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  1. sence you are using a STI you should be able to load 1.160 to 1.170 length. Look at 9x21 load data to get a idea of what you need to do. Go slow use a chronograph
  2. What buffer system? Sounds like your bolt is opening to soon . May be time for some new springs.
  3. Time until its your turn to shoot. Depends on squid size. The stage your gun broke on 2 min. How long will it take you to replace parts vs get back up gun?
  4. Are you reusing the denatured alcohol?
  5. Have seen this Fed primers are very soft . If you need convincing try some Winchester small pistol primers.
  6. crimp is not your problem . your powder is /was contaminated with some thing. How do you clean your brass? Do you lube your brass?
  7. depending on what rifle calibers you end up loading . The 550 would be very hard to beat with the volume and versitaly your are looking fore. Extra tool heads /powder measures 10min change overs. Have used a 550 for over 25 years just recently purchased a 1050 still have and use the 550.
  8. Nice and told ya you could use the sport pistol powder.
  9. Only two going on right now. And i've lost count also.
  10. sounds like you are trying to do to menney cases at one time. Reduce by 25% and try again. What are you using for cleaning media?
  11. I have No issues using the seater with round or flat. Are you having issues?
  12. My load is a 147 sns over 3.3 Bulls eye this makes 137PF in my Glock 34. When introducing kids, wives , etc who are ready to step up from a .22. Ill drop a 115SNS over the same 3.3 Bullseye load . Now it becomes 120ish PF and will function every 9mm I own. Haven't tried 90 grain bullets yet.
  13. Yes you can use it and it my opinion it works much better. The hold down die at the swedge station does expand the case .But. the powder funnel is a little to aggressive. will add that the mister bullet feeder funnel is much better.
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