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  1. I too agree about a SDB being ideal if I was just going to load 9mm and nothing else but as I've been considering a T7 for a while I also want to load 223 & do case prep for a 6.5CM on a progressive. Anyway, I have a Hornady AP on its way. If I regret it I'll let you guys know so the next undecided victim pays the extra for a Dillon. I told-you-so comments will be welcome too! In defense of myself it seems many reloaders love their AP's but the underlying message is that set-up and maintenance is the key. Fortunately I'm very mechanical so I hope to be able to tweek it and make it work as it seems many of them do. Now I just need to save for that Shadow 2!
  2. So clearly the preferred progressive is a Dillon and this was my first choice too but the poster on the other forum is well respected. 650’s here are expensive and so are parts. Not that the Hornady is cheap. It’s still about $1900 with dies and a case feeder. What other options should I consider. I’m not looking for volume as I’m not at that stage and at best I’m probably only going to load about 500 - 9mm a month.
  3. It’s been suggested over on another forum I should consider the Hornady LNL AP. I don’t see too many good words about it here but they are mostly older posts. What are the current options?
  4. Yep I see the 2nd hand one sold last night. I was a pretty good deal but something else will come up I hope.
  5. Thoughts? 2nd hand Dillon 650 XL with 2 sets of dies, case feeder, 2 powder measures, strong mount, etc for $1600. 6 years old but not used for 5, or so he says. https://www.trademe.co.nz/sports/hunting-shooting/reloading/presses/listing-2491667811.htm?rsqid=21c803bbb1e444339430ab00ba3dcb1d-005 or New 650 with dies but nothing else for $1300? https://www.workshopinnovation.co.nz/products.asp?cat=143 this will be for 9mm, prob 223 and maybe some case prep for 6.5CM
  6. I was shooting an older CZ in 9mm tonight and I liked it a lot. Sounds like the shadow 2 is the better option for sure. And if I’m that worried about a few $100 then I’m totally in the wrong sport!
  7. Why the 17 over the 34? Sorry, if I don’t ask seemingly basic (to you guys) questions I’ll never learn.
  8. My first choice was the CZ 75 Shadow 2 but they are like $2499. The G34 Gen 5 is ONLY!! $1799. This rabbit hole is worst than precision rifle!
  9. 9mm is way cheaper then anything else which is why I'm looking to go 9mm. Yes I reload (started when I was 12 doing shotshell) and am well set up for precision rifle but not yet setup for pistol of any sort. I present little info because I just don't know but wanted to go to the club with ideas and some understanding so I don't come across as a complete dick.
  10. I’m really only looking at 9mm but should I consider others?
  11. New to handguns but been shooting rifles and guns for almost 50 years. Looking for ideas on what to buy as my first gun. With my limited knowledge I’m leaning towards a Glock 34 MOS Gen5. These sell here for $1799 with equates to US$1195 to we get shafted badly by the importers. Looking for opinions on what I should consider for a beginners gun that I can grow into. Purely for competition use only.
  12. Hi guys. Got directed here from the guys over at accurate shooter forum. New to handguns but been shooting since I was 5.
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