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  1. If you buy a conversion kit you hope to never have problems with it, but if you do TacSol are great people to deal with.
  2. Pride Fowler was making one, imagine they still are.
  3. Thanks for the response, I can pick one up, think I will.
  4. Can anyone tell me what is special about this model, good or bad. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. 12# in SS40 and Edge 40 w/buffer, Maj. power factor loads. ISMI springs.
  6. Have a Kimber Gold Match 40 SS, came w/Mecgar mag from factory, bought 6 more all work great, use factory OAL length 1.125-35. YMMV.
  7. Have a Blade Tech holster when adj. for a 5" Pro 40, is too narrow for a 4.25" 40.
  8. Have 2 SA loaded 9mm, never a problem with either.
  9. Have 2 Springfield loaded models, other than a little trigger work have been 100% w/ everything I've run thru them . (shouldn't have said that)
  10. Interested in the 586, can you tell me what revision, and approx. condition.

  11. I use the Pearce rubber grip of all my 1911s from Brownells, about 12 bucks. Not a thing of beauty but really work with skateboard tape on front strap.
  12. Had same problem w/my Springfield 9mm, new Metalform mags w/crimp in front of mag. body solved problem. YMMV.
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