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  1. tacomandood

    Howdy from Fernley NV

    If you’re looking for something to hold paper targets you’re most likely better off just buying some stands from Midway. Unless you already have materials sitting around, the cost of using either wood or PVC/ABS ends up being about the same as just buying some, and you don’t have to spend the time making them. As far as steel target stands, there’s a guy on Etsy who has awesome prices and pretty good quality from what I’ve used so far. Let me know if you want more info.
  2. tacomandood

    USPSA Division for New Shooter?

    Just the type of modifications on the gun and placement of pouches and holster on the belt. For example, you can have a magwell or thumbrest in Limited, but almost no external modification in Production. Also, all mag pouches and gun must be behind the front of the hip bone in Production and no further than about 2.1” from the inside of the belt, with no limitations in Limited except that the pouches or gun can be no further than about 3.3” from the belt.
  3. tacomandood

    Howdy from Fernley NV

    Hehe a shooter from good ol’ Ferntucky Nevada! I’m from Reno myself lol. Luckily, there’s a couple matches a month you can check out. There’s gonna be a USPSA Club Match in Fallon on Saturday the 19th. Think it’s $20 to come out and shoot. Look up “Stillwater Firearms Association” or “SFA” on PractiScore to find the registration page. Also, up by Pyramid, there’s WNPL. USPSA Matches are usually the first Sunday of the month, but if you’re trying to get in on some multigun they do their UML matches on the second Saturday of the month. “wnpl.org” is the website for there. They’ve just started doing NRL22 matches at WNPL as well, on the third Sunday of the month (I think, not 100% sure). Come out whenever you get a chance. Everyone is pretty friendly and we’ll help a new shooter as best we can. Hope to see you out there soon!
  4. Probably so they wear out over time and you have to buy new ones to replace them lol. I haven’t had issues with about 6000 loaded in mine, but I also have like 12 different tubes so thats not many through each.
  5. tacomandood

    Cleaning after loading

    I’m gonna have to strongly disagree with you on that one. The whole thing just runs so much smoother when you have lubed cases. I tried to run my 9mm without lube for a few hundred rounds and the issue I had is that I couldn’t tell when something else was wrong with the press when I’m exerting all this force to resize a case. It’s easier to catch a jam, bad case, or bad primer seat when the whole press is running smoothly. Maybe it’s different with a 650, but on my 1050 I’m cranking out 800-900 rounds per hour, and any extra energy wasted on sizing adds up quick. Residual case lube on pistol brass isn’t supposed to be a big deal anyway, but I do the same of running my loaded rounds in some corncob for about 10-15 minutes after. Gives everything a nice polish and definitely helps keep my hundo cleaner.
  6. tacomandood

    USPSA Division for New Shooter?

    This is exactly what I meant. And this is what I meant also lol. So yeah, I'm not discounting the fact that there are a lot of great Production shooters out there, but I was more interested in Limited because there were more shooters in total, ergo more "competitive"; a larger talent pool and more people to compare myself to. Where I'm at, everyone in Production is either B-class and below, or the one random GM that shows up every once in a while. Though I haven't shot any major matches yet nor received a classification in Limited, I'm hoping I can get a better idea of my skill level this shooting season since there will be more than 6 other shooters in my division showing up to matches I go to and almost always beat out lol. Thinking of shooting a level 2 match, if my schedule permits, so I guess we'll see how I feel after that.
  7. tacomandood

    USPSA Division for New Shooter?

