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  1. Went from 550 to 1050 a year ago (still have and use the 550) With more 9mm having crimped primers now getting 40s showing up. The swedge becomes worth the extra cost alone.
  2. AHI

    Glock Noob question

    your striker is sticking in the caulk this is what bent the two firing pins i mentioned above.
  3. Do you know of some one with a dial indicator ?check the "play" in the ram to frame fit. when i gave Dillon that measurement they determined the frame was worn. Just last night went over to a friend who has been having issues to measure his 650 his has over .025 play. He will be calling Dillon today.
  4. and never say any thing use full.
  5. found that smaller amounts at a time in each tray works better especially the .380 tray. got an extra yellow (.45 ) pan to fasten the .380 plate in , removed the middle grades and ground down the diameter of the plate .
  6. AHI

    Glock Noob question

    bent 2 firing pins on a 1911 using snap caps. I don't use snap caps anymore.
  7. When my 550 was doing this it ended up being the frame was worn out. Sent it in to Dillon they replaced the press. It was 30 ish years old and had been fighting alignment issues for some time.
  8. Dillon precision https://www.dillonprecision.com/b-p-12-gauge-reduced-recoil-slugs-25-rds-box_8_54_26372.html
  9. AHI

    9mm light loads

    3.3 Sport pistol 125 sns rn coated out of glock 34 . 120+/- power factor so out of your gun probably less than 100 PF takes 3.8 to make 130 PF in my Glock. IF not trying to make PF suggest increase your load to 3.5 should be more reliable for the both of you.
  10. Yes fat girls need loving to. I run all 40s thru a redding GRX die . those cases above would go in my scrap bucket tho.
  11. Try lubing with powdered graphite fixed my sticking issue. oils and grease will just gum up and cause more issues. a little light grease on the spring plunger inside the shuttle on the spring is ok.
  12. this is very close to the reason i set to load with seme presses. except i can load with the 1050 standing for a short time using the handel in the short stroke position. Bench is set at kitchen counter height. office chair for 550 and bar stool for 1050.
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