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  1. If i shot myself in the foot, I’d argue the dq. I’d swear up and down that that’s where I was aiming and just mistook it for a target! Then of course I would demand a reshoot
  2. I have both and use both, especially when working up a new load. I bought the electronic scale about 4 years ago and have never had a difference between the 2 in that time.
  3. I’ll bring it on the 1st Saturday if you really want it.
  4. I think I’ll just stick with the AA7. 9.8gr is giving me a 171pf and seems to be in line with a few other folks who are running it. I guess I’ll load some minor with the HS6 just to use it up
  5. I do run through several cases of powder after changing a charge powder dispenser is full i did check oal. i have always used range pickups which does give me some swing in velocity but not enough to make any real difference thanks for for the thoughts though.
  6. Good morning all! I’m up this morning looking for some knowledge and understanding of HS6. I’ve loaded many thousands of rounds 9major with 8.1 gr hs6, 124gr PDHP, at 1.165 and was achieving a 170pf. That was all out of 2 different CK open guns. I finally received my SVI open gun a couple of months ago and had thought that the load would work fine due to the fact that I have a friend with 2 SVI’s that are almost identical to my build who runs that load and getting about a 170pf. That load was however only making 162pf from my SVI. I bumped it up to 8.2gr and got to a 165pf and 8.4gr was a 164pf. I ran several strings of 6 shots and the results were the same. My chrono has always been spot on with every chrono at the several major matches I’ve shot so I’m pretty positive that results are accurate so on to the questions. 1) what is it about different barrels that makes the same load either slower or faster? 2) Why would a load using .2 gr more powder result in a lower velocity? 3) does anyone load HS6 higher than 8.4gr i have about 6lbs of HS6 that I’d like to use up and I like the feel of HS6 vs AA7. It seems to be a bit more snappy which I actually like. Thanks
  7. That looks sweet! When is your build going to be complete?
  8. I use axle grease on the lugs and oil on everything else.
  9. Where is your visual focus when moving to your next position? It needs to be at a fixed point on the ground. That point on the ground should be where your planted foot lands. I will echo the others in saying that you need to explode out of position. Insert the mag while decelerating at the new position if you need to.
  10. Loaded up a couple hundred rounds this morning but before I case gauged them, I used a little cloth cylinder that came with a new cleaning kit I bought last week. Ran it through ever hole 2 or 3 times and had 1 failure (split brass) out of 200 rounds after that. I guess my gauge was dirty. Just thought I’d let everyone know in case anyone else was having issues.
  11. I have not but I will. Thanks for the info. I have been using the rejects for practice and not one single failure since I passed the thousand round mark
  12. That’s awesome! I shot like a retard on bath salts yesterday.
  13. I wear altra minimalist shoes. The have a paddle grip which does very well in most terrain. The big reason I chose these is for the ultra wide toe box. I have wide feet from about the arch forward. Every other shoe I tried made my feet feel like the were broken by the end of a match
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