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  1. what press? Start with cleaning the whole press.
  2. So why did you start at 6.5 and not 5.8? What did the 6.7 chrono at? In my testing (working up loads) right before the comp works at its best the recoil goes up . But you need chrono data to proceed.The starting at lower charges lets you know what each increase in powder charge is doing . A sudden jump STOP back off. No increase STOP back off. Dont like the way it feels try a different powder.
  3. after over 30 years in automotive repair NEVER BUY ANYTHING IN THE FIRST YEAR OF PRODUCTION. this seames true in more fields than not
  4. they are crimped in . its a very sight crimp that may take a magnifying glass to see.
  5. What diameter is the bullet? Can you load longer( to get out of the internal taper)? Speer /federal/ remington/blazer cases internal taper starts lower and tends to allow to be loaded shorter with heavy bullets.
  6. Atlasguy do you have a bullet feeder? It takes 15 -20 min to load 1000 primers in tubes. with a setup machine ( powder drop set length set etc) a hand operated s1050 can eazly produce a 1000 rounds an hour.( this includes filling the primer tubes) every time the primer warning goes off add bullets and primers approximately every 4th time add cases. just a steady pace don't rush or try to see how fast you can go
  7. 1 SET your crimp to .375 with a winchester case any more and you will damage the SNS coating 2 Your gauge is to tight for coated lead projectiles its meant for jacked ( and still to tight) I use a modified hornady to case gauge ammo.fyi
  8. springer makes a guide rod to use 1911 springs and they go down to 5# https://shop.springerprecision.com/SP-Solid-Stainless-XDm-Guide-Rods-Factory-Replacement-SP0172.htm
  9. YOU WET CLEAN YOUR BRASS DONT YOU. This is the common denominator on all these "strange squib" threds.
  10. the 550/750 primer slide has an adjustment screw that controls in out travel. the mounting screws center it side to side.trash in the system will cause binding appearing as a timing issue.
  11. Magma makes NLG molds that can be adapted to hand held mold handles. http://www.magmaengineering.com/
  12. OK ill take a stab at this first you should be looking at 10# ish recoil springs. second the fast powders you have been using make more gas than most thanck. Have loaded auto comp with 5gr behind a 124 jhp to make a similar set up run. Auto comp needs psi to burn clean would suggest a magnum primer.
  13. Current Herters shot shells are made by winchester . Pretty good chance the center fire ammo is also.
  14. Just a guess but contamination .
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