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  1. kinetic (hammer type) puller . Replace the collet with a shell holder. All components will be reusable. Have the RCBS it will in most cases damage the bullet. You will need the 35 cal collet.
  2. I use nickel cases for 9 major and have loaded them a lot more than 10 times.
  3. I load that bullet @ 1.135 over 4.3 gr of Bullseye. Works in my 24 with no issues.
  4. Postal Bob and I are saying the same thing but stating it differently.
  5. look at the taper of the bullet . 9mm head spaces off the mouth if the mouth is " crimped in the way it looks to me it could allow round to over insert into the chamber. I am not saying this is the only possibility but it is possible and have see it happen. and yes Sig s are having issues with bad chambers / barrels.
  6. As the recoil/velocity went up . Your groups opened up. You need a better rest or method to test for accuracy.
  7. Can you increase your overall length? If you can try it out. You should not have to load so short. You are crimping at a point that appears to far up on the bullet. Thus alowing the Round to go to Far in the chamber.
  8. AHI

    Aguila brass

    Yes if you are loading 147s short they will bulge. I segerate them four 115s or 95s.
  9. First the gun Glock 24 Major load is a 180 gr coated bullet over 4.3 gr of Bullseye. Minor load is a 140 gr coated over same change ofBullseye. Same point of aim and impact to 25 yards. Maybe I got lucky. This also works in my 35. So my personal experience two bullets Two different weights can hit same impact.
  10. works well in "full power" loads.
  11. 38 super/super comp are both equal or larger than 9 mm.
  12. just saying that is not the answer to the question and will add that when i posted this question you had answed two different threads the same. Making my self and a few others thank you are just advertising for FW Arms.
  13. So how do you size the case in one station? This is not the fix.
  14. From a pure accuracy stand point .Glocks prefer 147's. Now at IDPA,USPSA distance it really doesn't matter. What can you get? Until you get past 25 yards most any weight will work. It just needs to be consistent. I'll say they tend to not like 115s and leave it at that.
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