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  1. I recently bought a strike Industries strike switch and it is definitely not compatible with the hiperfire trigger in my Sig MPX. Does anyone know if the Radian Talon ambi will work with this setup? I know alot of 90 degree throws work but I would definitely prefer a 45 or 60 degree if possible.
  2. Does the talon work on the mpx with a hiperfire eclipse? I bought a strike industries and it won't install and function at all.
  3. Which laser is it? I can't see mine at all in bright daylight.
  4. So would there be any difference between your green laser and the Holosun? I tried my Holosun for the first time this week in bright daylight. It took me forever to line the laser up on the starting popper but eventually worked out. I thought these would be much more visible 15 yards and in in daylight.
  5. Did you get this figured out? I was talking to a PCC GM this week and he said 4.0 of N320 with a 135 jhp makes 138 to 142 pf and is the softest shooting most accurate load for an MPX specifically. Do you think 4.0 is too high?
  6. I clean my gas system every 500 rds and own the PCC model. I currently run BB 135 gr at 1.130 with 3.3 gr of TG. Have you heard anything about In Lead We Trusts custom extractor? My mag springs are all new and I dont keep them loaded at any time except the match every week for a few hours. I've got Berry State Championship this weekend and cant afford any problems. Do you think if I get a spring it should tide me over for the match at least?
  7. I have had an MPX PCC for about 3 months and I had 3 stages this weekend with FTE issues and 1 each match the 2 matches prior to this one. Does anyone have a fix for this or is it common after about 4k rds to change out the springs or buy a new extractor?
  8. Do you have a pic of your setup with the adapter? I talked to the guy at coda about it but he basically refused to answer any questions related to having an adapter put on before his comp.
  9. Awesome just ordered it and the coda fury in 1/2×28. Do you still need shims and crush washer with the adapter
  10. I just purchased the new sig sauer mpx pcc model which has a full 16" barrel and has a 13.5x1 left hand thread pitch. Does anyone out there know of any good comps that will fit this? I'm having trouble getting a straight answer from anyone for this model.
  11. I get 22 +1 with Bolen followers and basepad
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