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  1. I have one that has been collecting dust for the last year. I can manually feed bullets faster than loading those tubes, I am going to purchase the real thing in the near future for my XL 650. I hope it meets your needs if you purchase one.
  2. The downside is more time for the wifes "Honey Do's", Congrats, you'll love it.
  3. I have the Pro 2000 also and place my finger over the shell also after powder drop. I am slowly buying conversions for the XL650 and will use the Pro 2000 for 38/357 loads only. RCBS sent weaker springs when I inquired about the shell plate snap, only a small improvement (very small). If you come up with a solution, please share, my solution was buying the XL650. Other than the shell plate snap, the Pro 2000 is a great press especially the APS priming system.
  4. Well in post 46 I stated I wouldn't get rid of my 550b, I did for a XL650 with case feeder, what a difference that case feeder made, now saving for a mr bullet feeder. I wasted my money on a mini mr bullet feeder, still have to load one at a time, dust collector now.
  5. The only advise I will add is DON'T buy the mini mr bullet feeder, I would have been better flushing that $147.00 down the toilet for what I've experienced.
  6. I like my RCBS PRO 2000, Redding T-7 and XL 650 (650 the most). The Pro 2000 is auto advance with the Mini Mr bullet feeder which the jury is still out on.
  7. This No charge part(s) on the way! Thank you! Dillon Precision Products, Inc Need I say more
  8. Can anyone please tell me if the 650 will mount in the same holes as the 550? Thanks for any info.
  9. I owned a XL 650 several yrs ago, financial bind resulted in having to sell.I got back into reloading 3 years ago with a Redding T-7 turret then advanced to RCBS PRO 2000 auto index last year. Long story short, I ordered the XL650 with case feeder today. I have no complaints with the 2000 or T-7 and will continue using both. The main reason I wanted the XL 650 is the case feeder, I have nothing but fond memories of my old XL650, it sure loaded a lot of rounds fast. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I did mine.
  10. I bought 8 lbs of Bullseye from Bass Pro Shop for a total of $213.00 (tax incl.) shipped to the local store ($26.63\lb). I have been out for the last year so I was more than happy to pay this price. At this time, they are sold out of Bullseye but still have Unique and Red Dot which really makes me happy with my purchase.
  11. I have a Dillon 550B and really like it but had the desire for a auto index (no desire for a case feeder or bullet feeder) so I bought the RCBS Pro 2000 auto index and couldn't be happier. Sure it cost more than the LnL AP but I like the APS primer loading system and the powder measure stays on the press when changing the die plates and easy to adjust. Again, as I stated above, I really like my 550B for a manual index press and would never part with it so its blue and green for me.
  12. Top Sarge

    KKM Barrels

    I like mine also.
  13. I thought Lonewolf barrels were made in Korea, there I go thinking again (hazardous to everyones health).
  14. I also have one for my 22 and totally satisfied with it (no reaming was necessary). Lead may be fine through Glock OEM barrels but I'll pass and I clean my pistols after every range outing. With that being said, I also have a Lonewolf 40 to 9 conversion barrel for same pistol that had to be reamed for my reloads but had to pay $25 plus shipping. I'll stick to KKM barrels from now on.
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