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  1. Do you loosen or relax your shooting grip in transition between targets? I remember a noted GM say so in podcast years ago at least once but cannot validate it from others. And never known it from other sources. Or Maybe I misheard him? As for me I dont. Or maybe Im not aware of it. And Im not a GM.
  2. Was just kidding short or maybe med cofs maybe but never a long course. see my avatar? It was maybe 7-8 yrs ago. The problems i had were still same w/ the present micros. Went w/ old reliable cmore slideride and never looked back. Wish these micros would work but they dont til now. In rifles and rimfires they do but never in hg nor sg no matter what some shooters post here. Reliability is still to be desired. I feel your frustration. Been there.
  3. Sooo w/ dpp its best to run all and every stage in 10 sec or less
  4. In ipsc SG tube fed are less disadvantaged vs mag fed. Tubes can load 13+1+1 vs mags can only have 10 at lamar in cond 1 start.
  5. Was just kidding At 50y I would be hard up hitting that size of paper w/ SG. At 100 I wont be able to see it what more to hit it w/ certainty.
  6. Your set up either the gun or ammo or both is not good for standing off hand shots
  7. Usually squibs have some if not lots smoke in the chamber area when racked hurriedly open to feed another round.
  8. Always tough the first time. W/ time and practice its gonna be easy. Leans crouch or whatever. Big small lens no matter. Slide mounted or not.
  9. I mean 3 2011s from glocks
  10. I have 3 2011s in .38s. Checked? yes for maintenance. Adjusted? No. Once adjusted to my likings ang functions, they stay as is. Except when i replace a part/s w/c is very seldom. And i shoot them a lot.
  11. The first gen micro dots cmore sts had same problems as listed above. Had a few at a time to be ready for any eventuality. Made me stay away and returned to cmore sliderides. Open major. After 10 or more? yrs and several brands, they are still the same. And in minor 9 guns. I say they are going nowhere.
  12. Squib or not, stage score was as shot, zero
  13. Shoot ANY drill faster than your comfortable pace repeatedly until you're confident you are hitting what you are seeing.
  14. Does a comp change the pattern vs a no comp?
  15. Thats normal, You just dont spread your feet so i think its a given.
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