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  1. Can you elaborate? I'm in the exact same boat as you right now, where I just haven't been having as much fun with shooting my Chaos in Open as I thought I would. The Nemesis is the gun I've really wanted all along, and should have just gone with one of those to start. However, I was talking with some of the guys around here and they were telling me that you really have to shoot both to decide, for the same reasons Charlie mentioned above. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone around here that owns a Nemesis and I've never shot a sight tracker gun before to really know if I'd like it or not. Kinda makes me hesitant to blow $5000+, wait 4-6 months, and then end up not liking it. And that's another thing, I feel stupid for not ordering another gun from them sooner. I was expecting about a 2 month wait, and now they just updated their site to show lead times are 4-5 months just for their standard models. I'm guessing that they're getting a lot more orders in now that we're coming close to the end of shooting season, but I don't really wanna go 4-5 months without any kind of shooting or practice.
  2. I’ve been guilty of this before too. Between cleaning/loading mags, RO’ing, or messing with my gun between stages, it’s very easy to miss out on getting a good stage plan memorized during the 5-minute walkthrough. It’s especially easier to convince yourself you’ll be able to come up with a good enough plan while others are shooting before you. Usually at a Club Match, most others won’t mind if you ask to be moved down the lineup for a stage. I’ve had to do this a couple times myself.
  3. I’ve been interested in a Limcat Mount, and they definitely do look a bit better than the plain old black of the Atlas mount. How much did that end up running you? And do you know if it’ll mount the same on my Atlas?
  4. Well I guess that's where my issues came from lol. Still, I'll be running the new dot without the blast shield and I guess I can update here with whether or not it's worse than before.
  5. So I've been looking for a thread about this to bring up my awesome experience I had with the Tevo blast shield/510c combo. Originally, when I had installed the optic, the screws were just barely long enough to go through the mount, blast shield, and into the optic. In fact, one of the four screws actually ended up stripping out the thread on the bottom of the optic. Thinking I was being smart, I doused the screw in red loctite and called it good.. Until that screw and the other front screw fell out during a local match. After waiting a couple weeks for Holosun to send me extra screws and re-zero the dot, I had thought the proper solution was to go ahead and douse every screw with some red loctite. Hell, I even let the stuff cure for like 2-3 days before I even went to zero it. Well, as my luck would have it, that didn't quite work out. In fact, since the screws were only being held by the first few threads, it made it even worse that I used loctite to try and hold them in place. I'm guessing the force of the recoil was too much for the optic, and the whole thing popped off in the middle of one of my stages. After the stage, I'd noticed the screws were still firmly secured in the mount, and the optic itself is what had stripped out all the way. Maybe I just got a bad dot, but I'm thinking the ~1/8" of thickness from the Tevo blast shield left those screws just a tiny bit too far out. I've contacted Holosun about a warranty replacement, but the rep I spoke with said it's the first time he's ever heard of that happening so take my experience with a grain of salt. Still, one of the guys from another squad showed me his setup with the same Atlas mount and no blast shield, and he said his glass only needs wiping every 4-5 stages with no signs of permanent fouling. This was with him shooting what looked like a shorter gun with barrel ports right under the glass. I'm thinking I'm gonna run my new dot without the shield, and hopefully those screws will stay in place. This is NOT a knock against Tevo, just thought I should mention this in case anyone decides to go with the same combo; I would caution you to be very careful when reinstalling the mounting screws, or you can try and look for some longer ones with the same size/thread pitch. And here's a video of my dot flying off the gun, for your viewing pleasure: https://streamable.com/5d0m6
  6. I'd definitely recommend reaching out to DAA then if you can. That's concerning that it wouldn't have lasted you as well as I've seen others and heard of others. Still, I think it's important people know this can be an issue, and I will admit the it does seem a bit flimsy at times, though I'd say it would take a good whack or drop to render it useless for me as you've described here.
  7. Only other thing I can think is that they build them cheaper over in Europe? I’ve seen several used for months now between myself and others and the only thing I think I can agree with you on is that the base does like to scissor/collapse when you pick it up to move it. A minor inconvenience, but it only take 5 seconds to set it open again once you’re done moving it. Otherwise, mine still works great.
