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  1. Sidenote: where did you find CCI primers? I cant find those anywhere right now either.
  2. When you say shell plates, I'm assuming you're talking about the trays that nest inside each other with slots of different sizes to sort brass. I use these and they are very quick and easy to use and if you're really only looking for .223 and 9mm it is a breeze because both calibers are caught in the same lower tray and virtually nothing else (except some .380). Anyone can find the time. I work at a range and so I can sort through all our used brass. When I'm only after 9mm, I just scoop a bunch in the nested trays, shake for about 30 seconds, dump out the first two t
  3. Its a middie. Its the Atlas comp. I wanted the gun tri-topped and Don said the Binary comp would leave the area around the ports a little too thin for his liking once cut. He said the Atlas was extremely close to the Binary and was already tri-topped so we went that way.
  4. The only downside I've heard about the BUL guns is that they use proprietary mags and some other parts. I know several people that shoot Atlas and they love them. They have gotten a little expensive though. There are a lot of good options out there for what Atlas charges or less. Limcat Venom Bedell Akai Pat Rafferty and the list goes on. I recently had Don at Venom build me a gun. I got what is pretty much a clone of an Atlas for several grand less than what Atlas charges. Full custom with everything I wanted on it and t
  5. My new Romeo 1Pro came with a cover that fits with the shroud on it. You may want to check with Sig and see if that is something you can get.
  6. I got an email from them the other day. They actually have had an employee test positive, so it has greatly slowed down business. Here is a copy of the email I received.
  7. Wow, I wouldnt have thought that canned air would be a safe thing to do, just blowing the primer dust and bits of powder around the room. A lot of primer dust accumulates below the priming station after only a couple hundred rounds. But it certainly sounds easy enough so I'll give it a try. Thanks.
  8. I first read some of the stickies and then did do a search for cleaning in this forum, but after about 7 pages, my actual question wasnt really being answered, so hope its not a repeat. I'm wondering how people do their day to day cleaning of their presses. I have a 550b and have now been using it for a few thousand rounds. I notice that random kernels of powder and a lot of dust from the primers collects very quickly. I initially started using a little keyboard vacuum which sucks it up very well, but then thought it may not be the best thing to use, considering the dust may be
  9. I ordered some 124 hollow points on 3/14 and they shipped 3/16 and I received them a few days later. Have you just tried calling them? In this age of digital correspondence, I've found the phone is still the best way to get answers as quick as possible.
  10. I'll preface this by saying I'm fairly new to reloading and there are many people on here far more experienced than I am. That said though, I've been loading 9 major with factory Dillon dies on my 550 for a couple thousand rounds now and I've had no issue. I chamber check every round with a hundo gauge and I've only had a few rounds not pass. The few that have not passed also chambered fine in my 2011 and I still shot them. I also tested setback by taking a handful of rounds and continually rack them into the chamber and eject them and do it over and over again. At
  11. Don is working on a site, the last time I spoke with him he said the FB page deletion has upped his effort on that. On another note, I finally found a Romeo3 Max and got it installed. This is my first open gun, so had no idea what to expect. I loaded up a recommended load from Don of 7.0 grains of Autocomp behind a 124 grain bullet. I went out and shot it today and was blown away at how easy it was to shoot. So flat and easy to track the dot. I love it. I dont know how it compares to other open guns since I've never shot one, but I'm loving this one and was totally surprised a
  12. Well, that didnt work. Apparently my information was backward. Looks like the original R3 is longer in front of the mounting holes, so it hit the blast shield on the mount, I was told it was the other way around. So no R3 mounted and no test fire today. So I'll either have to bite the bullet and pay a bit more or just wait. I may do a RTS2 as well while waiting, I can always put that on another gun later if need be.
  13. I’m told the footprint is the same, just the new ones are longer in front. So a mount for the new optics work with all, but an original mount will not work with the new ones if it has a blast shield. I’ll find out in a bit as I plan to take the original off a rifle and try it today. if it doesn’t I’ll consider one of the others till the new one comes. I want a 6 moa dot. Sig store has them in stock, but I don’t want to pay their price. I work in a shop and actually get a good discount directly from Sig. but, Sig store is a separate retail establishments that buys stock from
  14. Yeah, I know things arent looking good right now. I do have an original Romeo3 on a rifle that I can take off and use, so I'm thinking of doing that. RTS2 is another option I'm thinking of.
  15. Just got my blaster from Don this week. First open gun. Every time I look at it I am more impressed with it and the quality of the build. Loaded up some test rounds today and cant wait to get out and get shooting it. Unfortunately, still waiting for an optic from Sig and it may be a little while before I see it according to them.
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