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  1. Thanks for the responses. My thoughts (on the Cajun bushing) were that if it’s tight enough to improve lockup/accuracy, it’d be too tight to be able to remove the barrel. Seems as though it’s a little of both or somewhere in the middle.
  2. For those that have installed the 10X bushing on an S2, is it difficult/near impossible to remove the barrel for cleaning, etc.? My Accu with the CZC bushing would be impossible to remove the barrel without removing the bushing so wondering how it works with the fixed Cajun bushing. Thanks!
  3. I actually think it's these https://czcustom.com/cz-sp01-base-pad-lock.html. A bit more spendy... I'll def call to confirm before any order goes in.
  4. Thanks for that guys. Just ordered some more MecGar mags as replacements/backups for my current quiver but realized the whole square lock plate deal on the new MecGars. I saw BSPS carries round peg plates but is out of stock, hopefully will get some more soon so I don't have issues with the Henning round hole pads.
  5. Possibly a stupid question, but is there any reason why Henning Pro base pads (or +5 extensions) can't be used with OEM CZ brand 17 round mags (which are labelled 9mm on one side and .40 on the other)? I tried some of my recently acquired Pro base pads and they certainly fit (round locking plate type) CZ brand mags but wonder if there'd be some sort of function issue vs. the Mec-Gar mags they're designed for. Thanks for any experience/advice. BTW, really happy with the Henning pads for my Production set up. Highly recommend.
  6. ^ Bought a 2nd S2 slide and I'll be doing just that (alternating between Prod and CO). Really stoked that I can use my AccuS2 frame and its sweet trigger for a CO setup. Just sent my stuff in for the RDS cut and steel plate. I like the DPP but it looks like the CZC cut sits low (enough) and having the flexibility is a big plus. Excited to see how it turns out.
  7. Thanks for all the replies!
  8. Perfect. This is what I was hoping to hear.
  9. Thanks, I appreciate it. For sure an individual gun thing but hoping to zero in a little faster based on others with the exact same gun.
  10. Considering getting this done for my Shadow 2s... Seems like CZ Custom is a great way to go as you aren't limited to one optic (but do have to contend with plate availability) vs. direct mounting. Also like the idea of being able to still run an iron sight in the rear. Anyone out there have this done? Happy with it?
  11. I've read a bunch of threads here on general PCC loads but was wondering if anyone has a tried/true load specific to *this* gun. Read the article JP put out with the "modified" powder names but those loads seem hot to me (?). I have TG, 231, and 244 at my disposal and from what I've read and gathered from others, plan on using plated or jacketed 115s, with 3.5-3.9ish gr TG to start. In this time of primer scarcity, any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I'm mainly looking to make the grip a bit longer if possible. Too bad there isn't an add-on to where the factory magwell goes, without a flare, that could add to the length. Not sure even that would be legal though.
  13. Saw a few threads about a smaller than stock grip module - seems to be unobtainium/mythology only. Anyone know/heard anything about a larger than factory grip module? Or an aftermarket grip that is a bit longer than stock? Stock grip feels a *tad* short to me after removing the factory magwell to be CO legal. Thanks.
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