog took precedence over following a rule. FWIW said local hotdog still took second overall on that stage even with NS scored. BOOM. Mic Drop.
  2. praetorian97

    TODAY ONLY: Interview with Bob Vogel, the paper GM

    It's a form of dilution when you can have a warm up run. We have classifier reshoots to process at 9 out of 10 matches. Can you imagine the difference in match scores if we were allowed to take mulligans at them?
  3. praetorian97

    TODAY ONLY: Interview with Bob Vogel, the paper GM

    Our club needs a reset on the understanding of this rule. I asked NROI about this sometime ago and it was suggested that allowing classifier reshoots is intended for Mechanical Issues, i.e. Jams etc... The sport is performance on demand. Right now it's treated as, hey I think I can do this better.
  4. praetorian97

    TODAY ONLY: Interview with Bob Vogel, the paper GM

    A young man once taught me that "Practice is a crutch for the talentless."
  5. praetorian97

    Polymer Grip

    There is the whole plastic vs metal grip debate that has been beaten to death. I'm not trying to rehash that. I recently watched a vid on STI's page and took an excerpt from it that made me curious. Referencing the energy transfer path of a fired round in a 2011......"It goes into the frame.....It goes into the polymer grip which reduces the energy". Is this interpreted as the polymer material diffuses the energy better than a steel grip or just the way the 2011 gun is designed that makes energy transfer into the grip better.
  6. praetorian97

    Traveling to Hawaii

    This seems like a lot of trouble for a match.
  7. praetorian97

    Best Single tip for running a good stage

    Don't over complicate your plan. You could have the best plan ever. BUT if it takes focus on actual shooting you are just distracting yourself.
  8. praetorian97


  9. praetorian97

    USPSA number change when renewed

    I ran into this issue as a score uploader. For the longest time USPSA didn't care if you had a TY or A in front. I was uploading for the Steel Challenge side recently and a user did not get scores credited to his classification. He WAS an A#### who upgraded to TY#### . We didn't think his TY mattered because USPSA didn't care but apparently it did for Steel Challenge. On the USPSA side the upload has some great tools. First on the scoring app, there is a nice feature to check for classification updates. MD can catch it there. Next is when you upload, there is a check screen now. I get it all the time for people that are Michael but reg for the match as Mike. Either way a simple email can resolve it all if you didnt get credit for your scores.
  10. praetorian97

    Shooting First in squad....

    If you try to have a good rapport with your squad, they will be more understanding of somethings. This means really being a team player in resetting and helping prior to this happening. I always try to let the first shooter cut in line and get in my way. If they want to skip the line and run through a few times, I totally get it and it doesn't bother me. Sometimes if the stage is really crazy and I know Im first up, I will head over there early from the previous stage. I let my squad know though. I don't just skip out. If you helped tape and reset for 45 rotations, anyone that's pissed that you left 1 shooter early will never be satisfied with your work efforts.
  11. praetorian97


    Can I please get confirmation that the Dovetail on the Tanfos is the same as the 2011? Basically I want to try the slide racker that Patriot Defense carries on my 2011 open gun.
  12. praetorian97

    Budget or Fancy?

    For me the order would be biased on down time. If this was my only open gun and coating was 6 weeks out etc.....
  13. I noticed the length issue too. I gave it the credit of running at 1.13. However on Unload show clear, I noticed the live round would kind of nick the bullet on the way out. Im not at 1.12. The 1.13 didnt give me issues in about 600 rounds but better safe than sorry.
  14. praetorian97

    tape blowing off, can the RO determine an accurate score

    I'm late to the party. First lets start off with this was a Level 1 match. The Winnebago up for grabs wasn't even running. To add to that Motosapiens won it last month and the sheets would need to be burned and replaced. It was one of those days where the sun was to the back of the target and the wind was blowing through Moto's hair....oh wait back on track. It was pretty easy to see the light piercing through the black hardcover on the single target as each shot was being broken. Shooter even commented "about the mikes" as he/she made ready for the next string. I scored 3 Mikes 3 Alpha based on what I saw transpire and what was on the paper. My Secondary RO/Scorekeeper agreed with the call based on what he saw as well. There were a total of 4 discernable hits in the A zone if I recall correctly. Neither here nor there as they were all A zone hits. No other hits besides the hardcover black. None. Zilch. Zero. El Negative numero. Based on If there are extra scoring hits or questionable penalty hits thereon, Yes sir there were. and to me as a certified RO not at his first rodeo...... it was obvious which hits were made by the competitor being scored. Well George how did he know? I watched the three mikes happen and all the other hits were Alphas. This all means the main argument was how do I know which Alphas 9mm hits were theirs and which 9mm Alphas hits were someone else's. That's really what the argument was.... At the end of the day I didn't win the Winnebago but I get to go home to my hot girlfriend who most times doesn't like me. I immediately left this argument due to the shooter (who is a CRO) eloquently pointed out that I'm only an RO and don't know what I'm talking about. I handed the timer to a National Match working CRO and said you make the call. I don't get paid enough to get yelled at by a shooter emotional distraught over a game. At the end of the day. I can see both sides but believe it could have been scored fairly.
  15. praetorian97

    Is there a breakdown on Stock 2 vs Stock 3 somewhere?

    Mine has no bushing.