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  1. Saw some pics that showed its definitely on track to be ready for 2021. But will the world be ready to shoot matches again. I want to LOL but Im dying a little inside.
  2. Most people are having better luck scouring local stores on restocking day.
  3. My .02 so far making this transition. I couldn't handle how much the AA7 caked inside my guns anymore. So far good results with the SWMP but still too early to tell if its the AA7 killer. I'm loading 10.2gr in 38 Super Comp for about 170PF with no poppel holes in my guns. I learned on the book of faces that there were some lot variants they discovered so note worth LOT 514. Plated 124gr Accura HPs seem to group well so far. More testing to come but I bought 32 pounds so Im in it for the long haul.
  4. Curious to see if BUL becomes the next go to entry gun to get.
  5. I'm not defending s#!t quality by any means. I have two STIs that have been back for warranty work sub 4000 rounds that were 100% manufacture defects.
  6. I 100% believe we as competition shooters made ourselves very unappealing to them.
  7. Isn't it?! Its a double edged sword. People gripe that they want our officers/deputies to have more training but when it comes to tax time to pay for it........
  8. I have seen some LEOs with non issued guns. In fact one that stands out was one with a 1911. What caught my attention was the 800 single stack mags he had on the belt LOL. But a lot of agencies go against this due to liabilities associated with it. Like Ssanders says, its whose behind the helm.
  9. Same here. 15 years. While I agree 100% with your statement of who is behind the helm, this is more of an outlier than the norm.
  10. Most likely you are gonna be past that 1-2 year mark anyways.
  11. Most agencies across the country do not have the budget to outfit the staff with 2011 style pistols. My full time gig deals with this. Hell they don't even have the ammo budget we would all want them to have. The smaller departments make up the majority of the agencies across the US so I don't see them going after regular department contracts. Most likely as mentioned above, trying to hit the larger budget agencies. This doesn't make sense to me cause they are way fewer.
  12. Had the same thoughts here too haha. To be honest, these are just tools in my mind. Not looking to spend family heirloom money. That way I don't cry as hard if I bump into a bench or another shooter. Curious to see what or if this changes the 2011 Custom market.
  13. I run a few DVC opens that were early gens with issues but after a great warranty experience with STI they run great. Knock on wood three times.
  14. Stings a little but we really saw it coming. https://stiguns.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/STI-Firearms-LLC-LIMITED-LIFETIME-WARRANTY-120419.pdf Probably the most stand out line item to is :Use of a metal grip expressly voids the warranty.
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