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  1. bullseye competitor Flat nose tends to be more accurate than TC winch tends to be more accurate than Round nose. but you must mach up bullet length(weight) to twist rate. shoot a 147gr bullet in a 1/32 twist and it will start tumbling at three feet. put a 115gr bullet in a 1/32 twist and 10 shots at 50 yards may be inside 1 in. for uspsa type shooting match up the weight then what ever feeds best. safe bet would be round nose.
  2. Kart has a tight chamber. They failed plunk test . They are most likely too long. Kart barrels that I have with 124 JHP Montana gold need to be no longer than 1.010 length.
  3. Start with a good complete cleaning. 22s are /can be very dirty. 300 BO suppressed is very dirty.
  4. Return to Dillon under warranty. It happens. Have had this happen with Lee and RCBS. Haven't had a Dillon do this but others have. Look real close the ring is cracked.
  5. there is an adjustment on the primer slide. it may require adjustment from small to large primers. And the reverse. Also very possible that the primer cup pin may be bent. It dont take much. Ck all screws they come loose after a while. My 550 started doing this a few years ago . what I found after a great while and a lot of frustration .That after app 30 years the frame had worn to a point that adjusting ,aligning was not helping.Dillon replaced the frame. no more problems.An observation we ,including my self just dont lube these presses enough.
  6. Hears a no money spent solution separate cases by head stamp start with federal cases the internal taper starts lower and the cases are thinner. You can try this with various head stamps to find others. Dont use CBC it wont work wcc will not ether but win may . find the head stamp that works for you. will add if you are loading 147 gr bullets that short you may .when you go back to coated go to a lighter(shorter) bullet. Your probably damaging the base of the bullet. but because the coated bullets are softer your swagging them down.
  7. Have been seeing this for a while . This is from range pick up not one of my guns.Thought it might be from a miss adjusted LFCD but OP says no. So next would be a chamber issue . After sizing and loading I have seen no Issues . BUT When in doubt through it out!
  8. PSA gen 4 all parts will be interchangeable
  9. this may help https://inlinefabrication.com/collections/ultramounts/products/micro-ultramount-4-riser Suggest you wait till you have press in hand . temporary clamp it to a board and try a few different heights.
  10. a couple idems that I use and they are cheep four cases 3 scoops fill case feeder https://www.dollartree.com/cooking-concepts-plastic-kitchen-scoop-with-strainer-holes-14-in/279885 four bullets https://www.dollartree.com/cooking-concepts-scoops-with-soft-grip-handles-8-in/988905
  11. The one I have is like the top pic. The same as on DAA web sight. For version 2. The lower is version 1?
  12. You are correct. Most all gun oils /grease are repackaged automotive/industrial lubes of some type.
  13. That dry lube (liquid wrench) is not the same as Hornady One Shot. What the person that started saying it was is missing .HOS and LW probably use the same carrier /propellant there fore they smell the same. But are very different product/lube. Use HOS to lube cases it works as advertised.
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