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  1. they could but probably not depends on what powder you use etc.
  2. yes they will work. you may wont to drop your powder charge and work back up .
  3. I am having issues with a43X same ammo in 3 gen3s and 1 gen4 does not. anyone else ?
  4. there are two https://reloadinginnovations.com/collections/led-reloading-press-lights/products/dillon-1050-press-lighting-kit https://inlinefabrication.com/collections/lighting/products/skylight-for-the-dillon-1050 both work
  5. mister bullet feeder led light system
  6. I remember 15ish years ago Castrol and Moble packing there engine oil in little bottles /cans and promoting them as gun oil.
  7. this is the most likely cause . if the round had been fired the bullet would no longer be in the case. Bullet setback IS mostly a joke. Does it happen? Yes. Can it affect function? Yes. Will it cause a "kaboom"? Not likely.
  8. powder was discontinued several years ago many people liked it .but most have moved on to better and available powders.
  9. #1 the length listed is the length they tested #2 the length listed should fit in all guns chambered in that caliber. Notice I said SHOULD did not say would. #3 provides optimize bullet pull retention. Thar fore optimizes pressure for a "clean" complete burn or the propellant (powder) #1 and#2 are the main reasons
  10. 2 toolheads for 223/5.56 first one has dillon trimmer etc and do a light swedge. second tool head loads and finishes the swedge. easiest way and less stress on press and you.
  11. yes 550 for work up and odd calibers and a 1050 for production. also will add 80% of the brass I get has crimped primer pockets.
  12. The lens coating on the rmr causes issues with some peoples vision. IE it a blurry mess or they can not find it at all. But they can see the FF3 with no issues.
  13. The 750 is not a upgrade from a 650. And that is from someone who does not like the 650.
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