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  1. PacMan

    SBR Ideas

    I don't see why not. At 10" barrel length and xm193, the 55 gr would have a muzzle velocity of about 2600 fps. Assuming a 250 zero, the drop at 600 yds = 136" according to Federal Ballistic data, the hold over on a full size IPSC target would be 4 targets up from center. I've done it with 1x Prismatic on top of my 16" shooting match load going at 2800 fps, same 250 zero, calculated drop at 600 yds = 115", or about 3 targets up from center. My point is as long as you know the target size and corresponding ballistics of your rifle/cartridge, the hold over can be done on the fly. Regarding 'best barrel', I tempted to say JP but he doesn't make anything shorter than 14.5. Daniel Defense makes very good barrels and I believe DD has 10.3" CHF 556 barrels, might want to check them out.
  2. I'm with Chuck on this one. Can't compare the two...most of us know 'game' pistols are not the same as 'duty' pistols. There isn't really any need to design a 3-gun/2-gun stage with the probability of prone technique being used while the pistol is holstered hot. Condition 3 start is okay with me as the RO since I'd would always want to see an empty chamber before allowing the competitor to insert a mag, but sure makes walk up spectators nervous.
  3. PacMan

    CZ TS Grip Reduction

    I did mine manually with cut up belts for belt sanders...not sure why I didn't even look into buying one. Anyway, save yourself the time, buy one - https://www.harborfreight.com/power-tools/sanders/1-in-x-30-in-belt-sander-61728.html
  4. PacMan

    M&P .380 Shield EZ - POS or Not?

    I bought one and as what I normally do with my own guns, I ran the first 200 rds of full power factory ammo without any additional lubrication, right out of the box. Found out it did not like weak stuff even factory loads. This gun is for defensive purpose so it better run with hot loads, and exactly what it liked, defensive loads JHPs.
  5. PacMan

    Bullet choice for 200-500yd stages

    Sierra Blitzking 55 gr over max load (about 25.3) of H335 or AA2460. Magic pills for all ranges within the practical limits of 3 gunning (<600 yds).
  6. PacMan

    Limited Irons Build Help

  7. PacMan

    Adjustable Gas Block and Slim Handguards

    Answers: 1) Yes. No reason to go to low mass BCG without tuning the gas flow. Does not mean adjustable gas block is the only way, see below *** 2) The slimmest and most reliable adj. gas block out there is SLR Sentry. It should fit the 1.38" since mine is a Solo which has a published ID of 1.3" and I'm using the Sentry 7 set screw block. *** The other solution to obtain gas flow regulating is an adjustable bolt carrier group. 2A Armament Lightweight BCG in either steel or titanium. Not cheap but racing parts aren't. The Titanium BCG weights in at 5.9 oz complete, in the realm of aluminum bolt carrier group without the drama.
  8. PacMan

    CMC launches new 9mm PCC trigger

    Only if someone would make one for my Scorpion at that price
  9. Nope, must be .30 cal, as in 7.62 mm
  10. PacMan


    Wait, something doesn't make sense here, if he was loading from the 'match saver' shell holder, meaning gun is already empty/lockback, how could it go off? Or are you saying as he closes the bolt AFTER the 'match saver' round, it went off? Sometime is it hard to see what the RO sees, so I would give the benefit of the doubt to the shooter (if I was the RO), or the RO if I was a spectator/squad mate. Round/shot hitting the berm near the target is close enough, no need to ding people. I had similar experience at the recent match, as RO, I could see the shooter just finished inserting a fresh mag, wasn't on the target yet but 'boom', finger on the trigger while reloading. I let it go but had a 'sidebar' with the shooter after, don't think he will forget it because it was as close to going home on his 1st stage of the match as he could get.
  11. Better get clarification from stage RO before you start. As RO, I don't like competitor running/moving with muzzle up, It hasn't happened yet, but one of these days, one will trip and fall on their butts, where do you think the muzzle is going to be at that time? Most likely pointed at me with a loaded gun! Instant DQ as best scenario, kill someone would be the absolute worse case for you, life would be over as you know it. Sorry for harsh words, but this is not fun and game. Best practice is learn to run with muzzle pointed down range all the time, switching your hold to the weak hand if you must.
  12. PacMan

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    Can't change the law of physics. Perhaps it would work as flash mitigator but no way in h_ll that would keep the muzzle steady. Many others have tried to come up with ideas for muzzle brake but I can say lack of engineering and validation via test data, those ideas have, and will, not gain appreciable market footing because they plainly don't work.
  13. PacMan

    Crazy Apex Flat Flar Face FSS trigger

    I only use Federal primers for my pistol match loads, same finding here. This is not limited to S&W M&P but Glock 17/34 w reduced weight striker spring also.
  14. PacMan

    Let's talk muzzle brakes... Again

    JP Bennie Cooley 2-ports or the new JP 3-ports. Both direct gas 90 degrees from the muzzle. Anything with angled baffles backward will send noise and gas back to the shooter, this is nothing new. For gas jet to work effectively, it must have large surface(s) to impinge upon and gets redirected from the front exit hole. The more gas is redirected, the better the result. Some design went too far with the angle beyond the 180/90 in the quest to improve "braking" effectiveness, simple physics. Of course, those backwardly redirected gas blasts also carry sound => Shooter.