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  1. Practice them w/ great frequency and those leans and body index comes naturally on demand. Dot or irons doesnt matter.
  2. In my observation locked wrist is a result of firm grip. Dont need to isolate or focus on it to learn it. Glock and 2011 upbringing here. Tried the handshake test above and affirmed my observation. Not a GM by any means.
  3. Its quite normal and/or common to believe or think that one was not affected until unusual errors crop up in otherwise ordinary runs. Negative grip from draw, bungled reloads, trigger freeze, misses on close easy targets, etc.
  4. We Average and lesser shooters often emulate how fast (or sometimes how slow) shooters shoot before our turn specially in matches. And we often do it w/o knowing. Often the effect is trashed stages. When we shoot after shooters that had fast splits or pace, we tend to copy it knowingly or most of the time Unknowingly. Hence error filled performance. My personal experience and observation of others.
  5. Triggers in 1911s and Glocks are world apart that I personally saw those who grew up in 1911s exclusively had problems in Glocks most of the time. Conversely its the opposite. 1911s being single action has short crisp trigger pull. Glocks being DAO has long and creepy pull. My take is to pull the glock in one contineous rolling pull without staging. Try hard not to mind the break or shot. Dry fire it a lot and see it in live fire. Good luck!
  6. I have a round reticle and a centered dot on my shotgun and think it speed up aiming so much that my times are good inspite of minimal practice. When a precise aim is needed say for a slug hit I use the center dot w/o any hesitation. I assume this set up is conducive to speed and accuracy we heavily sought in our game even in pistols. Im curious to try it in my open hg.
  7. Every person learns differently. Slow and smooth didnt do it for me. Once what is proper is proficient force speed until proficiency returns on the newfound speed. Be comfortable in it then crank it faster again. And so on. Timer stress is psychological. Practice w/ a timer and time everything. Eventually timer buzzer is just a part of any regimen including match runs.
  8. Slideride or serendipity cannot be beaten til now. 1.Reliability 2.longevity 3.price. Finding dot is practice. Whichever I choose I practice w/ it. New techs is good but we need all 3 above.
  9. I guess its not train a few sessions w/ a dot then back to irons then back again... I noticed the benefits in irons after a year or two shooting open continuously. After everything is automatic w/ the dot the subconscious skills then transfers to shooting irons.
  10. To date I prefer consistency in grip above other factors.
  11. Ive heard badchad in anderson podcast said that the muscles in the arms makes more for a strong grip than those in the hands. He advocates weight training than grip springs for stronger grip.
  12. Im not a clay shooter. I only encounter flying clay targets in ipsc cofs. How can i train effectively for it w/o going to the range as in dry fire, or in the range simulation w/o using flying clay? My only sg know how is for practical shooting and very few duck hunting of yesteryears.
  13. Afair I fell twice or thrice in matches but did not DQ. I still recall how I was so concerned and aware where my muzzle was at the same time not letting go of the pistol while falling. But I didnt practice them
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