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  1. Sorry to hear you're still fighting your jam issue! The Aftec worked like a dream on one of my STI's, and a fair amount of bending/filing took care of the same issue on my backup STI (both identical TruBors). I did load a bit longer when I was struggling with my jams to see if that would help (it didn't) and never shortened it back. The STI's are back to eating everything without issue. Did you do any fitting with your Aftec? You might still need to adjust it a bit. For what it's worth, I only installed one spring on the Aftec initially, and since it works I never went back and played with add
  2. Just an update. I received an Aftec extractor and watched a few YouTube reviews of it before putting it in. I opted to install without using both springs (I left out the one closest to the muzzle). The instructions mention that fitting may be required here and there, but I thought I'd try it out without doing anything. There was a local match yesterday and I arrived early to see if the gun would cycle and put 2 140mm mags through it without issue. Then proceeded to shoot the entire match without a single malfunction. I think you guys nailed it! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP!!!! That wa
  3. Well, it couldn't hurt. Just ordered an Aftec from Dawson Precision. I'll also see if I can get the OAL a little longer and see if it helps until the Aftec arrives. Appreciate the help!
  4. I wonder if I can go much longer. The 115's don't have that much left in the case when I get them out there. Missed you last weekend. Get tired of beating everyone?
  5. I think you just made my day. That would explain the issues exactly. Would you suggest trying to get the EB or just spring for the Aftec? Thank you for the post!
  6. I have two identical STI TruBor 9mm Open guns and one of them has always had the occasional jam (see picture below). It started getting worse and would jam once per stage last time out. It has happened with both STI and MBX magazines, all fairly new. I've tried 8 - 11 lb recoil springs. The ammo is all tested before shooting in my Hundo. Using a Lee U-die/seating/FCD. Everglades 115 JHP, but has had the same issue with Montana Gold 124 JHPs as well. OAL is around 1.158ish. This pistol has about 3k on it. The other TruBor has around 9k on it, and jams occasionally, too. And for what it's worth,
  7. If you have trimmed the spring under the detent ball, try putting a new spring in and see if that corrects the index issue. There are better ways to correct the powder spilling problem that don't result in poor indexing. This was my primary issue and replacing the spring pretty much took car of it.
  8. You are not wrong. In fact, I had the primer punch back out and cause an issue which gave me the idea to shim it out. I think it's a tolerance stacking issue with my press, the thickness of the primer, the depth of the case's primer pocket, etc. But I would sometimes need just a bit more throw to get the case into the proper position in stage 1. Adding a small shim still allows me to very solidly seat the primer, but gives me a bit more margin. I'm sure it's a bit of a bandaid for other issues, but every little bit helps.
  9. Yes, it was the primer punch. Sorry, I forgot the name of the part. You can try unscrewing it a couple of turns and test it to see if it's worth doing anything.
  10. I used a part of a snap ring. You could stack some small washers in there if you find some that'll fit. Perhaps form a paperclip around a bolt and use that. It didn't take much to give me a little extra throw.
  11. Like I mentioned, I started having the same issue and it was driving me crazy. I poured though all of the posts here about folks having the same problem and checked all of the things people suggested. I'm happy to report that I did wind up fixing it. It was several things in aggregate/tolerance stacking that was causing my stage 1 issue. The biggest single issue was that the two bolts that fasten the shell plate holder on top of the ram, had come loose. I had gotten the alignment tool and used it several years ago and got it as close as possible, but it still rubbed a bit, but there was no mor
  12. Did you ever figure out what the issue was? Having the same thing with my 650.
  13. I clean all my fine glass with Kimtec wipes. https://www.amazon.com/Kimtech-Science-KimWipes-Delicate-Wipers/dp/B00F462ZJY/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1545539934&sr=8-3&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=kimtech+kimwipes&dpPl=1&dpID=516k4NeWnXL&ref=plSrch No lint/dust. I keep a wad of them in my parts kit.
  14. Just a quick update. I started with the easy stuff first and in the end, it only took a couple of twists on the over travel screw to get her running without issue. Thanks for all of the help and suggestions! I truly appreciate you guys taking the time to help me out.
  15. Thanks for the tip! I have made some adjustments and hope to get out to the range soon to test it out. Appreciate all of the help.
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