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  1. Lol, the reason for f*#king with the mags in the first place was because they wouldn't feed anything using the CZC basepads and followers. You'd think for the $3400 you spend on the gun they'd at least include some 170mm/140mm mags in the box instead of requiring aftermarket followers and basepads smh. Maybe you got lucky with a good set of mags, but even just looking at these it's obvious they're way off if you're not using everything stock.
  2. I'd come across this before and that's the point I'm at where I've spent way too many hours trying to get these right. I wish I would've just sent them in sooner for tuning though lol. I'm really just looking at selling my Czechmate now and getting either a Limcat (they're local to me so they can work on it easily) or an Atlas. Might still get the mags tuned for the next buyer, but we'll see.
  3. I’m using RMR’s JHPs, and though they do have a bit longer ogive than some others, I don’t think they’re the root of the cause. Anyone else had issues using them before?
  4. Using the CZC spring and follower sets, but looks like I'll be switching to Grams here now. Since I'm running 9Major in the CM I'm loading out to 1.165", which is why the feed issues are so prone to happening.
  5. Good info here for others maybe, but I've got my release in the original left-sided configuration. It's definitely mag tuning issues with the rounds not feeding properly regardless of spring tension or number rounds loaded.
  6. Thank you. This is exactly what I was hoping to find out, but I wasn't sure if Grams did CZ mags as well. What's the price per mag? I'd imagine I just ship to them and they take care of the rest?
  7. Hey all, So I got my Czechmate just over a month ago now and have spent probably around 8-10 hours trying to get the damn magazines to function properly. My issue comes from the bullets nosediving into the bottom of the barrel feed ramp which can be a nasty malfunction to clear. I thought I had everything good to go as the gun cycles my dummy rounds fine when being racked by hand; however, for the last few times I've taken it out I'm constantly getting FTFs in the second and third rounds out of my magazines. My dumb self even tried shooting it at a club match last Saturday, and I looked and felt mighty stupid having a malfunction on almost every stage. Is there any sort of place that I can send these in to for magazine tuning? I know most guys are only working on 2011 mags and can't think of a particular CZ person here in the US. This is happening with both my 170 and 140mm mags using CZ Custom Extended Basepads. I've tried adjusting the feed lip specs, pinching the mag in to stack the bullets better, and both 10-coil and 13-coil springs to no avail. I'm really at my wit's end with these, and I'm starting to consider selling the damn thing and getting a different Open gun that I can have worked on by the builder instead of trying to figure it out myself. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Lol you guys are awfully risky using a vacuum for your press and primers. You can get a 6-pack of canned air from Costco for like $10 and not have to worry about it exploding on you. An old brush or toothbrush works well at getting into the nooks and crannies too.
  9. Even better! Then you don’t have to pay draft and sketchup fees since they already have it designed lol.
  10. Lmao I’m gonna send this to Techwear right now and see what they can do about one of these.
  11. Yeah, even with blending the magwell, it's still nowhere near as smooth as something you'd see on a well-fitted 2011 magwell. Really, they're some of the worst I've ever seen on the TS/Czechmates and a huge oversight that they still haven't fixed for years. I've trained to load the magazine toward the front of the magwell to prevent catching on the rear lip, but it still happens from time to time. I can't quite take off much more material from the frame without worrying about it cracking or digging into the mainspring plug. I've heard the CZC ones are a little better, but I don't know how willing I am to spend another $100+ on something I've been able to work around for now. Maybe one day I'll get sick of it and just swap it though.
  12. It was hardly much work at all. The total time spent polishing and cleaning up parts was probably less than 5 minutes total. Most of the time I spent was figuring out how to disassemble and reassemble the gun since it was my first time doing a complete strip on the lower. I'd recommend it if you've got the time to take apart your gun and hit those spots.
  13. Kinda interested, to be honest. All they're going to do is sit anyway. I've got the orange ones from my TSO sitting around too if you would want them. Send me a PM.
  14. I swear I saw it at $599 somewhere, but of course I can’t find it now. Oh well, $720 is even worse and definitely out of the acceptable price range for something like that.
  15. Not sure where some of you saw the price at $720, but they did announce a final MSRP of $599. Maybe $720 CAD? Anyway, way too overpriced, if you ask me. I’ve been wanting one of those HS510Cs again since I used to have one on my AR, but nobody makes a mount for my Czechmate..
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