  8. I can understand the feeling of not wanting to argue. Still, it's important to know the rules yourself when it could be the difference between winning and losing at a major match. I'd hate to get burned by some stupid, misinterpreted technicality that would cost me a win. That's why I'm always quick to try and correct others if I think/know something is wrong. If I'm the one that's wrong then that's fine and I'll shut my dumb mouth lol. The recent determination about start positions for "hands relaxed at sides" has been a big point of contention with people lately, and I tell them about having to specifically specify in the WSB. Still, there's almost always that one fudd that hits you with the "well that's now how we've been doing it for the last 25 years".
  9. Definitely this. All you need is to put the rule book in front of his face one time for some BS made-up rule like that and he’ll probably knock it off... for a little while at least. I think I’m more surprised that you say he did the same thing to a couple others and none of them told him off either. Now there’s at least a handful of others out there that are gonna go around spreading his BS and thinking he was in the right. Definitely address this with him next time, but try and do so tactfully and privately; some of these BOCs don’t like being told they’re wrong like that lol.
  10. Lol I guess you could “DQ yourself if you wanted to waste your time, ammo, and match fees? I get wanting to abide by the rules and putting safety above all else, but the scenario you described 1) doesn’t break any of the rules as they are written, and 2) should be left to a certified RO to determine whether your actions were considered unsafe and make that call. Now as far as the guy mentioned above that intentionally AD’d to get a DQ instead of taking their garbage match performance, that should be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and maybe grounds for a temporary ban/restriction from whatever club they’re at. It’s honestly more childish than anything though.
  11. I’ll throw my stuff into the mix. I’m currently shooting an Atlas Chaos with a HS510C on it (super heavy), but my carry gun is the Sig P365. I like the 365 because it sits super close to my body in appendix position, plus it’s hard to beat 12+1 capacity in such a small package. The nice thing is I can also throw an extra mag in my pocket real easily and pretty much forget about it since they’re so small. It’s a snappy little gun, but I figure I can probably hit any threat that’s within 5-7 yards of me fairly accurately and with 13 shots before having to either reload or use it as a blunt weapon. Any further than that, and I’d say it’s hard to justify “feared for my life” anyway. Still, I’d say my shooting skills have transferred very well to shooting that little guy even if I’m used to all-steel guns.
  12. Ok you’re right, I’m just dumb. Was thinking the basepads alone was 4.1oz for some reason. And you’re right, Romeo 1 is like 1oz even.
  13. Well if you're using the Springer basepad you might be pushing it there. I forgot to consider removing the sight assembly, but an optic ends up being roughly the same weight so that's hardly considered savings there. I'm mathing out at least 45.25oz with all that setup.
  14. One thing to note that I think a handful of people are forgetting to consider, but the new tungsten-poly grip might make the gun too heavy to use in carry optics. Sig touts a weight of 43.5oz with an empty magazine. Most slide-mounted optics are between about 1-2oz each, bringing that pretty close to the 45oz maximum. I'm not sure how much weight you lose removing the magwell, but I'd imagine that's gonna be a pretty close call regardless. Another thing to note is that recorded weight is with the 17-round Legion mags included with the gun, and not any higher-capacity mags. Granted, the Legion magazine basepads are aluminum, but any extended ones people use will probably be a bit heavier. With the Q5 Match SF being 41.5oz out of the box that leaves plenty of weight for basepads and an optic. I don't know, maybe it won't be that close with the new X5 Legion. What are your guys' thoughts?
  15. I mean, it's $150, but don't forget to factor in the $30+ in shipping. So really, about $185. Still worth every cent if you ask me. I like the brass chute net too because it shakes out a lot of the dirt and rocks that get funneled into the tarp and my bucket when I would do that. A dumb, nitpicky thing, but it's nice not having to worry about picking rocks and other trash out of my brass when I'm loading it up for cleaning. A lot of dumb kids bringing bottles out and shooting them where I'm at too, so I've been nicked a couple times by glass. Luckily, I didn't contract any diseases.. yet lol.
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