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  1. Picked my gun up this morning and went to the range. Shot about 400 rounds. I’m very pleased, the first shot was a surprise at how “straight back” the gun was. Now I need to clean it
  2. It’s a SVI 9mm open gun
  3. Shipment was delayed outside of Memphis and will not be at the FFL until today. Looks like I can’t get it until Monday.
  4. Just this weekend unfortunately. We’ll be back up on the 6th of April but just to babysit.
  5. I finally got the call yesterday! Gun should be at my FFL this afternoon so 15 months almost to the day. I’ve got to find some time to sight it in and develop a load before next weekend. I was going to do all that this weekend but received even better news! I have a new Granddaughter so we are headed to Ft Campbell tomorrow. This has been a week filled with great phone calls.
  6. Nice! We need to get together for practice at Rowan one weekend. If the rain will ever stop!
  7. That’s good news. Post up some pics so I can live vicariously.
  8. This is very true. I don’t know if any of these fit the chamber but will hopefully know in about 2 weeks. I bet most of the loads I loaded today would fit as they “almost” fit the gauge. They were all loaded for a buddy and he’s shooting them from a stock glock.
  9. I reset my sizing die and made sure it was low enough. I ran 100 cases and it is much better but still had about 10% that did not set completely flush. One of those was a cracked case and 8 were CBC brass. I’ll look into the EGW die. Thanks again
  10. Thanks for the replies. I went through the rejects and 50% are CBC. I will double check the sizing die
  11. I was curious what everyone’s rejection rate was when you case guage your ammo. I just bought a Hundo 9mm guage and am getting about 20% rejects.
  12. Still waiting. I talked to them yesterday and everything is back from being coated. Apparently the only thing left to do is to put it together and test fire it. They told me 2 weeks and it would be shipped as long as everything was right.
  13. My story is much the same as everyone else. My first stage started with (5) 6" plates at about 15yds. I was shooting a compact HK45 and it took me 3 mags to clear it, I think I shot 5 more targets and left the rest since I was out of ammo. Second stage started of with a Texas Star and 5 years later I have still not cleaned a star as fast as I did that one. The rest of that match just got worse and the only reason I wasn't dead last was because my buddy was worse then me, but not by much. He was so nervous , he was shaking like a Chihuahua in an ice storm. Randy Carter was on my squad and is probably the only reason I came to a second match. Everyone was extremely helpful but Randy chuckled at me on that Texas Star and told me to cherish that one because it would be down hill from there. He was right. 5 years later and I am still a B class shooter but have so much fun.
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