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  1. Im ipsc and this is always my point. If hit and did not fall, the hit must have dislodged or disturbed the thing that prevented it to fall and when calibrated it will most probably fall. But the rules say not to touch or reset it after the shot and before cal. which make the cal. process unreasonable.
  2. Right. The banging around thing is quite annoying. I also have them w/ ratchet. I just buy individual links and bag of pins, cheaper than the complete set. While the Lynx is very rigid the ratchet compliments it to make the gears most stable.
  3. Wondering why no mention of Shotmaxx 2 by Double Alpha in later posts. I had the Sm 1 and its still working for 3 yrs now and counting anf Ive given to my shooter-son, only the rubber strap broke but cannot be replaced so I improvised a strap from other wristwatches. Im on Sm 2 now w/ no questions asked 3 yrs warranty. The things I like are the features that are very usefull to live and dry fire trainings like the Par times, splits, 3 and 5min. countdown timers for dfire, stopwatch to time movers in matches, records 10 Lfire strings for review later, buzzer vol adjustability for live fire while double plugged and late night df in the house, good battery, backlight, and a lot lot more, all in my wrist. Very handy, wearable in all shooting occasions and doesnt get in the way. Ive had belt clipped timers but most of the time they got dislodged when Im shooting in awkward positions and lots of running. If not dislodged the buttons are inadvertently pushed by my body part activating another start beep in the middle of a string/run, etc. Very annoying and inconvenient. AMG is not available to me so I cant compare it. Even then waiting for several weeks/mos. upon purchase is not for me. Maybe they are ok for ROing other shooters but the SM is also good if not better for its handiness sans a bluetooth connectivity.
  4. In all my drills by whoever author, Im always aware of the quality of my grip. Its the most neglected but very important requirement in accurate fast shooting I believe.
  5. Great post Thank you for sharing
  6. Can you elaborate? It was about my MBX not MPX. And POF triggers. and why dont you posts your concerns in that thread? You drag it out here to support your opinion in this topic?
  7. You guys trying to turn this beforum into THAT forum w/ ill mannered condescending veiled sarcastic rediculing posts? Thank you for letting the benosverse know the real you.
  8. Well, Im/was into prod, std and open handgun, 3 gun, shotgun and lately pcc. And to me pcc has the least almost non existent recoil of them all. I dont need to shoot at high level to know that.
  9. When the lens is covered in front and you aim at a target (with both eyes open of course) and see the target w/ the dot superimposed, it means your vision is focused on the target, which is the designed purpose of the red dot. But if you only see the dot sans the target, you are focused on the dot which is not the optimum way of aiming with a red dot because it is slower VS the target focused aim. Because when in dot-focused aim, the vision locks on the target first then shifts to the dot Ala iron sight aiming it is slower. In target focused aim, the vision locks on the target and see the dot on it without any shifting in focus. The tape over the lens let's you know if you are target focused or not. Try it both ways to know the difference.
  10. Actually it enhances its purpose, not defeat
  11. I cover the front of the lens w/ electrical tape or any opaque tape and focus my vision on the target, not thru the lens. I hit 2 birds in one stone, I'm seeing the target and dot the correct way and protect the lens from the blast and dirt.
  12. My mbx pro series has it and I like it very much. 3.5lbs, very short reset, almost no take up, straight trigger. Im just wondering why POF is advising against it in pcc9.
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