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  1. Im not sure Id even worry about it. Has the pistol ever had a failure to feed or go into battery? Ive ran the same two 11lb/13lb ISMI recoil springs in my G34 for ~15k to ~20k rounds and never experienced problems. Especially with a full mag inserted, that's a lot to ask. The point of a reduced power recoil spring is to not have the slide slam home as hard as factory.
  2. The Blue Bullet 150s with 3.1gr - 3.2gr of Titegroup loaded to around 1.13" have always done well for me. I run a G34 so my velocity will be a touch higher than yours (not much). I haven't touched my powder drop in 4 years and have consistently made ~132 PF at every major Ive been to.
  3. Sights for sure. I really like the TTI connectors, they are cheap and kinda clean up the trigger pull (its still a glock trigger, but just slightly less bad lol). HYVE extended mag releases are among the most underrated add ons in my opinion. I bought one on a whim for USPSA, now I have one for every Glock I own. Also OCC triggers has an enhanced trigger that cleans up the ergos of that saftey tab while maintaining a factory trigger shoe. I have a few of them. Theres options that allow you to adjust over travel and pre travel with an Allen wrench too.
  4. Whats your DA and SA pull weights look like going that low? My tanfo was ~6.5# DA and just over 2# SA. . Not sure I really need anything lower than that.
  5. I ended car pooling with some shooting guys to a club that was pretty far away. When I left the house I planned on driving. Upon arriving at my friends place he insisted on driving. It wasn't until I got to the club that I left some kinda important items in the truck. Ear pro, luckily I grabbed but usually its in my center console so I can remember to charge them. Glasses, I where my Oakleys usually so I don't think about it. It was dark from leaving so early so I never put them on, thus leaving them in the truck. My buddy had some, what appeared to be, children's glasses. My only 100% classifier was wearing those puppies. Jacket, It was ~35* that morning, go figure I left my jacket in the truck. Those Techwear jerseys aren't designed to insulate. Moral of the story, have a good bag, pack your stuff, have redundancy on some gear.
  6. Good to know, thank you. My Tanfo was pretty slick by the time I was done with it but it was a little finicky. The classic CZ 75 frame just seemed to fit my hand well and in a world where heavier is better. I think an intermediate weight pistol would be good for transitions. The trigger on my tanfo was far superior to my Glocks but I felt the transitions were quicker with the Glock. Thank you, I will have to check this out.
  7. Light strike . . . just tap, rack, and move on. Just make sure that it is an actual light strike and not a squib. I haven't experienced one (a squib) yet but in the event you just make sure you actually stop. Instead of the tap, rack, bang procedure.
  8. Thanks, do you reload? What primers do you run if so? With my Tanfo it did take some work to get it to reliably set off federal primers. That is without having to bump the hammer spring up. I used a 12lb patriot defense if my memory serves me right.
  9. Guilty. . Kinda. . I am on my way to 100 posts. I was put in classifieds jail nearly 2 years ago and haven't been very active between then and now. Figured Id chip away at it, maybe be able to dabble in the classifieds again someday.
  10. I haven't had the opportunity to shoot the Shadow 2. Whats different about the Shadow 2 that makes you prefer it? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thats what I figured. The OP was asking about grip plugs being legal in CO. I answered the question with what I used as well as what I did to guarantee I am legal in the event an RO wants to be extremely particular. Your response to my original post was very telling of your attitude (more so sensitivity to the "rule nazi" comment). Lumping me in with those who "hate any authority" or "like to cheat" for acknowledging these people exist is pretty extreme. Especially considering we've never competed together. Obviously there isn't a classification for ROs. There are "D class RO's" that do a great job (along with G-C, class), there are also "D class RO's" who flex authority not because they legitimately believe you've done something wrong but because they simply want you to know they can do it. It doesn't happen often but it does happen. As a whole the ROs I have been around have been phenomenal, a couple. . not so much. Sorry for hijaking the thread for a minute nelson1each. Hopefully you got the info you were looking for.
  12. If an observant RO/rules nazi wanted to pull a micrometer out to see if my grip plug protrudes 1mm-2mm beyond the base of the pistol than they could. In all likelihood I could have taken my advertised "production legal" grip plug, not done a damn thing to it and never had an issue at all the majors Ive been to. But fortunately/unfortunately there will always be that D class RO at the local club match wanting to measure the holster position on your boss hanger just to flex a little authority. . so yes, I sanded it down "LIKE THE RULES REQUIRE" . . I didn't want an illegal mod to give me a competitive advantage lol. You a current/past RO Sarge?
  13. I am considering trying to track one of these down this year. I need a change of pace and switching to a new platform would be fun to learn. Theres something about the original 75 platform that is appealing to me. Am I really missing out by possibly going this route over the Shadow 2? I had a Tanfo Stock 2 and had a great time ripping that pistol. I just figured the Shadow 2 would be real similar to that.
  14. rootacres

    Mag Pouches

    Ive beat up my Ghost 360s for a while now with no issues.
  15. Blue Bullets work great. No issues on my end, they are plenty accurate for action pistol
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