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  1. Shooting a few rounds of skeet and trap with your match gun (observing the load rules) will teach you more than any tang else you can do. Miss in front dont know of any dry fire exercise that works with hitting a moving target.
  2. http://blog.westernpowders.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Webfile_Barrel-Twist-Rate.pdf takes a bit to open is 4 pages long. https://www.google.com/search?q=twist+rates+for+9mm+pistol&oq=twist+rates+for+9mm+pistol&aqs=chrome..69i57j0.27560j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 4th one down
  3. http://blog.westernpowders.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Webfile_Barrel-Twist-Rate.pdf https://www.google.com/search?q=twist+rates+for+9mm+pistol&oq=twist+rates+for+9mm+pistol&aqs=chrome..69i57j0.27560j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  4. Very well could be a ammo /length issue.
  5. When does it happen first 5 then ok between 5 and 10 then ok or after 11 till empty? Try a different mag. Some dont play well with certain extensions.
  6. We went to a 1/32 twist because the 115/125 gr bullets we were required to use were destabilizing be cause of gyroscopic issues (spinning to fast) by doing this our gunsmiths could build 50 guns that used the same ammo instead of each having its individual own load.All of my statement are correct . I prophesy used the word tend because you can acheave the same results with powders in a wide range of burn rates fast or slow. I will not be posting in this thread or arguing with you on this any more but you dont understand twist rate and effect in has on 50 yard /meters ammo.I would agree you wont see a difference at less than 25 yards/meters. 1 in 18 is actually the current preferred rate for 147s. Notice I said current that may change at any time. AHI
  7. ok then why did the AMU go to a 1 in 32 twist?
  8. First 1 in 10 twist is going to favor the heaver bullets (147) you may get acceptable results with 124/125s but usually not 115 or lighter. next plated bullets are ezley damaged during seating and crimping(removing flair)and I dont know of any one who has had good results past 50 yards. Size .356 to.357 and yes one of the reasons Hornady Hap shoot so well is the are slightly oversize. yes We cotrole RPM with velosity that is why most 9mm s ar mor accurate in the 140 power factor range . Bullet quality is #1 With all that said you are shooting IPSC most of your shots are under 20 yards you dont need 50 yard ammo IE dont over thanck it dont stress out over trying to make 50yard ammo.
  9. how about D037-01 (lovex) What twist rate is your barrel? This will have the most effect on what weight bullet you can shoot. Would not use a plated bullet if looking for accuracy past 20 yards. Plain lead or color coated (quality) would have to be weighed and segregated for 50 yard accuracy.Have gotten some of my best and most consistent groups with Lead/coated. Recently tested some jacked bullets that were junck so no all jacked bullets are worth the price. Now as to weight hevey bullets tend to shoot more accurate than lighter bullets but the weight is not the only reason. This is hard to explain The RPM (how fast the bullet spins)has more effect on how the bullet preforms than it seams.Any defect /void /light spot will destabilize the bullet in flight.This is why hallow point bullets tend to be more accurate the bullet is balanced better so to speak at RPM. and 147s tend to be more accurate . When you are working up a accurate load you are actually matching up the RPM of the bullet to your twist rate. Told you it was hard to explain.
  10. N330 has a wide "accuracy node from 3.2 to4.2 gr with 147gr bullets I split the difference and loaded 3.7 ( this node ) works with jacked or flat nosed lead. FYI AA#7 ( same powder as shooters world major pistol/but made in a different factory) 147gr 5.0.
  11. re read all of my statements you will find I said that I have 50yard 9mm NRA "Bullseye x ring 10 shot groups with bullseye powder wsf powder N330 and AA#7
  12. Ok, so the only factor I can control is the bullet. So another question : will the same speed give the same result, no matter what powder was used? That's what I was told, and I'm not sure that's right, but I haven't got enough information to disprove it. I think that different accelerations will make the bullet travel in different ways even if the fps were the same at one point. 1- different accelerations will have an affect on performance slower powders tend to work better in 9mm fast powders tend to work better in 45acp for example Compared to any other factor, how much would you rate "seating the bullet straight" from 1 to 10? I didn't give too much attention to that, and I want to make sure next time I pay enough attention. 2- so important that the Bullseye shooters have special seaters made Also, can differences be noticeable when shooting still, with no sandbags/rest, etc...? I read a lot about 2 inches groups at 50 yards but I guess they're made using sandbags/rests 3- a Ransom rest is used for testing sand bags will introduce issues.
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