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  1. shootmove

    CZ 75 TS Czechmate 9mm

    In my experience, the Czechmate will shoot (with the comp and factory spring) factory ammo. Granted, I shoot slightly hot factory ammo. The same gun (and the same ammo) will also run with a 10lb spring. I honestly believe it's a matter of finding the ammo / spring combo that gives you optimal recoil characteristics.
  2. shootmove

    What size mags and why?

    My personal setup: 2 x 170mm, 3 x 140 mm. Start (usually) with 170 mm in the gun. Reload from any of the three 140 mm in first three mag pouches (reloads with short sticks are easier), and then a 170mm reload in the last pouch just in case. 170mm reloads are different enough to require training imho.
  3. shootmove

    Atlas Chaos Open Gun [Video Review]

    I'm running a Chaos with the Alpha X wtih extended muzzle support and thigh pad (plan to add extended ball joint). With these two additions, the Alpha X rivals the Safariland 014 (which I use for another gun). The extended muzzle support adds more security to the hold, reducing worries that the gun will drop. I concur that the 014 feels sturdier, but have not seen any issues with draw angle on the Alpha X. The Alpha X also affords more adjustments (with the ball joint) and has one-screw removal for traveling, without removing the main belt bracket.
  4. shootmove

    Czechmate *thumb rest [generic]* and slide racker question

    Also running the Shooter's Connection, and can confirm that it's better than both the factory racker and the EGW Sidewinder (all of which I've tried). Does anyone have tips for if the set screw gets loose (as the EGW did)? I was thinking a tiny amount of blue loctite just to tighten up the contact.
  5. shootmove

    Trigger finger pain after dry fire

    Pat Mac covers the mechanics of "lots of trigger finger" in more details in this video.
  6. shootmove

    Trigger finger pain after dry fire

    Whatever works for you. FWIW: Both Mike Pannone and Pat Mac (ex Delta guys) either recommend, or are OK with, "lots of trigger finger." I personally don't buy "shoot with the pad" for all cases (esp. heavy triggers or high accuracy), and encourage shooters to experiment. The vice provided by "lots of trigger finger" can grant higher levels of trigger control in my experience. Haven't really tested it for speed, but suspect it helps there too because you are effectively reducing the weight of the trigger.
  7. shootmove

    Czechmate *thumb rest [generic]* and slide racker question

    Beautiful pictures. Thanks. That angle cut makes Shooters connection a much better choice. It also looks like the shooter's connection also matches the width of the rear sight notch better. I have about 1/3" hanging off the end of my notch with the EGW. Although the orange looks to have a much wider rear sight notch than the CM?
  8. shootmove

    KKM lead time?

    i just ordered a Glock barrel from them. Fulfilled in 2 weeks. Admittedly shorter than what their lead time page says.
  9. shootmove

    Czechmate *thumb rest [generic]* and slide racker question

    I see it now. It also looks to be cut at an angle (is that 60 degrees?); the EGW is cut at a right angle, which is not ideal (just another rough angle to beat up the hands). Does the right side of the racker, fit flush to the rear sight notch?
  10. shootmove

    Leupold Delta Point MOA dot size?

    The RMR type 2 is pretty much just as bright as the DPP. Here are the advantages of each in my experience: RMR type 2: longer battery life (~2 years), automatic mode, smaller footprint, more durable Deltapoint Pro: larger glass, easier to change batteries, simpler and better controls. And the disadvantages: RMR type 2: Controls are meh. Turning on/off not as easy as DPP. Need to remove optic to replace battery. Smaller viewport. Deltapoint Pro: huge footprint and height (requires suppressor height sights, etc.) Breaks pretty easily (I've seen them shatter when dropped on concrete). TL;DR, my opinion is DPP for competition, RMR Type 2 for carry.
  11. shootmove

    Leupold Delta Point MOA dot size?

    Smaller dots are more accurate, bigger/brighter dots are faster
  12. shootmove

    Czechmate vs 2011

    My two cents: in my experience the Czechmate (and its mags) are less finnicky and "just work" more so than a 2011. (CZ customs did install custom basepads; not sure if they also tuned the mags, but per their rep CZ mags just work). All of that said, to really enjoy the Czechmate, you may want to put more work into it. Work that many 2011s don't need. For posterity, here are the areas in which the Czechmate falls short of, say, an Atlas 2011 (yes I realize the price difference), with suggestions on how to address each issue: Grips: the 2011 Phoenix Trinity grips are just nicer; fit better in my hand. The PT grips also offer more grip surface for medium to larger hands, on the support side. Have a look at the CZC custom mag scales. Magwell: the factory magwell is poorly blended with the frame and pretty small. It doesn't really work as well as the 2011 magwells that I've seen. The CZC custom magwell is a big improvment. Trigger: The trigger is pretty great, and probably the best non-1911/2011 trigger I've ever shot. The CZC metal, straight trigger is a nice upgrade. Slideracker: ugh, one of the weakest points of the gun. You can put it on the right side of the gun (which is the wrong side for righties :-). Have a look at the EGW Sidewinder slideracker--I'm still experimenting with it, but it seems to work. Might need some custom work to get the set screw to stay. The slideracker really belongs further forward, as it is on a 2011, where it doesn't interfere with the thumb. Slide stop - best to run without the slide release lever = more room for your thumb Safety - not as nice as a 1911. Consider CZC extended (this is the one part in my review that I haven't tried, so YMMV). Controls - the Czechmate controls tend to all bunch up on the left side where your thumb wants to go. This gets crowded and slows you down. Swapping out the slideracker and removing the slide release both help quite a bit. Custom recoil spring - you can run the Wolff CZC springs. Out of the box I believe the gun is sprung at 14lbs, for major power factor. That's probably oversprung for most 9mm ammo. On the plus side, the Czechmate is very flat shooting and comes with lots of extra parts (2 barrels, multiple slide releases, etc. etc.) So, the Czechmate a nice gun, but if you get serious about open, you may find yourself pouring more money into it. The Czechmate is a respectable open starter gun, but--call me a rebel--if you are trying to save $ and are set on a new gun, I'd personally build a Glock open gun (G17, KKM barrel + comp, Deltapoint Pro, any trigger work that you want, Dawson magwell, Magpul 21s), and you'll have a very low-maintenance gun (minor powerfactor, albeit) for even less than a Czechmate. The only place the Glock open gun falls short is on the trigger, but everything else just runs and you can drop the mags without fear :).
  13. shootmove

    USPSA Production Mag Pouches

    Yep. They are legit. Have run them on my open belt setup for 2+ years. Tension adjustment is a tad finicky, but overall they work well and are more durable than I expected.
  14. shootmove


    +1 vote for the Inov8 Roclite 315: good traction and support.