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  1. bodybag0

    New Production Rules and Magazine Release

    It hasn't been production since Accu Shadow. Which I thought was BS.
  2. Plus the Dillon has that no BS warranty which everyone says they use because the Dillons seem to break alot. Just kidding, but really all I ever hear is "they rebuild my press for FREE." And I'm always thinking, man, these presses must break a lot. I don't have one so I don't know, but I have a LNL and I'm cool with it. I wouldn't mind a 1050.
  3. bodybag0

    Create Separate Rifle & Shotgun Categories?

    I'm in favor of a separate section for shotgun
  4. bodybag0

    New to Reloading 10mm

    I"ve been hand loading a bunch of 10mm lately. Currently been loading 10gr Power Pistol with Xtreme 165 RNFP. New Starline brass. Shooting out of Glock 40 with Lone wolf barrel 6.5" barrel. Getting a high of 1449 fps. My G29 with bar-sto stock length barrel gave me a high of 1287. I also load heavier bullets but this load is my favorite. I also have found out that, for me, bullet profile will effect how the gun feeds. Try to stay with round nose bullets. Truncated cone shaped bullets had trouble feeding in both my hand guns. However feed good in 10mm Vector.
  5. bodybag0

    Clean or Dirty Glock

    For me, I never clean my G34 barrel before a match. I always felt that a slightly dirty barrel gave me better accuracy. I will clean the trigger group before a match.
  6. bodybag0

    Glock 34 Gen5 MOS FS

    thanks for your all your input
  7. bodybag0

    Glock 34 Gen5 MOS FS

    yeah, I rack my gun underhanded. its more efficient. The serrations would help.
  8. bodybag0

    Glock 34 Gen5 MOS FS

    I hate to buy another Glock but I tried other platforms and cant get use to them. I think having a flared magwell and front serrations will be a good thing. Plus my current G34 has over 40K on it and looks like hell. Its pretty beat up. I don't know, I'll think about it.
  9. bodybag0

    Glock 34 Gen5 MOS FS

    I've been running with a G34 gen 4 for years. Now I see that glock has a gen 5 with front serrations. They also closed the opening to strip the mag. This should help for stages that start with gun unloaded. Whats your thoughts?
  10. This is not good, I hope they can work through it.
  11. bodybag0

    Hornady bullet feeder die limitations?

    Same here, I use ACME, Sommers Enterprises, and Xtreme. They all run through the collet, with out any adjustments from one to the other. I do have issues with one or two of the coated bullets out of a 100. But easy to work around. My main gripe is that the collator is loud! But Im sure MBF is loud too and cost way more. I always see the hornady stuff on sale at Cabelas.
  12. I was on their site and noticed that they are no longer accepting brass. No longer giving 1.20 a pound.
  13. bodybag0

    Do you like the new Production rules?

    The new rules are good for Glock shooters
  14. bodybag0

    Does Hornady still make the 62gr BTHP (#2276C)

    Who knows, I use them. Good bullets
  15. bodybag0

    Acme 135g bullets?

    I use them in my glock 34. My only complaint is it seems that the coating get knicked up in my bullet feeder die compaired to other coated bullets. I just finished loading 5000. They shoot real good. One more thing, out of all the bullets that I weighed, non came in at 135gr. All were 133gr and 134gr. However they were all consistanly under which is not a big deal as long as you adjust to make PF.