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  1. ? ? Did you read your own post?????
  2. Some one is willing to pay his prices. He sold his Varget. That happens to be in stock at BCR.
  3. What about the guys who clame they are doing this in the kitchen .
  4. yes and can also be cut for a MOS type plate.
  5. The last time i weighed each charge i used a lee scoop . Maybe a scoop dropped then let the rcbs take over. With that said now i do test loads like I AM going to load. That way any veration in how the powder drops etc comes into play.
  6. Your local gun shop that sales reloading supplies. That you have been supporting all this time(years).
  7. No power factor. 115/124 will have less recoil loaded over your 3.2 wst. You will probably find 124/125s will be a little more reliable knocking over Steel . Compared to the 115s.
  8. How is the double alfa one doing. Not interested in the pal filer at almost three times the cost.
  9. And when you dry clean very little sticking at the expander /powder drop stage. press operates smother. In addition less crimping issues(the brass hardens/becomes more brittle when wet cleaning).It would not surprise me if eventually some who wet clean notice their lead levels go up. From absorbing the liquid through their skin or some other contamination issue.
  10. Springs take a set thearfore are shorter or collapsed.
  11. Yours is the 7th one i have seen break that way. All stood up to load putting to much pressure on the small press. All had 30k+ rounds before they broke. Two after they returned broke a link arm. You have it figured out.
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