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  1. I think your first problem is you’re living in a state where you have to use 10-rounds mags lol.
  2. Just kinda curious what most of you are thinking. I've always seen from several reputable shooters and builders that "they just work", but then I've also heard and read more recently from close friends and trusted people that "they're not quite as good as they used to be". So what do most of you think? I'm asking because I plan to be switching to a new Limited gun soon and I'm thinking of picking up several MBX mags. The builder recommended them, but now I'm unsure about what I'll get. Are there differences in reliability between 9/.38 and .40 mags that affect peoples' experience? Should I just go with a different brand and get the Dawson Mag Tuning Kit to do it myself and not have to worry about whether or not they work? Edit: Guess this should probably go in the Gear & Accessories forum.. Mods, feel free to move it.
  3. Yup, now that you mentioned it, I remember that this is exactly the reason Troy said the RO technically doesn’t have to see the chamber.
  4. So what I like to do is place the gun on the ground (legal, per, clap three times, and do a backflip before I proceed to rack the slide, hackysack the cartridge two or three times, catch it in my mouth, and then release the slide and pull the trigger. Gives the RO plenty of time to make sure the gun was clear as well as looks cool (which, lets be honest, is the real reason we all shoot USPSA). But seriously, I don't see the issue with the flip and catch. Pretty sure only fudds and IDPA SOs get mad when you do that lol. Just to make the RO feel better, I'll be sure to rack the slide another 2-3 times before pulling the trigger and holstering, but I don't get where people feel the need to make the unload and show clear a slow process. I get this is in the rules, but even when we took this RO class together Troy himself said that the RO doesn't have to see the empty chamber. Thought that made the whole unload and show clear command redundant, but I guess it helps create those official "steps" between the course of fire and when the shooter is finished.
  5. Update on this? Did the new slide stop end up fixing it? Just curious, as I know some will kinda file the front of their followers down as well to keep the mag from getting stuck like rustychev mentioned above.
  6. I can only imagine what he's going to accomplish in the future. Super excited to see him blow up after winning this and probably Area 2 in a couple months.
  7. Well yeah, that’s why I said “almost” lol. I’m hoping he takes Area 2 also, that would be an awesome feat to accomplish at such a young age.
  8. I'm hoping he takes it too. I know he got third last year, but after how well he's been doing this year and taking almost every Area match now, I'd be disappointed if he didn't take first at Nationals. It could still go any way at this point though, guess we'll see what happens the next few days!
  9. Can you elaborate? I'm in the exact same boat as you right now, where I just haven't been having as much fun with shooting my Chaos in Open as I thought I would. The Nemesis is the gun I've really wanted all along, and should have just gone with one of those to start. However, I was talking with some of the guys around here and they were telling me that you really have to shoot both to decide, for the same reasons Charlie mentioned above. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone around here that owns a Nemesis and I've never shot a sight tracker gun before to really know if I'd like it or not. Kinda makes me hesitant to blow $5000+, wait 4-6 months, and then end up not liking it. And that's another thing, I feel stupid for not ordering another gun from them sooner. I was expecting about a 2 month wait, and now they just updated their site to show lead times are 4-5 months just for their standard models. I'm guessing that they're getting a lot more orders in now that we're coming close to the end of shooting season, but I don't really wanna go 4-5 months without any kind of shooting or practice.
  10. I’ve been guilty of this before too. Between cleaning/loading mags, RO’ing, or messing with my gun between stages, it’s very easy to miss out on getting a good stage plan memorized during the 5-minute walkthrough. It’s especially easier to convince yourself you’ll be able to come up with a good enough plan while others are shooting before you. Usually at a Club Match, most others won’t mind if you ask to be moved down the lineup for a stage. I’ve had to do this a couple times myself.
  11. I’ve been interested in a Limcat Mount, and they definitely do look a bit better than the plain old black of the Atlas mount. How much did that end up running you? And do you know if it’ll mount the same on my Atlas?
  12. Well I guess that's where my issues came from lol. Still, I'll be running the new dot without the blast shield and I guess I can update here with whether or not it's worse than before.
  13. So I've been looking for a thread about this to bring up my awesome experience I had with the Tevo blast shield/510c combo. Originally, when I had installed the optic, the screws were just barely long enough to go through the mount, blast shield, and into the optic. In fact, one of the four screws actually ended up stripping out the thread on the bottom of the optic. Thinking I was being smart, I doused the screw in red loctite and called it good.. Until that screw and the other front screw fell out during a local match. After waiting a couple weeks for Holosun to send me extra screws and re-zero the dot, I had thought the proper solution was to go ahead and douse every screw with some red loctite. Hell, I even let the stuff cure for like 2-3 days before I even went to zero it. Well, as my luck would have it, that didn't quite work out. In fact, since the screws were only being held by the first few threads, it made it even worse that I used loctite to try and hold them in place. I'm guessing the force of the recoil was too much for the optic, and the whole thing popped off in the middle of one of my stages. After the stage, I'd noticed the screws were still firmly secured in the mount, and the optic itself is what had stripped out all the way. Maybe I just got a bad dot, but I'm thinking the ~1/8" of thickness from the Tevo blast shield left those screws just a tiny bit too far out. I've contacted Holosun about a warranty replacement, but the rep I spoke with said it's the first time he's ever heard of that happening so take my experience with a grain of salt. Still, one of the guys from another squad showed me his setup with the same Atlas mount and no blast shield, and he said his glass only needs wiping every 4-5 stages with no signs of permanent fouling. This was with him shooting what looked like a shorter gun with barrel ports right under the glass. I'm thinking I'm gonna run my new dot without the shield, and hopefully those screws will stay in place. This is NOT a knock against Tevo, just thought I should mention this in case anyone decides to go with the same combo; I would caution you to be very careful when reinstalling the mounting screws, or you can try and look for some longer ones with the same size/thread pitch. And here's a video of my dot flying off the gun, for your viewing pleasure: https://streamable.com/5d0m6
  14. I'd definitely recommend reaching out to DAA then if you can. That's concerning that it wouldn't have lasted you as well as I've seen others and heard of others. Still, I think it's important people know this can be an issue, and I will admit the it does seem a bit flimsy at times, though I'd say it would take a good whack or drop to render it useless for me as you've described here.
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