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  1. One of my carry guns is a Glock 19 with a Magpul mag well. It adds no weight.
  2. part #4 bent? Press out of time? Page 60 indexer damaged? Don't start a new thread with related information. Makes it hard to know what is going on. Therefore causing much confusion when trying to diagnose your problem. Cause and effect. Cause press out of time. Effect bent part #4.
  3. Kart,Barsto,KKM barrels are all short chambered. Part of fitting is to finish ream/camber the barrel.
  4. Worn striker spring vs a new one. Striker spring has the largest influence to trigger pull weight.
  5. Read through this. its at the top of this page. Welcome to open.
  6. I had to have a pro seating die opened up in 38spl . This was to load 148 wadcutters seated flush . No matter how the die was adjusted it would start crimping . (this was a seating only die)
  7. 1 depends on the matches you shoot just shot a 5 stage match reconfigured belt 3 times. Mostly adding /removing shot gun shell holders 2 don't know most use a 014 Safari land holster. will you ever need a sling? If so The DA wont be ideal.
  8. Most PCCs don't lock open. No need.
  9. At one time the SD was offered in 22 Hornet/ 22 Remington Jet/ 22 Bee. Now from the angle of your picture it kinda looks like a powder funnel for One of those.
  10. any markings on it? can we see the side view?
  11. sizing / seat / crimp dies. they go under the tool head in the "body" of the press.
  12. NO neck or full length. Pick one full or neck. Most likely if you neck size for your AR. will become a single shot. (it will jam )
  13. neck sizing is for a bolt gun
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