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  1. Small country, not USA. Film all you want but no posting on social media. You would be asked to leave the club and therefore forfeit your firearms. I went to the indoor range today and sighted up the RD. It was a little low. At a reasonable IPSC distance of 20 or 15 yards I think the hits would be significantly below the target. It’s raised now so next week’s competition will tell. Thanks for the advice.
  2. We have a rule of no sharing on social media.
  3. RJH, yes that might be it. I’m still getting to grips with the RD so more practice maybe. When the penny dropped yesterday, I was getting good hits by aiming high. Considering this, is there any adjustment to the RD that’s practical?
  4. I bought a CZ Shadow2 recently, optics ready, but didn’t bother fitting my red dot sight. I decided to give it a go and fitted a Vortex Venom. At the range it hits well, uncanny really, so I was happy. I’m just back from an IPSC match with varied results. The gun was hitting low on every target, misses in fact, at medium and longer ranges, say from 5 yards to 15 yards. By the 3rd stage I had learnt to aim high on the target and suddenly I was dropping steel and hitting double alpha. I thought the idea of RD was precision. Do I have a zeroing problem?
  5. I’m about to have a final go at reloading my own buckshot shells for IPSC PSG. I’ve read loads on making buckshot, but I mean loads. There’s lots on shells built to kill feral pigs, upland turkey and deer. The trouble is I want to shoot paper and steel targets on IPSC ranges and don’t need 12 pellets of 00 speading over a 30” circle. I need a tight pattern at 16 yards say, with 8 or 9 pellets of 00. I’ve tried 12G shotcup, petals on , petals off, petals cut off ...you get the picture. My patterns so far have been less than spectacular and definitely not fist sized at 16 yards. My last resort is to order some fibre wads tomorrow with waxed discs to build a shell. I use 19 grains of Vectan AS, pretty moderate, with a 69 mm Cheddite case, cut down, pre primed and I roll crimp. Choke is Improved Modified but I’m waiting on Modified this week as it’s supposed to be best. I load mine short, 21/2” as in birdshot length, so the shell fits into my caddies. All sorts of Feral pig loads but no IPSC PSG, so can anyone chip in with their competition loads for buckshot?
  6. During this lockdown I’ve come back to a problem in reloading buckshot shells. We don’t shoot too many Practical Shotgun (IPSC) competitions and most are birdshot anyway, but here are some set up for Spring and early summer. Here’s the problem; I use the older type shell carriers, they work and they do the job, but when I reload my buckshot shells they are too long. They won’t fit into the carriers shown. I started with 9 pellets, too long and lumpy, them 8 pellets, looks good but too long. Is anyone making buckshot with less pellets than 8, the same length as a standard birdshot shell, and how to they pattern and shot in competition?
  7. Hi, I shoot a lot of IPSC Pistol with a CZ Shadow in Production Division. Just this week a Shadow 2 Optics Ready (OR)has become available near me. It’s not cheap €1425. I own a Vortex Viper red dot which was rarely used so I thought why not mount it on my Shadow, but when the Shadow 2 became available it gave me my quandary : Stick with the Shadow and mount the RD or mount it on the Shadow 2. 1. What is the benefit of an optics ready Shadow2? 2. Is the Shadow with a RD the same experience. 3. Is the Shadow2 dot easier to “find” because it’s lower on the slide? I know the Shadow2 OR will not sit for long in the local dealers, so what do you think?
  8. The Typhoon F12 is a well designed contender. It's heavier than my 1301 by a long way but I bought it because I can't reload the 1301 with my stiff fingers. Many have bought it as their first Competition shotgun because of this. It still needs practice to reload a 10 round magazine believe me. If you buy one check out the video on how to strip it. Do that before taking it to the range. Inside you will find a piston affair marked "light load" and "heavy load". Heavy Load should not be required for competition so make sure the arrow for Light Load is facing towards the operator. Mine and others was in the other way. It shoots every thing I give it now mostly 28 gram. I have heard some boast 24 gram but I've never gone that low. Mine has a Vortex Venom mounted on a cheap 1inch riser. The gun is big in Europe and as someone said, the glitches have been ironed out. I hope. Big following in the U.K. especially and some good YouTube stuff. I was looking forward to its first competition tomorrow but it's cancelled due to weather. Next time.
  9. Well I got my Typhoon F12 shotgun. It's the AR type. I've got Front and rear iron sights fitted but I've noticed competition guys using Holo scopes. It's important to see the targets as you transition so which system works best?
  10. I thought this was the best place for my query about my1301. I can't quad load because I have poor grip in my right hand. The left is worse, so I use the "old fashioned" California caddie holding 4 shells. I load right handed. Here's my question : is there any point in opening out the loading port as many have done? I'm having the lifter weldedup and was wondering do any others load right handed and did the port opening help.
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