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  1. I have not but I will. Thanks for the info. I have been using the rejects for practice and not one single failure since I passed the thousand round mark
  2. That’s awesome! I shot like a retard on bath salts yesterday.
  3. I wear altra minimalist shoes. The have a paddle grip which does very well in most terrain. The big reason I chose these is for the ultra wide toe box. I have wide feet from about the arch forward. Every other shoe I tried made my feet feel like the were broken by the end of a match
  4. This was it for me. I can’t count the times I dropped a mag after shooting 6 rounds and still had 15 in it.
  5. I like the scoop draw. I was slow on this one but I have been doing it so long that it just feels natural
  6. I ordered an IPSC Alex thumb rest last week and installed it this morning. I am really liking it so far. I stopped by the range and ran about 300 Rounds. It helped a lot with my support hand placement and also with stabilization of the gun.
  7. You did good Saturday. Keep up that dry fire through the summer and you’ll be running the Masters down come fall
  8. So, all my shooting buddies joked about how Infinity guns should come with a GM card. Well it didn’t come with a GM card but apparently it came with an A Class card. I’ve shot in the 80%’s with it the only 2 matches I have shot so far and that was enough to roll me over. Dang it! That means I’m going to have to start practicing if I want to place with the rest of the A Class guys. This sucks.
  9. So, where are the pics?
  10. Your build and my build look almost identical except the thumb rest. If you’re shooting Rowan next weekend, I need to try yours since I apparently ordered mine without a thumb rest. Great looking gun
  11. That is SWEET! What finish is that?
  12. I’m throwing all of the rejects in a practice bin as well. I’ve probably shot 150 rejects and three of those failed to feed. The rest were fine but I’m not chancing it
  13. Picked my gun up this morning and went to the range. Shot about 400 rounds. I’m very pleased, the first shot was a surprise at how “straight back” the gun was. Now I need to clean it
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