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  1. How do you clean the module in the RTS2? The dot is very dim and I have replaced the battery. I had heard that the module may need to be cleaned. I’ve searched the internet and cannot find where exactly the module is. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. I’m glad you got it figured out. I had assumed you had already removed that pin.
  3. levellinebrad

    Thumb rest

    I just took mine off this week and shot the best match I’ve had since I originally installed it. I also shot the best classifier I’ve had since installing it. I took off from work a little early on Tuesday and went to the range for some actual live fire practice. My goal was to work on grip to see if I could find the correct grip for the gun that I’m shooting. I was judging based on where the sights came back to after firing a shot. I noticed that the dot would move up and to the right and then settle back to my point of aim. The dot movement was very erratic or should I say “squiggly “ in its movement up and right. I then moved to double taps, seeing the sights once and squeezing the trigger twice. Groups were still horrible and were consistently center of A zone and 2nd shot would be to the right. I decided to remove all pressure from the thumb rest and track the sights. With the thumb not even touching the rest the sight track was straight up and down and not erratic. My hypothesis is that since I was only firing one shot at first, I was forcing the gun to return to original poa. I still need some work on my grip but the sight seems to track back to poa with little to no effort now. Apparently I was torquing the gun with my left hand. I’m leaving it off.
  4. There is an allen head bolt on the left side that you need to remove. It’s in the center of part #11010. Once that is removed, the shaft should slide right out.
  5. That’s awesome. I hope you enjoy it
  6. I’m glad I got the “original” quality before production increased! I might be persuaded to let it go for $20k. Nah, just kidding, I love my SV and I doubt quality will suffer in the least.
  7. If i shot myself in the foot, I’d argue the dq. I’d swear up and down that that’s where I was aiming and just mistook it for a target! Then of course I would demand a reshoot
  8. I have both and use both, especially when working up a new load. I bought the electronic scale about 4 years ago and have never had a difference between the 2 in that time.
  9. I’ll bring it on the 1st Saturday if you really want it.
  10. I think I’ll just stick with the AA7. 9.8gr is giving me a 171pf and seems to be in line with a few other folks who are running it. I guess I’ll load some minor with the HS6 just to use it up
  11. I do run through several cases of powder after changing a charge powder dispenser is full i did check oal. i have always used range pickups which does give me some swing in velocity but not enough to make any real difference thanks for for the thoughts though.
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