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  1. Yes sir I did. I tried all kinds in .355 to .357 in weight ranges from 110 grains to 147 grains and never found anything I thought was acceptable. Some were better than others but none of them were great.
  2. I have a HMR Pro and I absolutely love it. It out shoots my MPA I paid twice as much for.
  3. I tried dozens of different load combinations and I never could get it to shoot. As much as I liked to look and feel of the DVC I just couldn't get an acceptable level of accuracy so I moved it on down the road.
  4. Has anyone else slugged there JP barrels? My rifle also shoots .357 Dia. Bullets better.
  5. That and it still doesn't work the comp much so the dot moves more. There's no benefit from loading to major. If there was people would do it.
  6. I'm shooting 4.5 grains of WSF and a 110gr Winchester JHP .357 diameter bullet. They are absolute tack drivers and very soft shooting. They have a cannelure because it's a revolver bullet but just ignore it.
  7. Does anyone find the C-more tactical Railway a fuzz too short even with the spacer?
  8. I'm running 4.5 grains of WSF and 110 grain winchester JHP. It's a very mild load and shows no pressure signs. I'm going to try them in a JP GMR-13 next and see how they work in that.
  9. I had a couple of thousand 110 grain JHPs left over from my revolver days and I tried them in a couple of 9mm 1911s today and they shot fantastic! Had anyone else tried 357 bullets in a 9mm?
  10. Well it sounds like the DOH would work great for the plate matches since they have no holster rules and I can take off the hanger to shoot Single Stack. My next question is how is the Tek-Lok hanger? Have any of you used them?
  11. I just bought a JP GMR-13 that is 16" with a comp. I have a ton of Blue Bullets and would like to use them. Does anyone have any problems running coated bullets in their PPCs with comps?
  12. Has anyone used this holster? Thoughts?? http://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Blade-Tech-DOHSting-Ray-Holster-Carbon-Fiber-font-colorredRIGHT-HANDfont-P2415.aspx
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