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    pistol rest

    I prefer a large sandbag, actually a rifle long bag. It allows the sights to be steadied on the target without wobble, but doesn't interfere with the natural recoil impulse that also effects the bullet impact point. I've never really liked the V-notch rests because they induce different pressures on the gun than you will experience when firing from a freestyle grip.
  2. GOF

    Lunch break

    Peanut butter on a wheat cracker or wheat bread was recommended to me by a doctor (Chief of Staff, Lake City FL regional medical center) who I shot USPSA with awhile back. He ran triathalons in college. I added the jelly to make it go down easier. He also likes the nutrition drinks (like Boost, or Ensure), and I drink one of those on my way to a match. . I also read somewhere that there is a MLB pitcher who eats a couple of P&J sammiches during a game and finds it keeps his energy at a peak. Also, at this one club there were several other doctors who shot. All of them carried a tuperware container with cut up fresh fruit... grapes, apples, bananas, etc., and would dig into it every couple of hours. The first doctor also said that the natural sugars in fresh fruit are also an excellent source of energy, although it's inconvenient to carry. P&J on wheat is simple.
  3. Did you try re-firing any of those primers in your M&P? I'll accept the high primer comments that others have mentioned --- most likely culprit. And, they should have fired a second time in the M&P, since the first hit sent them deeper in the case. But... I also did have a striker spring on a M&P go bad after about 20,000 rounds. New spring fixed it. CCI primers are 'firm". I also prime with a hand primer. I have to check each case to make certain they are below flush, and sometimes it takes a second "grunt". If you try them again in the M&P and they don't go bang, it could be a striker spring.
  4. GOF

    Lunch break

    +1. Some lunches at FL matches (and others) get a bit "heavy". Seems like the organizers want to show off all the beans, potato salad, BBQ they can so the D Class shooters figure they're getting their moneys worth. Not good in your stomach if you want to stay sharp. Munching light, staying "lean", good call. And, while everyone else is stuffing 5,000 calories into their system, you can be at the Safe Handling Area, thinking about the rest of the stages.... with half a P&J sammich on wheat bread. On the stages after the "lunch break" I'd rather be lean & hungry than " fully stuffed".
  5. +1. I zero irons at 25 yards to shoot to the center of the FO dot. There's not enough rise/fall from that to bother you for standard USPSA/Steel Challenge/IDPA targets/ranges. IDPA SSP Master, when I shot that game regularly.
  6. +1. I prefer M&Ps (grip/point angle). Dan Burwell did a 2.75 pound trigger job on my CO gun, TTI makes nice mag 140mm extensions; takes a 17 round to 22 rounds. A pair of those should get you through a COF. There are plenty of good aftermarket sights out there for the M&P. It's not an expensive deal. To paraphrase attorney Johnny Cochran from the infamous O.J. Simpson trial "If the handgun fits, you must equip."
  7. Welcome to the wonderful world of making your own loads. For powders: start with current manufacturer load data, or a current reloading manual like Speer or Hornady. Powders differ in burning rates and applications. The same powder that works for a .44 Magnum hunting load is going to suck for a 125 PF match load. With the proper burn rate powder there will be 'starting loads' and 'maximum loads' for various powder & bullet combos. Somewhere between the two you will find the softest load that makes the PF you need. There's a big difference between Major, Minor, Steel Challenge; and IDPA is all over the map. Lead bullets (coated, like Bayou) will get a bit more velocity with the same powder charge than jacketed loads. Start with the 'starting loads' and see if they reliably function your gun, if not increase slightly and test again. Reliability is the most critical factor. For primers: If you're loading for a revolver, Federal ONLY, and make sure they're seated below flush with the case base. Those, along with CCI & Win will work well for striker-fired semi-autos. For hammer-fired guns you can probably get by with any commercial stuff. The primer, itself, make little difference in match-type loads, unless you're running 9mm Major or an Open gun. The Overall Length (OAL) can make a difference, and can vary from gun to gun. Loads that run well in my M&P pistols are too long for my Ruger PC9. You need to experiment to find what's best for your gun. As well, inspect your rounds during the loading process. Be sure to check for double charges, high-seated primers, and changes in OAL. It's a learning curve.
  8. A BIG +1. A revolver trigger needs to be properly radiussed and very smooth. Any rough edge, anywhere on the trigger, is going to beat your trigger finger up. There's no need for that.
  9. GOF

    where is the rule?

