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  1. Id check the reddot first. Remove the reddot and benchshoot the gun w/ iron sights and see if it groups. Also try it w/ different loads.
  2. Agree on that. I have my 3 sons under my instructions now and i think im seeing some of my techniques in different lights that i tend to improve on them in subtle ways. Even my dry fires changed for the better.
  3. Some limitations: Shooting behind barricades and thru window/port with grills. Even if both eyes open wont see targets, only see the tape. At least for me.
  4. Have not had any issue w/ all my 10 sti mags for super in my 2 open guns. Didnt know there are mags specific for each caliber.
  5. Also I deaden and polish the corner at the bottom of the extractor to help the rim slide more easily in.
  6. Since an aftec for scomp/9 is a bit tight for super, i test by removing one of the springs, rear or front, or grind a coil to shorten/loosen pressure on one spring. If it doesnt work I bend the extractor stem a bit outwards but a bit short of as super’s. Or a combination of any of these. Usually just one of these works. It also depends on the slide extractor tunnel.
  7. I use aftec scomp/9 and tune it for super by adjusting the spring/s. Runs on both.
  8. Heres how it looks https://vimeo.com/454707808
  9. I havent tried that app but i find the ced easy to use like tweaking par times to deduct reaction times or add time due to additional movements or such. i looked it up and might try it. One concern is, it will be in the cell phone or tablet?, maybe not so handy to put in the pocket or attach to the body and do some aggressive movements?
  10. Tried this feature in the past few dry fire training days and think it has its value. Combined a few individual drills into one short or medium df cofs/drill and combined MY par times of those drills w/ some minor adjustments to arrive at the end time. Each par times will beep at every end of a segment and up to the end of the cof. It has the sensation of pressure to hussle in every sagment of the cof run in order to meet those multi par times every time up to the last target of the last array. Has anybody tried it? Or am I wrong in using this timer feature?
  11. Thank you. Seems Im not very proficient in search how-tos. So, its gonna work but not PD legal. Got everything I looked for and a lot more.
  12. Yup. Cant find the right words to arrive to what Im looking for.
  13. No. They were usually very old and used cmores so Im sure they were not fakes. The dots were usually very dim when switched off. They had to be in the dark to be visible. When it eats battery lika a pacman this is the first thing I check. And I did see about 3 units that had it in several years in my possession. All were acquired old and used. My only solution was to replace the innards from used but working units w/ damaged bodies. eta. They were not click switch.
  14. The most common problem i had was the dot not completely turning off w/ the knob turned fully OFF.
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