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  1. The sole reason I chose Stock 2 over Shadow was due to my short trigger finger. The RRK3 may just be the cure for coming back to the Shadow line Does anyone know how much reduction the RRK will produce? 2mm? 3mm or even more?
  2. Ironically, smsall frame Shadow/Shadow 2 have much longer DA trigger reach than large frame Stock 2... I ditched Shadow for the Stock 2 because I have short fingers...
  3. Personally I don't care that much black vs. chrome finish, but a small frame 4.9'' Stock 2 sounds very enticing.
  4. Can you please point us to this model on the Tanfoglio catalog? I cannot seem to find such as model. Or maybe it's something that Tanfo is to introduce in 2018 and has not been added to the catalog yet? http://www.tanfoglio.it/eng/catalogue.php
  5. Same gun (Stock 2), I have had 12 light strikes out of about 5000 S&B primers, and 21 light strikes out of about 8000 WSP. All these light strikes were on DA. SA was 100% with both. My personal experience is that S&B and WSP are very very close in terms of hardness. Never used Fiocchi and will try based on other's comments.
  6. Is there consensus on the softness of various brands commonly available? As far as my own observations, here is the ranking of softest to hardest: Federal (regular or match) Winchester S&B Remington CCI Does anyone have different experience?
  7. Does anyone have experience or anecdotes on how shooting sport achievements are regarded in the college admission/scholarship process? I know most colleges are pretty liberal, but I am still curious to see if USPSA/IPSC section/area/national/world titles add any weight to a student's application. Thanks.
  8. I heard the TP9 SFX is slightly better than the Q5 out of box in various aspects. Have you tried it? I contemplated switching from Stock 2 to the SFX for a while.
  9. Bull barrel is not "heavy" barrel. It looks like to me the rules are bent over to make the X5 SSP legal.
  10. I use Xtreme light hammer spring, which is the 13lbs equivalent of PD hammer spring. DA 4lbs 12oz, SA 1lb 13 oz.
  11. I filed it flat, as level as I could with a Dremel sanding band. Then polished a little bit with 2000 grit sand paper and blue magic. BTW I have confirmed in live fire my sporadic DA short stroke is gone now. 800 rounds SB primer not a single light strike. I want to thank PD for providing detailed modification tutorials.
  12. I load with 650 and Mark7 auto drive. I set seating depth to 0, which is the deepest setting. My sporadic light strikes in fact had nothing to do with ammo, though I do agree that most light strikes are due to primer seating issues. I filed down BOLO from 0.492'' to 0.358'' and the sporadic light strikes on SB primers are totally gone now. I am very happy and really appreciate that PD provided the BOLO adjustment tutorial. BTW - I do use Titan hammer and Xtreme firing pin (you can use PD firing pin too) and extended firing block. I believe these 3 are critical to ensure 100% ignition of WSP/SB primers with a <2lbs SA and <5lbs DA.
  13. I had sporadic light strikes on DA only. If you have random DA light strikes, and 2nd DA strike goes off, it can be either primer seating, or DA is short stoking occasionally. Since you have BOLO disco, you might want to check out the other thread for "increasing DA pull". I did that and I am now rid of the sporadic light strikes on DA, and I use SB primers.
  14. X5 may not have a bull barrel as it is advertised, it certainly has a "heavy" barrel compared to P320 FS. It would be interesting to make an exception here. I would love to see IDPA remove the restriction on heavy/cone barrel that is longer than 4.5 inches. I never understand the justifications behind that restriction - if it's to restrict the weights, there is already 43 oz limit that would eliminate most full-metal CZ clones.
  15. Agreed. I crushed more SB primers than all other brands (CCI, WSP and FED) combined. Their dimension uniformity obvious has some consistency issues.
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