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  1. Hi Everyone, I have bought some of the Fiocchi 3 gun, match line 12 GA 2-3/4 in. slugs (3G+JM or 12SLG3G). I would like to know if there is any difference, other than the color, between these slugs and the Fiocchi 12GA 2-3/4, 7/8 oz slugs (12LESLUG)? The are both 7/8 oz, and travel at 1300 fps. Thank you, Z
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking to find a replacement MKA 1919 XN barrel. Does anyone know where I can find one, or if the RIA VR60 or the others from Typhoon Defense X12 will interchange with my Akdal? The guns look very similar to my older MKA. Thank you, Z
  3. Jim from Firebird made a video a long time ago about disassembling the gun. You'll need take the barrel off and remove the action bars from the bolt, removing it from the upper receiver. Slide the action bars forward and take them off the gas system guide rod. Take the spring off slide th new one on, and reassemble the gun.
  4. I saw that one. But the Typhoon comp that I bought is the new design that was requested by the Typhoon users/competitors. But it looks as though that Typhoon comp would work like the Armanov. The only think I can say is that the Armanov is also made of aluminum so it doesn't add too much weight to the gun. I have a video of me shooting my gun with the Armanov comp. If you want to see it, it is on Face Book or I can send it to you via email. Send me your email via private message.
  5. Here's the Typhoon comp. Save your money on this one. But I think the asymmetrical thing is to combat the muzzle rise up and to the right, but it didn't work very well. I am still considering using it because it looks pretty cool when on the gun. LOL!!!!
  6. Here are the comps that I have tried on this Akdal. American version of the GK-01 Russian, the Dissident Arms, the vented poly-choke. I have also tried the Whitt engendering comp, the new Typhoon Industries comp, and finally the Armanov. Both the GK-01 and the Dissident arms comp worked pretty well. The problem as that in order to use them on my gun, I had to use an extended choke what had external threads that matched those used on the Vepr and Saiga shotguns. I found that unless I Red Locktited the choke it, it would unscrew and the comp would turn in the middle of my course of fire. The threaded choke was only available in cylinder bore, and using red locktite, made it impossible to change chokes and it was kind of a mess. The poly-choke was pretty interesting, but really didn't reduce recoil or muzzle climb, but I could change the constrictions. The Whitt engineering choke was pretty cool, but I didn't think is did much for the muzzle climb and recoil. The newer Typhoon comp was pretty nice, and looked really cool. It didn't do much to tame the recoil or muzzle rise in my gun. The Armanov so far, shoots the softest and with it cocked the way I have it, what muzzle rise it does have is straight up instead of up and to the right. The Whitt comp in on the left.
  7. Yes. I comes within a week. He also has colors so I would email them if your want colors. Please let them know that I referred you. Thanks, Dwayne
  8. Yes! I have tried quiet a few comps and this is the best one. The only thing is that I have found it works best when canted to the right. It counteracts the gun's tendency to recoil up and to the right.
  9. I don't have a T&N Akdal but I have a Firebird TAC12A1, so my experience may be a little different. I run the T&N red recoil spring. I have found that my gun doesn't run well with shells that are below 1300 FPS, so I have been using the Remington Nitro 27 at 1335 FPS or the AAs at 1345 FPS. I have found my the gun needs to have smooth, harder shell hulls to consistently run. I am also running Wolf slugs, but am transitioning over to Fiocchi 3 gun or the Law Enforecment verision. They are the same with a 7/8 slug going at 1300fps. I installed the JP springs in my trigger and am using the JP/Armageddon Gear roller trigger. This dropped my trigger pull to about 3.3lbs (by my Wheeler Trigger Pull Scale) with almost no pre or over travel. I don't really like the roller feature and may glue it down latter.
  10. Do you want to carry the mags straight up and down, angled, horizontal, etc. A friend of mine who shoots an Origin 12 uses Bladetech .308 mag holders. There are some people who use the HSGI large TACO pouches, but mounting them at any angle will require another separate piece, because of the MOLLE mounting. A&A Targets who manufacture stuff for Saiga/ Vepr guns, sells kydex clips that are held on by industrial strength double side tape. You just slip the clip under you belt and it stays there. These are what I use with my Firebird TAC12A1 mags. Tooth and Nail sells all metal (rather than metal and polymer) mags that come from MKA.
  11. I have a Firebird TAC12A1 which is an MKA with Firebird's upper and lower receivers.. It runs 99.9 percent of the time. I love my gun and it shoots way better than I do. Having said that, I think if I was going to buy a new shotgun, I would get the DA. DA has the momentum right now since Josh Froelich won the world shoot last month. I really like the ability of the gun to change chokes w/o taking the muzzle brake off the gun. The gun looks very soft shooting, and very flat.
  12. RH45, I just sent you a message about the comp. I did get this comp from Slovenia. It took about a week to get it, which was faster than I expected.
  13. RH45, I got the Armanov comp for my MKA 1919 from http://armanov.com  There are a lot of people that say that end of the barrel comps don't work.  If that's so, why are most of the shooters using them?  I know from my experience, most comps don't work with the exception being the GK 01,02,and 03 from Russia, and the Dissident arms comps.  The Armanov comp works as well as those do atleast in my subjective, opinion.  

  14. CTAY, My gun is very similar to yours. I have an early XN model that I kept modifying until I had Firebird replace the upper and lower with their TAC 12A1 units. The gun is extremely reliable and works 99.9% of the time. I have recently started using an Armanov compensator, after trying nearly every muzzle brake I could find and/or adapt to my gun. The Russian brakes, the GK-01 an the Dissident arms brakes were the most effective in my opinion, however, the adapter (that replaced the choke) only came in cylinder bore. The other problem was that the choke tube would unscrew itself and would stay tight only if I used Red Locktite. I then bought a brake made by Witt machine. This brake clamps on the barrel, so I could easily change chokes, but the design was minimally effective, and since it was steel, it was heavier than I would have liked. Which brings me to the Armanov. The Armanov is made of aluminum, and clamps onto the barrel, which makes choke changes relatively simple. It is reasonably light, and has 3 large ports. This is the best muzzle brake/ compensator that I have found for the MKA. The other good thing is that right now, the exchange rate for the Euro is really good, so I paid under $100.00 for it. I am extremely happy with my TAC12A1, although it took awhile to get it sorted out. Both Jim and Nancy were very helpful, and took a lot of time with me on the phone and via email getting the gun sorted out. Having said all this, I have also been in communication with Matt Loganbill. Matt has also answered all of my questions regarding his products, and I have purchased quite a few of them to use on my TAC12A1. If anyone is looking for one of these guns, I would give a slight edge to the TAC12A1 because of the way the receiver comes apart for cleaning and transportation.
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