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  1. Thanks everyone, I have a short term fix to get through to nationals and will keep an eye out for them to come back in stock. A buddy of mine saw this post and has a few thousand and he’s going sell me 3k. Thanks Mike.
  2. I’ve been thinking about the coated bullets and may go that way if I have to.
  3. I am down to 3k precision deltas 124gr and I will not make it to nationals if I’m practicing. I have been checking their website and they are always out of stock. I was wondering what everyone else is using that may be in stock. I’m running an SVI open gun if that makes a difference and I’m willing to switch to 115’s if they are more readily available
  4. I will second the Jeff Abernathy recommendation. I’ve never had him build a whole gun but he’s worked on several for me and the improvements were awesome. Other than that, I have to say that I am an SVI FANBOY. I’ve shot quite a few other makers guns and while they were all very good guns, they just don’t compare to the SVI, at least for me.
  5. You need to ask yourself one very important question. What is it going to look like on video?!!!!
  6. I used E3 when I shot production and loved it. I think I was at 3.6gr with an xtreme 124RN.
  7. The only thing I require, as a shooter, at a major match is a higher level of stage design and higher level of competitors. Everything else is just gravy. As an RO at a major match I want the higher level of stage design and it has to be worth my time to RO. I’m taking off 4 days of work that I could spend with my grandchildren so I really don’t want the trip to cost me the time AND $1000 to boot for food and lodging. As a shooter, I will forego the gravy so that the match is properly staffed
  8. I was at 9.8gr with a PD 124gr @ 1.165”. The new jug I opened was slower and I had to load 10.1gr for a 170pf
  9. I do wear the jerseys but got most of them because I ro’d a major match. I also like the material. They seem to wick water away pretty well and keep me cooler on hot days. Plus I like looking sporty. I’m seriously thinking about selling my SVI just so I can get another one with more bling. My motto is “ Even if I can’t shoot good, I’m going to at least look good”.
  10. I generally wear a red silk thong with a pair of very thin white capris with old school jungle boots. Up top is almost always a pink mesh wife beater and a rhinestone studded leather doo-rag. Of course no outfit is complete without huge hoop earrings. I don’t wear gloves because it would cover my 3” sparkly nails.
  11. I’d start with a big stick on the first barrel and put a mag on the last Barrel to the right just in case I had to do a makeup on the steel.
  12. There are no set back issues with the rounds. I think that the reason I can’t comfortably make major with HS6 is the length of the barrel combined with the large popple holes in the barrel. It is taking a lot of gas to generate enough pressure to accelerate the round and operate the popples and comp correctly. I am currently loading 10.1gr AA7 to make a 170pf. I had to bump it up after switching to a new jug of powder. The gun is stupid flat at 170.
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