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  1. How does everyone maintain consistent positioning on the fore end of their PCC? I have been thinking about using something like the Magpul AFG. Is there some sort of device that I'm not familiar with? What options are out there, and how do they work for you?
  2. I currently use a North Mountain moonclip holder, but keep thinking about selling it and buying the Double Alpha magnetic holder. It seems that our local USPSA match usually features 1 or 2 stages where the shooter must start with all moonclips on the top of the barrels. The Double Alpha gives an advantage on these stages.
  3. I'm thinking of switching from my 627 to my 929, for the upcoming steel challenge season. This change will require some cold weather load development. Planning on using Bayou 105 grain bullets, with WW231 powder. My goal is a 100 power factor load when the temperatures are in the 80's and 90's. What are your thoughts regarding the jump in power factor using WW231 at 30 degrees to using the same load at 80/90 degree temperatures. Will a power factor of 90 at 30 degrees, come in at a power factor of 100 at 80/90 degrees, or would you estimate it to be much higher? I prerfer to get all my loading
  4. Another vote for the Revolver Supply .040 extreme moonclips. I use them with F-C brass and have had good results. In addition, they are less expensive than the TK moonclips, which is important when buying 50 at a time.. I bought 50 so I can load up for an entire match ahead of time rather than load and unload during a match. Lets me stay focused on shooting the match.
  5. My model 627 fell from my CR speed holster during a USPSA match, so now I'm always worried when using one of the speed holsters when there is movement involved, or when the gun needs to be holstered for long periods of time. I use the double alpha Racemaster for steel, since there is no movement, and I have been using the comp-tac holster for ICORE and USPSA. I typically bag my gun after each stage when shooting steel, however since ICORE and USPSA seem to prefer that the gun be holstered after each stage I use the Comp-Tac. I know and have seen, that many competitors use the Racemaster exclus
  6. Why isn't the model 41 popular for steel challenge? It seems that the majority of the .22 cal handguns being used are Ruger. The model 41 comes with a fantastic trigger, whereas the Rugers need aftermarket part to come close to the model 41. So what makes Ruger to favorite?
  7. I am extremely pleased with the Revolver Supply .040 moon clips. Both my son and I use them with F-C brass and have only good things to say about this combination.
  8. My 929 requires that the bullets be sized to .358. A .356 diameter bullet falls through each chamber, but remember each gun is different. Good for me in that I buy one diameter bullet for my 929 and 627.
  9. Bayou Bullets 160 gr RN over 3.4 gr WW231 gives me a power factor of roughly 135 - makes minor for USPSA, I can drop it down to 3.2 grains of WW231 for a 128 power factor for ICORE. As always, start below these recommended powder weights and work you way up.
  10. Getting back to your question regarding bullets. If you are primarily interested is steel challenge loads you may want to check out the thread below. I have been shooting 160 grain Bayou bullets but plan on switching to a 135 grain bullet.
  11. I seem to recall seeing something about at special $99.00 per night rate for at the Holiday Inn Express. Does anyone know what the code is to take advantage of the special rate?
  12. I have my 627 set up as an open gun for use in a local steel league, so I really couldn't use it for USPSA. I bought a 929 a few months ago. I like the 929 so much that I am planning on using it exclusively for USPSA, ICORE limited, and sanctioned steel challange matches where the open revolvers are in the same class as open autos.
  13. If you are talking about a once a year match similar to the regional matches, I think your chances are pretty good. I'm from Southeast PA and the ICORE East Coast regional is held here on an annual basis. We typically get about 50 shooters, and most are from within an hours drive. Since Virginia Beach is only about 7 hours away, I would think most of those shooters would be interested, especially since it could be turned into a long weekend beach vacation. I know my son and I would be interested.
  14. Comp-Tac makes a nice holster for the 929. Their web site doesn't contain any pictures. I'll try to remember to snap a few photos of mine tomorrow and post them. I used it for the first time last night and was very happy with. It's a speed type holster similar to the Blade-Tec. I have the blade-tech model for my 5" 627PC, but I prefer the Comp-Tac, it seems to be a little more secure. It does have the open face that you mention, but it is a very secure holster. You could probably contact both blade-tech and Comp-Tac to see if either of them would be willing to make a more conventional
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