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  1. Q1 yes you can size .001 to .002 .but no more than that at one time .IE if you (for example) need to size .004 or smaller you would do it insteps. I currently make and coat my own bullets. The sizer that i use(star) is apush through that i have adjusted to not lube. A simple Lee sizer will work quite well. fyi most "9mm" bullets come out of the mold at .360 =/- .001 . then coated. then sized to what ever diameter that is needed within reason (.358/.357/.356/.355) Q2 NO Believe it or not coated bullets are tuffer than plated when it comes to sizing.(in a way) The coated bullet will .For lack of a better word flex. Plated on the other hand. The plating is brittle and actually easer to damage. When it comes to sizing.
  2. Call SNS. Have gotten .358 from them before. The 160 is a 38 supper bullet . It comes out of the mold enough to size correctly.
  3. https://www.snscasting.com/9mm-38-super-160-grain-round-nose-coated-1000ct/ http://www.acmebullet.com/38-CAL-SUPER-Lead-Hard-Cast-Reloading-Bullets/38- CAL-160-RN-hard-cast-bullets
  4. In my decades of loading ammo/operating equipment. I have found that most upgrades. Really are solutions looking for a problem. They cause more issues than they fix.
  5. Sounds to me that you have a good load for you. I would test it as the weather changes through the year. Mostly at temperature extremes.
  6. so what is your extreme spread? How many rounds are you basing this on? If I read your previs statements correctly. You are good to go. But if based on say 5 rounds . NO! Now if based on 20 rounds. Your good to go.
  7. keep track if it is the same head stamp . . Pay attention what the next case is also. Some lots of Remington have a smaller diameter rims. (four example) Could be catching the top of the case . This will tip the case below causing a miss feed into the shell plate.
  8. Tophernj has left the building. He now (a year ago) has a tack sport. But that was a year ago.
  9. 4064 is one of those powders that doesn't meter well. But it takes one full gran to make a difference in a 3006 case. 4895 meters better if you have accercy issues with the 4064.
  10. N320,Sport pistol,w231 are all very close in speed.
  11. there is nothing special about this bullet. lots of sources for 135 coated bullets . Pick one. SNS, Acme, just to name two.
  12. All I ever use is range pick up . No issue loading to major. FYI for the most part major is a lighter load than factory loaded ammo.( in 40 S&W)
  13. I should add. The Hornady .080 pin is more likely to break . Especially when decapping crimped primers. But I have been using them for quite some time. The RCBS headed pins will work also. But they are larger.
  14. Hornady .080 recapping pin will fit. The flash hole is the smaller BR type.
  15. Can we see the head stamp of said offending case?
  16. My 2011 ammo is 1.175+/- oal. Can actually load longer. That's wear my gun functions most reliable.
  17. Use your current minor load. See how you like it. You maybe surprised at how well it works. W231/HP38 makes more gas than most thank. Would not bother with Tight Group. WAC would be a good choice. HS6 and AA#7 are a little slow for a clean burn in minor. If willing to change bullet Ill suggest SNS 95 gr .380 bullet.
  18. compare the two kits . you will find you only need 2 maybe 3 parts to build the other. this should be quite a savings over buying two complete kits. i believe you will only need powder funnel, and the two case feed parts. case hold down could be eliminated or purchase a universal one.
  19. AHI

    G43x and 48

    I tried one of the Glock Stores lower weight spring kits. Put the original back in. Recoil became sharp. It actually made the gun painful to shoot. IMO you need the heaver spring to dampen the recoil impulse. This was shooting 135ish PF ammo for a 34. So it should have been in the 120ish PF in my 43X.
  20. Remove "activator" rod from tool head. You know the one to adjust primer depth. Now none of the primer parts are moving .
  21. acid brush https://www.harborfreight.com/search?q=acid brush
  22. What division you enter has a requirement. Open ,limited ,limited 10 would be hammer back safety on. All other divisions hammer down.
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