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  1. Don't do this! but Once in awhile I get cases that look like that when I seating a bullet in the case and the case is longer then spec. I fix it by putting the round in the camber and dropping the bolt on it. Its shapes the brass back to near original. However!!! ITs Hard to Hard as Hell to remove the cartridge from the chamber. It will be easier to remove stuck case if your charging handle is ambidextrous. I'm not saying to do this, test it with a round that is not to bad (the one in the second photo). No way would I do this with the round that is in the first photo. Judging by the picture it looks Like your AR is a Armalite 3G. Just guessing.
  2. Since the Pandemic I've processing all my .223 brass in my Hornady Lock N Load press. I have a 1050 but don't what to buy a new tool head, shell plate, and powder measure. I find I hate loading for this caliber compared to pistol. I'm primarily making hoser ammo. It takes so long to do a decent amount of rounds. Brass Prep includes, cleaning once fired brass, Lube de prime and resize brass. Then Clean again to remove lube, Then sort cases by what cases will need to be trimmed. If the case needs to be trimmed which 75% need to be. I have to Trim, Deburr, and Chamfer, All this just for semi hoser ammo which will hit 6" plate at 200yards 10 out of 10 times. Good enough for 3-gun. My real hoser round is a 50gr FMJ with H4198. The accuracy on this load is 3moa but not loud and supper soft for those matches that are in pistol bays.
  3. I have the Dillon 9mm "U" die. I hate the bottle shape look of the brass. I don't use one any more. But that's just me.
  4. I always wanted to try J-Ames bullets but sending a check thing is kind of a hassle.
  5. I've been using RMR 135 Match Winner for a while now. In fact I switched from using coated cast bullets to these. I found that in my Shadow 2 these were alittle more accurate than the various coated cast bullets that I've been using. Ex SNS, and SummersEnterprises. Im done with cast and now only using these. BTW the web site said they were back ordered but I still received my order of 21K in 7 days.
  6. I have a 1050 with Mark 7 full sensors. I use it for 9mm. I make around 25K rounds a year on it. The 1050 has so much more room to grow with. Get the 1050 it worth the price difference.
  7. CBC brass in my 1050 with Dillon die or lee resizing die fail every time I case gauge them. They still shoot good out of my gun however.
  8. I've the same thing happen between my Shadow 2 vs my buddies Shadow 2. With the same ammo, mine shoots 129 and my buddies shoots about 124 PF. I find it crazy myself that these two guns can be so different.
  9. I use RMR 135gr 9mm MatchWinner. I use 3.65grs of sport pistol, oal 1.090. avg 956 FPS. Glock 34.
  10. See they are now charging sales tax for my state.
  11. This explains why so many Dillon users have roll crimped ammo. It appears they dont know the difference between roll crimp and tapper crimp.
  12. If you want less recoil in your rifle you need to use lighter bullets. Use something lighter than 55gr. Im currently using 50gr but I can only imagine what 40gr will feel like.
  13. I just started testing it in indoor range. To cold outside to crony. it looks promising. I used the same load data as N320. It feels pretty close.
  14. I also use H4198 powder for my hoser load. But I use 20.3gr and 50gr bullet. Super soft and quiet. The gun feels good and cycles. its awesome! I've made hoser ammo with Tac but this is way better.
  15. It hasn't been production since Accu Shadow. Which I thought was BS.
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