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  1. Yes I saw that but it seems only Pistol and Shotgun powders are affected. Still it’s a complete pain in the ass as ADI powders are typically the more commonly available powders here. But at the end of the day Primers are going to stop me loading long before powder.
  2. Yes. Sadly we have a Prime Minister that is hell bent on driving us to ruin. The lefty’s have just started and the future looks bleak at best. The AP50N is in that burn rate I think. I can’t find a current chart that lists all the new powders and most charts don’t list the ADI powder at all.
  3. Powder here is also very hard to get. I’ve read many posts advocating the use of w231 in a 9mm so I got some as it was briefly available. I’m expecting better results with the AP50, as it’s a little quicker, so it should give better results but that’s why we test. I’d prefer Sports Pistol but it’s almost as rare the common sense is in the Biden administration and I have never seen it here. Here, being the bottom of New Zealand.
  4. This is what I normally do and hence why 95% of them fit. But it looks like I’m right at the lands so there’s little room for margin. I might just shoot these and load a few at 1.115” with 2.80gr and crono them to see how they look and go from there. Could this be the reason why when shooting a group at 15 yards l can get 9 in a 2.5” group but 1 is 6-8” low?
  5. I have the files if you’re still looking for them.
  6. I am going to change powders and have 3 I’m looking at sorting loads for. I was never real happy with this load but it has shot fine. I’m going to try ADI AP50, AP70 and W231 all with 125gr coated lead. Just waiting on a magnetospeed v rail adapter so I can shoot them. And also waiting to get the cast off my foot so I can walk!
  7. Current OAL is 1.128”. I have about 80 loaded and almost all pass the plunk test. The odd one doesn’t. I’m using a 145gr coated lead RN in a CZ S2 with 2.84gr APS350. This is a fast powder and the load is around 128PF. The load was worked up and I’ve shot off over 1000rds with no problems. It might just pay to leave them as is as I know they are fine as it. Load development when up to 2.9gr with no pressure signs.
  8. Long story so the briefest version is I need to seat a loaded lot of rounds that’s near max about 10 to 15 thou deeper to keep away from the lands. I figure it’ll make little difference but I’m asking you guys to be sure.
  9. I've been mucking around with mine and it's a lot better now. I'm using Fiocchi Small Pistol Primers and trying to get them all up the right way has proved near impossible. I sprayed the tray of mine (the bit with the ridges) with dry lube and then tried again. I got 49 out of 50 up the right way 1st time and it just works better now. Seems the "rubber-ish" surface grabbed the primer cups and this caused them to flip over rather then slide over the ridges. A huge improvement and now I'm mostly happy with it. Just saying....
  10. This is the file I used. It sadly not the same as the one in the video clip but it works when placed in the correct place. Look as the location of the one pictured and put this one in the same place. Yes the leg is too long and that's why mine is currently attached with a vicegrip. v3case_wedge.stl
  11. Kinda. I downloaded one off thingiverse but it’s not exactly the same but once positioned in the right spot it does work, But I have my one currently held on with vice grips. I’ll try to find the link. The one I have has a longer leg than the one in the clip
  12. https://www.google.co.nz/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwj3scWw-pLtAhUcyzgGHYipBXgQ3KsCegQIARAM&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D-KjQlj4NV60&psig=AOvVaw22PYE_YKdaT5iq2MAiV1TZ&ust=1606024689051938 I run this and it’s helped a lot. Just loaded 300 9mm today and only issue I had was one case got sideways in the funnel bit. Before running this wedge it was a right pita!
  13. Not that happy with mine. The ridges that flip the primers are too course and you need to get pretty aggressive to move the ones up the wrong way. This of course upsets the ones that are the right way up so you never seem to get then all the right way. So you end up flipping then with your fingers. Bloody painful after you’ve spent good money to speed up this process. Both my Lee and RCBS flip trays work very well compared to this. But......once the primers are all ready and you get the lid on, this thing does fill tubes pretty quickly once you play with it and refine the technique.
  14. Shouldn't tilt. I'll check mine when I'm home but if yours is the hub may have worn in the sub plate? Not ideal. I just checked mine and the shellplate is firm with no noticeable tilting at all.
  15. Or this could work? Thingieverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4070560 I did use the o-ring with lanolin and that works a treat. This could be a viable option and selecting the right spring could tune it nicely. Just another option to try.
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