    As do many, and I’m not arguing with that. I just didn’t see Production as competitive as other divisions. When the elements of USPSA are “accuracy, power, and speed” you’re definitely at an advantage and shooting with less power in Minor, and, depending on the stage, are inevitably slower because of your reloads. Plus, how do you define a “solid Production shooter”? The answer really depends. Again, overall placement is tough to gauge, since you’re comparing apples to oranges against those guys with laser guns and PCCs. I guess classification is one way, though HFs for a Production Master are always going to be lower than HFs for a Limited or Open Master. The same “apple to oranges” argument comes up though, so then maybe that isn’t the best way either. I guess it comes down to personal preference. Just go shoot what you want and be competitive where you want to. That’s the main reason I switched too; there were so few people shooting Production (locally) that I wanted to switch to Limited and compete against more shooters overall. More points for Major and less reloads was just an upside to that lol.
  8. tacomandood

    Portable Steel Targets

    Also wanna jump in here and recommend another guy I found on Etsy. Super cheap prices (you have to pay shipping though), and great quality from what I’ve used. I bought his plate rack kit and one of his target stands and am pretty impressed so far. For only $50/stand and hanging bracket you really can’t go wrong, and I’m in the process of replacing a couple of my old steel stands with these. Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/657442350/collapsible-new-steel-gong-target-stand?ref=user_profile
  9. tacomandood

    USPSA Division for New Shooter?

    To each their own. Hell, if I had the money to spend I’d buy one of them Atlases just to get good with it before eventually switching to Open too. I kinda did the same, where I shot Production for a few matches before just switching over to Limited with a good gun and setup. Obviously, my costs were a bit less than his, but I kinda jumped right in too lol. I also didn’t like how Production was inherently less competitive when considering overall match performance. My average match placement immediately went from about 55-65% to about 75% overall, and even hitting 90% this last Sunday. Major scoring and less reloads definitely makes a difference on some of those stages lol.
  10. tacomandood

    USPSA Division for New Shooter?

    After only one match huh? This guy full sends lol
  11. tacomandood

    Guy shot himself during “make ready”.

    That’s how I see it too. When I got a nice DQ in October I eventually took over the Practiscore tab so everyone could focus on just shooting and pasting. That’d be even tougher on a multi-day match, but you’d probably have to wait for your travel back home anyway so might as well show up and get the free food lol. Going back to the original story here, I’m sure if someone shot themself they’d obviously be done for the rest of the match without a choice lol. Does the much end up getting shut down for everyone else in that case?
  12. tacomandood

    Guy shot himself during “make ready”.

    Fair enough. Our club doesn’t require you pick up brass, so I would’ve nominated him as the paster master lol. From what I’ve seen/heard, I figure most people just throw a fit and go home early.
  13. tacomandood

    Brass Catcher for practice?

    One club I shoot at doesn’t care if you leave brass, and another club has you pick up your brass after your squad is finished with the stage. This is easier at a match when you’ve got several people picking in generally the same areas, but I’m more concerned about what I’m doing when I go out to practice. I hate spending 15-20 minutes picking brass in the dirt after I already spent the last 10-15 minutes packing and loading up all my targets and gear. That’s 30-40 minutes of my time spent doing stuff that doesn’t make me a better shooter. Practicing with 9mm instead of .40 would be practical if a) there wasn’t a difference in recoil, b) I had the same exact gun in 9mm, and c) I didn’t care about collecting any brass at all. Regardless of how much money you have, brass is brass and there may come another time like earlier in this decade where it was nearly impossible to find. At least, that’s how I look at it. Obviously there are other benefits to using a brass catcher besides not having to bend down though. Some people just love brass hounding I guess, so more power to you lol
  14. tacomandood

    Brass Catcher for practice?

    Yup, that’s why we’ve discussed replacing the net with a finer mesh or a mesh tarp. I like the idea, but the reason I’m more leaning toward the golf net I linked was because it would still catch brass when you’re a bit further out, but the netting would catch brass in the air if you were to move closer as well. Then, just tip the net to one corner and pick up your brass by handfuls, or cut a hole into one corner and drop them into a bucket.
  15. tacomandood

    Maybe my first problem with my TSO?????

    Just bought one of these brushes. Usually I have a cleaning brush around to do the same thing but this will be nice since it’s longer and the bristles go a full 360°. It’s definitely easy to tell when a mag is getting dusty if you push down on the follower and hear a gritty scraping as well. I know some guys that brush all their mags after every stage no matter what