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  1. OK Bench, I chrono'd a couple loads this weekend. Bayou 147 with 3.7 CFE and 3.2 Titegroup with 1.14 OAL from an M&P Pro, 5" barrel. (CCI / 500 primers) BB 147 / 3.7gr CFE / 1.14 / CCI-500 = 5 shot average 884 fps = 129 PF BB 147 / 3.2gr TG / 1.14 / CCI -500 = 5 shot average 921 fps = 135 PF As I said before, I'll eventually go to Titegroup but, I inherited 8 lbs of CFE and I'm not gonna let it go to waste. Especially, since it looks like I'm hitting minor PF plus about 3%. I'd like a little more cushion so I'm probably going to step it up a grain at a time until I'm at 5-6%
  2. Based on the variety of responses to my OP, it appears I'm on an acceptable track. Albeit, it's a little more time consuming and maybe a little OCD to go for clean and shinny. I'm retired so, my time is mine and since I'm new to reloading, I'll probably get less picky about the brass as i become more confident. My current process is decapping with a Frankford decapping tool, wet tumble in ss pins and dry under a fan for at least 8 hours. Allows an additional opportunity to inspect and sort out unwanted casings. I acquired a lot of prep equipment in a trade. Rotary and vibrating tumblers and va
  3. Not sure where this load falls in max/min for Bayou w/ CFE. The starting point was based off of a round I was getting from a fellow shooter. Same bullet with Tite Group at 3.2gr. I acquired a large amount of CFE in a trade and felt compelled to use it up. Used the Hodgen data for lead and crossed my fingers and toes. I can tell you it works well for me. No problems and good accuracy, so far. So good. Regarding crimp? A much debated topic for 9mm. I don't bell much. Just enough to accept the bullet and measure .377 at the case mouth. Eventually, I'll go to Tite Group at 3.2gr as they seem to be
  4. I followed a similar path. I use Bayou 147gr with 3.7gr CFE, cci #500, 1.14 OAL. Provides a relatively soft recoil with good accuracy. This recipe was suggested by a fellow shooter using the same bullet. I haven't chrono'd this so I can't comment on PF for this load. I've range compared it with 3.2gr of Tite Group and I couldn't detect a difference.
  5. Yep, it's a very small percentage in comparison and other than the "hard stop" and remove and discard it's not a big deal. Thanks to all for your input. As a newb I run across these little anomalies that aren't really a hindrance but, more of a puzzle. I'm learning there's an almost overwhelming amount to learn and understand about this. Between manuals, YouTube, books and trial and error, etc. They're all good sources but, even better to know i can get your experience to add to that.
  6. Hmmm. That's news for me. I've been using it for years to convert jpg to url address. Not something I do a lot of but, it's always worked before. Is this something new from p-bucket? I'm no computer guru and p-bucket is the only way I know to send an image in url format.
  7. There are several PITA's then, imho. Firstly, posting an image size of less than .5mb, as this requires a lot of putzing around with a picture editor. I tried to download from photobucket in url format but, that wouldn't fly either. Secondly, one of the searched posts I saw indicated that it may require some number of posts on my part before I have "permission" but, I can't find anything in rules or guidelines that specifies what that number is. I've not run across a forum like this before. It certainly discourages posting pics and that may be the intent. Although, I'm not sure why that would
  8. Smaller pin size, maybe? Probably? IDK. I'm pretty new to this game and if smaller pin sizes are available for my press. I'll look into that.
  9. Yes sir! That's exactly what I'm talking about. Except mine aren't necessarily oddball casings. I have Win and A USA headstamps with the same tiny holes. It's not a big deal but, they do slow things down. I don't try and force the pin through, in fact when I feel that kind of resistance, I'll back off, remove and discard the casing.
  10. I'm a newb to this forum but, not so new to forums in general. I've read Guidelines and done several searches for information pertaining to posting images but, it doesn't exist or is well hidden. I have picked up a few things. Like image size and url attachments. Most was extrapolated from trial and error and fragments from searches. In an effort to reply to a post I was wanting to use a few pics to document headstamps but, apparently my newb status doesn't allow that. Is there an explanation of the requirements before posting a pic is permitted?
  11. In my case, I have a variety of headstamps with tiny holes. (I've been trying to post a few pics to document but apparently I'm not allowed to do that,,,, yet.) For example: Win, A USA and R-P. Not EU casings, I don't think.
  12. OK, I'm calling it a flash port because I don't know what else to call it. It's the hole in base of the casing between the primer and the powder. I'm a newb and don't have all the terminology down yet. Anyhow, when decapping I'll occasionally (like 1 per 100) run across a casing that has a very small hole. So small that the decapping pin can't get through it. I don't force it and remove the casing and discard it. What's up with these tiny "flash ports".
  13. Relatively new to reloading. Most of what I think I know has come from watching YouTube vids and some direction from fellow shooters/reloaders. I jumped all-in about 4 months ago and bought out another shooters, almost new Dillon xl650 with a lot of extras like, case feeder, alarms, brass in various stages of prep, tumblers, media, gauges, etc., etc. What's the recommended procedure for decapping 9mm, range gathered brass? I like my brass clean and shinny. Especially the inside and most 'specially the primer pockets. I've found (mostly through trial and error) that ss pins, dawn and lemi
  14. I'll agree with all the others and say this is a great post and should stay on top for,,,,,ever! I'm a newb to competition shooting. Started about a year ago and can't say enough about how accommodating and helpful the other guys were in getting me involved in practical shooting. Something I had been wanting to do for years. I showed up at a range one day just to observe and was warmly accepted and encouraged to shoot. I had enough ammo with me but, had nothing else in the way of competitve equipment like gun, belt, mags, etc. Just my carry weapon. Having recently completed a range safety cour
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