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  1. It may feel slow in splits but its not. Even at spitting distance I feel the prep though w/ least hesitation and hits were so good I wont trade it for anything else. Yesterday in a clubshoot i had the best hits and best time in a 32 rnd stage. No GM or M around. But my hits were 31A 1C. Just to prove to myself, Rerun the stage and had almost same time and all As. Who would not like that!
  2. Think Sailer meant SA pull. Dont know how it will be on DA. I came from revo then glocks in my early yrs of pistol shooting and I pull them through without hesitation. Then in 2011 I used this pull w/ good results. But recently learning this prep technique my hits and stage times are far better if not best. Most notably in pressure shots as in swingers and texas stars where it feels like chasing the targets before it goes away. Its more efficient as Sailer said.
  3. Nickel cases are generally thinner than brass cases its why. Maybe load long so the slug wont reach the inside taper much. Heavy heads are longer than light ones.
  4. 34 is not approved for ipsc prod. div. Barrel is beyond ipsc limit. 17 is.
  5. As of the now it shoots very well. After thorough cleaning and inspection, No hiccup whatsoever. Liked its 5.25” barreled ulw and 3-stage buffer very much. Will continue using it and monitor this hoping it wont mar itself further.
  6. Newbie here. Is it natural for triggers of light pull have the bolt hard to pull back? Would it not compromise feeding/ejection reliability? My milspec trigger pull is 6lbs and my bolt is light to pull back. I dont have plans to lightens its pull for now.
  7. Maybe his point was its best to let somebody do the works and the shooters do the shooting. Its his experience in other countries Im sure. In my place its been like this since I can remember. We have full time crew do the reset and brass. We have lots if time preparing, socializing, rest and so on.
  8. In a recent podcast of Stoeger, he said hes willing to pay double the match fees just so not to reset and brass the stage. I fully agree. But here in the Phils. We pay regular fees and enjoy same stress free match. Also our resetters are well briefed so the resetting is consistent for fairness and less failures of eqpt to reshoots. Bottomline, faster stage turn around and more efficient match
  9. Thats an extreme bolt so I guess its not that old. I could send it to you but Im not sure you can send it back. Hope to be enlightened here as to: What causes it, why, how to prevent it, and such.
  10. Even single actions need to have pretravel
  11. I have an old open gun in .38s w/ tribrid holes lst hole in the rear angled forward arresting all gasses from the rest of the popple and comp holes from dirtying the scope lens. After thousands of rounds still working very well ang accurate.
  12. This is a taccom bolt about 500 rnds old w/ cmmg trigger. Has anybody had this? Cannot say if this is standard feature in the bolt or being scoured by the hammer or whatnot. My AR bolts doesnt have this.
  13. I went to ratchet type buckle in all my comp belts awhile back. Simply works and feels solid and stable even w/ heavy open hg long sticks and big sg mags.
  14. Thank you. Made another try in cofs in a clubshoot, and was partially conscious prepping the trigger. Free style, sho, who. At MY speed. Hits on paper were almost all As. Far steel plates (25y) were no reengagements. Yes time was good and hits were awesome! By prepping the trigger I was forced or directed to be more careful w/ my pull. At close and mid targets hits were almost 2-3” apart in As if I keep my focus. Dot prep pull and repeat. In transition I was prepping while the dot is approaching near the target. Far from being you but you helped a lot! Open A. Threshold of Super Sr. and learning eta. I Believe prep/dot pull is my sequence. Focus on prep and dot is almost simultaneous, w/ prep a bit ahead at times, then pull when both are appropriate for the target.
  15. Went to the range w/ sole purpose of testing this technique. Results were very encouraging to say the least. Difficult targets were not so hard anymore and hits were mostly As. On plates at 20y, could tell w/ certainty my misses were due to bad aim. Not trigger pull. I say this is not trigger prep per se. It felt like just being more careful w/ my tr. press.
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