    IDPA Rules seem to change with some frequency... but... my current understanding is this --- If you are required to engage a target from cover/fault line, and then required to move from that position to advance through the COF to engage additional targets... once you have engaged that initial target (cover/fault line target) with the required number of rounds, it becomes an 'engaged target' and can then be re-engaged anywhere on the COF (watch the 180!).
  10. Alternating guns won't fine tune you for one gun. But, if it's fun, why not. At an earlier age I focused on one gun to pile up trophies. Today, age has caught me. I mostly shoot Steel Challenge and may shoot a couple of matches with one gun, whether RFRO/RFPO/RFPI/PCCO/CO/Rev, and then change two weeks later. I have fun, and get to shoot my guns. Why not. I'm sure the "high-speed low-drag" trolls will vehemently disagree. But, I shoot to have fun, and challenge myself by shooting different guns. I figure... if I can't have fun, why make the drive and pay the match entry fee?
  11. +1. If the order you made with your credit card is not completed... dispute the charge with your CC company. That will get the shipping company involved quickly. You normally have 60 days to dispute a CC charge. If your order wound up "sucking" why not do it. The CC company has more muscle in this than you do. They normally get results... quickly.
  12. All that super athlete and major practice is well and good. Lemme know how it's working out for ya when ya hit 70. Or, should there be a cutoff age for Steel Challenge?
  13. I have to respectively disagree. I shoot with some long leg people. We hit targets the same. We just move different, even though they are in my same age group. But, we have firm cropped grass & firm footing. Might be different with bad footing. BTW. I'm not "someone who is crippled" A55647, my classifications are right there on the Steel Challenge website... as Yogi Berra once said "You can look it up". How 'bout yours? Might be nice for posters to know the level of expertise you are speaking from. Got a # we can look up?
  14. Your experiences are not the same as mine. Movement speed is an issue. All things being equal --- hit first two targets, leave cleanly, and smoothly engage the remaining three targets -- the shooter who can switch boxes .5 to 1+ seconds faster than the other shooter-- has a scoring advantage. Often, that faster time is dependent upon nothing more that the footing (trip, fall, drop gun, BAD!) or due to longer legs. Can't change leg length, but can adjust to account for the surface. YMMV.
  15. I can understand that not all ranges will be able to afford the same degree of footing for the movement between the boxes. My thought is--- if the footing on a range is loose gravel or shifting sand, or something else that requires great movement care and slows movement, as opposed to cropped grass on a hard & firm surface --- should those scores count for Classification/Peak scores? Could there not be a Rule regarding the surface used to allow OL classifications to be used? I am a Super Senior, and A Class in PCCO/RFRO/RFPO --- I don't advocate removing OL (although I do think a young, skinny, 6 foot 6 kid oughta be made to wear lead boots). .... Just leveling the playing field regarding classifications. If I'm moving on a slippery or uneven surface, my scores will not be the same as if I were on a firm surface. Just a thought.
  16. Yes. GP-100 grips fit, I have tested. So do the spring kits for the GP-100 that will reduce the DA trigger pull.
  17. I use a PACT timer with a cord that I can hang around my next, and lay it on my center chest. It's set for Delay. I assume the Low Ready firing position (long gun or pistol... Steel Challenge A Class in RFRO/PCCO/RFPO) and once there I shift the support hand to hit the timer ON. I have 3 seconds to get that hand back into position for the BEEP. It works for me better than a belt, because the movement of the support hand is less, and I don't have to fumble on the belt. YMMV
  18. If it ain't broke, why fix it?
  19. +1 This makes an incredible amount of practical commonsense. Why not just buy new mags for a gun that you already shoot in order to shoot it in a new division? Seems like a pretty logical, and economical, approach to me.
  20. +1. The Ruger PC works well out of the box and does accept Glock mags. I use a stock gun with an RMR sight and made A Class in Steel Challenge. The reason I selected the Ruger PC was because, other than 1.5 pounds of extra weight, it was almost identical to my Ruger Take Down Lite RFRO (A Class) gun. Shooting one is like shooting the other. That might be a thought if, as he grows, he wants to get into Steel Challenge and shoot a .22.
  21. Yes, sound like Yellow Jackets. You should get the club to buy a flamethrower
  22. Same here. Same results.
  23. A BIG +1! Inexperienced ROs can screw a lot of things up. Relying upon hazily-written Rules to justify their incompetence just makes things worse. Seen it. I RO two or three Steel club matches a month and always feel that the shooter gets the benefit of the doubt. Just because you're holding the timer doesn't mean you are GOD. You should be there to assist the shooter, not slam them. Commonsense has to enter at some point.
  24. Same for me. Over 12,000 rounds in Steel Challenge RFRO and no probs. Mine was one of the earlier 6 MOA models, if that makes a difference.
  25. I have a Blade Tech holster for my 6-inch GP 100. Works just fine. It's probably 8-9 years old, but I can't believe they stopped making them. The 6-inch GP 100 is very popular in ICORE.
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