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  1. Adjust the primer seating depth. No extra parts are needed. It's a Allen screw in the tool head near station two. Adjust till they are below flush.
  2. Hear you go https://www.midwayusa.com/product/102134525?pid=886643 in the description Lee Seater Dies for pistol cartridges feature two crimp shoulders. The first shoulder applies a slight taper crimp and the second shoulder applies a full roll crimp. The closer the die is adjusted to the shell holder the heavier the crimp will be. IN STOCK FYI this is the same die DAA has with their name on it.
  3. read the description https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1012570742?pid=416921&utm_medium=shopping&utm_source=connexity&utm_campaign=DeepLinks&utm_content=DeepLink&cnxclid=16237808007988031258610070302008005 The Redding Seating Die includes bullet guide, built-in crimping ring and the proper caliber seating plug.
  4. You know that came across a little harsh. There is no reason you can not put the bullet feeder in station #6. Almost like it was designed that way(it was not). Going back to a combo seat /crimp operation is like stepping back in time(40ish years). It can be done but . why
  5. are you even looking? https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1012570742?pid=416921 https://www.midwayusa.com/product/102134525?pid=828904 Most separate the two functions because the press operates smother,. makes more consistent ammo . Dillons powder ck die only cks double or no powder. Next you will find it causes more issues than it fixes .An example it drags powder out of the case. making a mess. The camera system shown above is much better option. But do what you fell is best for you.
  6. asking a question at 2.260 fails gauge and WILL NOT CHAMBER. at 2.240 PASSES GAUGE and WILL CHAMBER. Why not load to 2.240 length.?
  7. I have CYL,IC,LM and LF. IC is my default choke( it stays in the gun most of the time). LM is used when their are a lot of pepper poppers and targets are getting close to 25 yards. LF is used for the newer magnetic attached plates on some Irish plate racks and Texas stars. Being this is your first match ear on the tight side. Modified. Patrick Kelley put out a article several years ago and recommends Light Mod as a default choke. IE put it in and leave it. A lot depends on haw you shoot and target presentation. You need to understand how the shells you use work. We have had stages were if you could you needed 3 different chokes. changing shells can give you a tighter or more open pattern.
  8. adjust seating OAL by averages . you will never get every one the exact same. factory loaded ammo varies also . More than you thank. To get your length you will have to load shorter so the long ones aren't to long. A LOT OF YOUR OAL VERATION IS IN THE BULLET. Make Shure you have the correct seating punch.
  9. It is Not close to HS6. It's to fast for 9 major.
  10. you would not believe how many new Bullseye shooters. I have told to do that. Most don't catch that the sight was returned to the starting point.
  11. Down 2 right 2 up 2 left 2 Should make it perfect
  12. Remove this . Install the original assembly. See if you still have a problem. Load your magazines let them set a few weeks .
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