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  1. I take it you are using the EPC lower? What magwell are you running on that thing?
  2. I have a Hiperfire 24c in a PCC I got a few years ago. It is nice. I just don’t want to spend that kind of money right now. I was looking at the Hiperfire PDI that was released last year. They are sort of a drop in which is kind of nice. They are also less expensive than the 24c or ECL. Does anyone have any experience with those? Thanks.
  3. I’ve been looking at these. I was thinking the 3.5 flats for both. Have you had any problems with them? How is the reliability?
  4. I am building a PCC and an AR 15 and I am looking to try and have the same trigger in both, well a PCC version and a regular version of the same one anyway, so I only have to get used to one trigger. I am looking for a very clean crisp break and reset but it doesn’t have to be the lightest pull. I just want the same feeling for both. ‘Thanks.
  5. Have you tried sending MBX a message asking what bolt they use?
  6. Hey all. I live in central Ohio and have a blow back PCC. Should I run it wet or dry? Is there a reliability, performance or longevity benefit to either way? In case you want more info, I am running at Taccom bolt, three stage buffer and a Hiperfire 24c. Thanks.
  7. I put an Arisaka Finger Stop on my PCC. It is nice and small. https://www.opticsplanet.com/arisaka-defense-finger-stop-m-lok.html
  8. This is from one of the latest Aero Precision posts on FB.
  9. Have you looked at the CK Arms magwell for the NFA PCC lower? https://ckarms.com/pcc-magwell.html https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/FGW-PCC-Magwell-P5188.aspx
  10. I noted that right off. Didn't I read somewhere quite a while ago that Max L did that?
  11. Doesn't the Hiperswitch have plastic switches? Does that bother anyone?
  12. What about bullets like the Syntech? Are those suitable for an aluminum shroud barrel?
  13. I was also wondering why you were going with the MBX in a JP. What is wrong with the JP?
  14. While that is great and all, since they make the magazines too, why didn’t they just make longer magazine bodies with the longer spring?
  15. Their side charging handles are reversible. You could move the handle over to the right side and engage the BHO.
  16. Foxtrot MIke just released a .45ACP version using Glock mags
  17. I seem to recall hearing about some pro who keeps a spare bolt on their person during the match. If something breaks on a stage they can just quickly replace the bolt and continue.
  18. I would give you the same general advice I give anyone about changing things on a gun. Don't worry about buying new things or changing things until you get it and shoot it as is for a while. Then you'll know how it shoots and what you like or dislike about it. Once you know this then you'll know what you want to change and shop for.
  19. I have PMd them on Facebook a few times and gotten a response. it has been a while since the last time so I don't know if something it up recently. The owner, Bobby Keigans is on FB as well.
  20. Just out of curiosity, what muzzle device is on that?
  21. To clarify a bit I was thinking about using it on a 45 offset mount as the second optic. Other than that, thanks for all the replies!
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