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  1. Anyone getting lead in the shroud around the port area? I’ve tried 125 and 115 SNS, and 125 Blue Bullets. Unfortunately I didn’t check the shroud after shooting each type of bullet so I’m not 100% sure which bullet is causing the leading. Lead is a real bitch to get out of the shroud right outside the barrel. Anyone had any luck with a particular brand and weigh coated lead bullet? Or even .356 vs .357? Any quick way to get the lead blob out of the shroud besides scraping it with a pick? Let me know what you think.
  2. Let me know if you find a discount code for CODA. [emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303]
  3. Great info guys. I appreciate everyone’s well explained opinions.
  4. What’s the pro and cons of a shroud barrel vs a regular 16” barrel? Besides being lighter.
  5. Anyone know if you have to put a handguard over the shroud or can you grasp the shroud? Anyone make a slip on cover so you can grab the shroud?
  6. That’s about right, the wear is on the sides of the slide by the muzzle. Bluing doesn’t hold up. depending on you holster if it’s really tight it will wear really fast
  7. The flip and catch was hilarious in the first video.
  8. BB, SNS, and ACME so far have provided exceptional customer service. ACME and BB are quick is responding to email. ACME has those nice wooden boxes and added a personal touch with a small box of candy for Halloween. I emailed SNS and within 20 min I received a call answering my question about diameter.
  9. This one? http://czcustom.com/new-firearms/cz-pistols-custom/cz-75-cts-ls-p-sa-da-9mm-black.html
  10. Acme or SNS got a blackfriday sale 10% off.
  11. 1sickPuppy

    CZ in pro

    Does your gun show signs of frame battering?
  12. Check the blue plastic tip (assuming your are using small pistol primers) is it deformed or bent in any way? The spine of the blue tip should be parallel to the tube. Are the lips on the tip bent? SDB has primers issues with so many diff resolutions.
  13. I emailed them but no response. If you get a chance to visit them again and find out please let us know. [emoji1417][emoji1417][emoji1417][emoji1417]
  14. Did you have the barrel coated?
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