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  1. Simple, download an application when they become available on March 1st.
  2. Mine do the same...doesn't seem to be an issue.
  3. I wonder whatever happened with the Perfect Open Gun Optic (POGO) that was discussed here awhile back...
  4. My copy/paste functions do not work on this forum (?) But there's a comparable gun in the classifieds at boomershooter.com Low mileage, fully worked, $1200
  5. I love my Nitro Fin, wont have a Limited gun without it.
  6. Long time match director and President of the Central Arkansas Shooters Assn, Bob Houston, passed away Saturday, 1 day after his 70th birthday. He was an old school gentleman, and always a pleasure to see at the range. Bob was at the range re-qualifying his CC permit. He was hit with a stroke. and rushed by helicopter to the hospital. He passed away in route. Its just perfect that Bob would get some time in at the range and a one last helicopter flight on the day of his passing. He will be missed.
  7. I hope results get posted on uspsa.org ...the new, improved practiscore doesn't show individual results and the performance matrix.
  8. Thank goodness I was able to view the youtube vids before the killjoys pulled them. The compilations were fantastic. Much more pleasant to view on the kindle. Sent from my Kindle Fire using Tapatalk 2
  9. FWIW, I worked for 5.10 for a lot of years. Their approach, and Mtn Bike, and freerunning shoes use a high carbon sticky rubber that sticks like glue to everything except polished concrete. I thought they would be the ticket for the indoor matches I was shooting at the time...I was wrong. I've had good luck with DC skate shoes and several others with herringbone treaded soles or similar. Hmm, the forum wont let me 'quote' other posts.
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