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  1. AHI

    Which for first Glock?

    I would go with the 34mos has a better balance fill to me. Ever so slightly muzzle heavy ness.
  2. AHI

    Which for first Glock?

    SO when did GSSF change their rules to allow non Glock guns to be used ?
  3. http://estore.beretta.com/en-eu/beretta-picatinny-rail-for-1301/tx4/ lines up 100%
  4. Not normal for a PCC . look at your firing pin tip it may be bent thearfor sticking just enough to mark the primers.
  5. AHI


    Are you shooting at a paper or cardboard target? Unsupported paper will look like the bullet is tumbling.
  6. Hard to see in your picture but looks to me that you have aluminum and steel cases mixed in with brass .
  7. Just set up 2 presses for some friends both had issues with fail safe rod. The bends are off. They need to be 90 degree bends . they were not. A little time with pliers and a vice fixed both . But I had a good rod to go by. This may be your issue.
  8. Most 2011 style guns have the slide stop deactivated for one reason or another. Your RI falls in this category. Mags are inserted with the slide closed mostly to prevent over insertion . So when your MBX magazine is inserted with the slide closed does your issue go away?
  9. If the shell plate is tight . If the size die is screwed in till it makes contact with shell plate. There is something wrong with the die. ( IF) Try screwing the die it till a very slight cam over is felt.
  10. Is there more freebore on the KKM barrel? The one I have you could load 147 SNS RN longer than will fit in magazine.
  11. sence you are using a STI you should be able to load 1.160 to 1.170 length. Look at 9x21 load data to get a idea of what you need to do. Go slow use a chronograph
  12. What buffer system? Sounds like your bolt is opening to soon . May be time for some new springs.
  13. Time until its your turn to shoot. Depends on squid size. The stage your gun broke on 2 min. How long will it take you to replace parts vs get back up gun?
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