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  1. Been over a week report? Other than real high where does it hit now?
  2. one of that can be turned around( un bolt from mount)? https://www.primaryarms.com/holosun-hm3x-3x-magnifier https://www.primaryarms.com/sig-sauer-juliet-3-magnifier-with-qr-mount https://www.primaryarms.com/vortex-optics-micro-3x-magnifier
  3. adjust by 3 shot groups not individual shots. Gun may not like the ammo you are shooting. I know at 25yards ammo should not matter but it may.
  4. I see both 9mm and 9x18 (makarov) listed.https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1011209519 I dont use a bulge buster but have used the redding version for 40s&w and do have a lee factory crimp die the sizing portion is only about 10mm long. once the case is pushed in if the press was upside down the case/loaded round would fall out. its not recommended to run live ammo through but it can be done.
  5. Other than to just know what brand of case . what would be wrong with just separating by head stamp then prep/load? Start low and work up.
  6. Is this a purpose built 9mm or a 223 converted to 9mm with an adapter of some type? other wise just one discussion on buffer systems there are more
  7. yes it does and also flairs as well
  8. try adjusting the sedge hold down . it expands the mouth. next adjust the mr bullet feeder expander a little more(powder drop) both of these do pretty much the same job a M die does. mr bullet powder funnels are known to wear out so to speak.
  9. go hear https://shootersworldpowder.com/
  10. zero in at 50 yards then see were it hits at closer range as suggested above. 8 out of 10 times this fixes windage issues.
  11. how is the ejector . bent /loose ? missing?
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