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  1. I know being MD is a thankless volunteer job, and myself I have not been an MD except helping with setups. I truly appreciate all the work that MDs do. That's also why I am curious as to how the score upload works under the hood. I am seeing a lot of clubs, nearly all clubs around me, do not upload scores to USPSA for weeks or even months. It's puzzling to me because we spent hours to set up and tear down stages, and all those happen quickly, but after the match, it seems that's all and everyone just don't care about finishing up the whole thing, like uploading the scores to USPSA. I know most people don't care about classifiers, but a lot of people do especially unclassified shooters or shooters who are trying to achieve a new classification. It just does not make sense for them to wait weeks or even months for the new classification, given that the USPSA system has now become real-time and weekly updated. Sometimes, the shooter's more recent scores get uploaded way before the older scores show up, causing the USPSA calculation issues (e.g. the timing issue some people call it). So, please help me understand the current score upload workload: 1. MD publishes Practiscore result - this probably takes a few minutes, if everything goes well 2. MD download the Practiscore report, and upload to USPSA.org - this probably takes a few minutes, if all member number and names are correct 3. MD pays USPSA the fee - few minutes? I am not sure. Maybe this is where most clubs are procrastinating, because they don't have the funds yet to pay? I am just guessing. 4. Done? Did I miss anything? If not, the whole 3 steps would take less time then setting up 1 stage, without any physical exertion. So what are the most common causes why clubs always wait for weeks or even months before they upload? Are they waiting for people to verify their score on Practiscore first? Or are they waiting for new shooters to get their USPSA numbers first? Will that take weeks? I remember mine took about 2-3 days to get. PS - I also can see quite a few clubs in other parts of the country upload to USPSA on the day when the match completes. Kudos to them. I just wish all clubs can be like that. Thanks.
  2. I got the alignment tool. I actually was able to align the platform without taking off any die except the expander die. It was aligned perfectly, but after 100 rounds, the primer shaving started again. I am suspecting it is the shell plate itself - maybe the dent ball positions are messed up? I could not visually see anything wrong, but my next step is to buy a new shell plate and try it.
  3. Typically who would catch shooters handling ammo in safe area? I assume the other shooters will report to RO/MD/RM about that?
  4. I know a lot of safety DQs such as 180, AD, etc. What are common non-safety related DQs? Just curious. Thanks.
  5. The sole reason I chose Stock 2 over Shadow was due to my short trigger finger. The RRK3 may just be the cure for coming back to the Shadow line Does anyone know how much reduction the RRK will produce? 2mm? 3mm or even more?
  6. Why dry fire when you can buy skill. Get a Vogel flashlight and put it on the rail. Guaranteed 30% more flatter shooting.
  7. Practice trumps certain amount of gear differences, but you won't see someone with a hi-point open to win area/national titles no matter how hard this person practices. It's because there are always guys/gals practicing just as hard and using a better gun. I think it's important to put all these arguments under context - sure, you get better with more practices, but if you can only put in this much practice, will a better gun improve your performance? I think the answer is probably yes in most cases.
  8. Does anyone know where you can buy either OEM or aftermarket Stock 2 barrels? I looked through EAA site but the only 4.5 inch barrel for 9mm is the FS regular (not cone) barrel. http://eaacorp.com/gun_accessories/index.php/parts/tanfoglio/witness/barrels/9mm.html I heard you can buy the 4.5 inch cone barrel from Australia or Canada. Is there some place in the US that sells them? Thanks.
  9. Sounds good. I ordered some 10 round mags from MidwayUSA for my Stock 2 just now That should avoid all potential troubles.
  10. No. I got conflicting answers from locals. Check the posts above, some locals (including you) say no problem, other locals say you will get arrested by Chicago PD for 17-round mags. My friend lives in Chicago and he told me IL stage law supersedes Cook/Chicago law on this. Which locals should I trust? As you see, I am just trying to find a definitive answer... No intention to offend anyone. It looks like there is no definitive answer. I will have to try it myself LOL
  11. I did some more research. The state law in theory should preempt any county or city ordinance. However, the county/city ordinance are still on the books, and it will take a "test case" to prove the theory. So far, no one has found any court case where someone is charged for carrying >15 round handgun magazines in Cook County. Source - http://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=57427
  12. A friend just informed me that in 2013 the state of IL passed the CCW law that basically overrides any county/city regulations on firearms, thus there should be no magazine cap limit because IL CCW law does not have one. See IL CCW Law HB0183 Section 90: Section 90. Preemption. The regulation, licensing, possession, registration, andtransportation of handguns and ammunition for handguns bylicensees are exclusive powers and functions of the State. Anyordinance or regulation, or portion thereof, enacted on orbefore the effective date of this Act that purports to imposeregulations or restrictions on licensees or handguns andammunition for handguns in a manner inconsistent with this Actshall be invalid in its application to licensees under this Acton the effective date of this Act. This Section is a denial andlimitation of home rule powers and functions under subsection(h) of Section 6 of Article VII of the Illinois Constitution.
  13. Anyone has first-hand experience when slide stop needs to be replaced? Around 50k? 80k? I visually inspect my slide stop and it looks fine. No obvious accuracy issues, but I really don't know what to look for. Thanks for your inputs.
  14. Thanks for all these great info. I also heard there is a 15-round limit on magazine capacity for Cook county. However, my hotel is in Lombard, IL, and that's in DuPage county. The question is, however, when I drive from ORD airport to the hotel, I believe I will be in the Chicago/Cook limit for at least a few minutes. ORD airport itself is in Chicago city limit. During the time I am at the airport and on the way to my hotel, will I get into trouble with an empty gun (locked in its own case and luggage), few empty 17-round magazines? I suppose if I don't get stopped by cops I should be fine. What if someone at the airport baggage claim reports me for having an firearm and some magazines in my luggage? They can definitely see them when passing the X-ray machine... Has this ever happened?
  15. Never mind... P stands for plastic, and it seems to be a small frame.
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