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  1. Most start at the beginning but I think I know one which start at the end of the beep, the R U Ready timer.
  2. Oh didnt know that (in 10yrs!) Thank you for the update
  3. Now Im confused. I thought DW is by Dan Wesson and now by CZ? Another typo? Or maybe I need to be updated
  4. I use black electrical tape. Othr colors are ok or whatever is at hand. Cover em lenses so those dirt dont bother me to clean
  5. This may be out of topic but why would a comped gun need be heavy, if the comp works as intended or designed, the weight should not be the main concern in taming its recoil flip? I have a heavy (to me) comped gun in .38super major. And another one much lighter in same caliber. They share the same ammo and pf but I prefer the lighter one to shoot and carry on my hips in long match days. The lighter gun shoots softer and less jarring due to it has a bit more muzzle flip than the heavy one w/ more recoil rearward than up. Been active in Open for 10 yrs now so Im not sensitive to their blast
  6. Finally found the culprit and removed metal from the back edge upper corners of the bull barrel sleeve where the muzzle end of the slide edge was getting down at its rearmost travel and catch it, completely stopping it to zero movement until I push the comp down a bit and the slide springs back forward. My slide was chopped 3/4” shorter w/c caused this. This happened a few times intermittently. The last few times it did I stopped whatever I was doing during practice and inspected the gun thoroughly and was able to catch the real issue. Now the gun runs reliably.
  7. Liked it a lot. Think its much better than face to face training? Here we can go to the details piece by piece and the student could clearly see and understand whats going on w/ him precisely.
  8. No 140 in ipsc std div. Gun must fit the box w/ empty mag inserted.
  9. Hope youre good to go by now. Had cut my tr. finger pad just a day before yesterday match . Glad its a 2011 gun so not much pressure on the pad to make it bang but sucks just by thinking about it before my first stage.
  10. In 300 rnds had minor misfeed twice where the round did not chamber about 1/4”, nudged it and went in. I suspect the slide locked back then released on its own lessening its force enough to cause the misfeeds.
  11. Live fired 300 rnds .38s major load. Contact looked like due to vibration or impact due to recoil. Think guiderod head and barrel are clearanced ok?
  12. Put some sharpie on them and dry racked the slide some 50x. Showed no contact or bind.
  13. Update. Checked barrela and guiderod for possible binding. Found faint marks:
  14. True, learn from our mistakes. And we never stop learning so we dont stop making mistakes
  15. Searched this issue here and found nothing. Pls. Direct me if you saw same topic. My open 2011 has new upper on an old frame. In 1 or 2 times in a hundred or 2hundo rounds the slide locks back to its rearmost position and the barrel and slide are frozen together in a hard lock up. Been doing this for 2k rounds now of .38super major load and could not put my finger on the probable cause, It happens so rarely that I took it as just a break-in issue. The slide/barrel/frame fit is not overly tight. It does this with and without ammo or mag. I dont use shock buff. So Im pretty sure its in the gu
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