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  1. BoyGlock

    Pardus SBS12?

    Its Turkish made mag fed semi in 12 and 20ga and from utube Ive viewed its very reliable with its 10rnd mag out of the box. Other than that I heard or knew nothing. Hope others have experiences to share.
  2. BoyGlock

    Should an RO notice a squib?

    Squibs are on the shooter. In ipsc if an ro suspects a squib and stops you and turns out its true you will be scored as shot. If it turned out its not, you will have the right to reshoot. If you voluntarily stopped w/o ro command, squib or not you will be scored as shot. No reshoot.
  3. BoyGlock

    Music in earmuff

    If we can drive while the radio is playing I think its not much different to shoot while listening to something?
  4. BoyGlock

    Grip is key?

    Was live practicing a while ago on a cof w/ a far and moderately fast full board swinger. When my grip on the pistol is a bit off I could hardly hit it on my second shot in one pass because the dot would not return on target in time. Gripped the pistol properly and the dot returns on the target fast w/o much effort so good 2 hits/pass are quite easy.
  5. BoyGlock

    Music in earmuff

    You can try put your earmuffs over your wired earbuds and shoot.
  6. BoyGlock

    Music in earmuff

    My default are classic rock and hard metal rock music of the 70/80s. Must be in my generation. Im not young anymore. But Ive tried other upbeat music and felt the same results. Think its personal preference. Whichever positively distracts you.
  7. BoyGlock

    Music in earmuff

    Yes I bluetooth w/ my Peltor sport tac 500 so its wireless. But even w/ wires in my msa sordins I connect w/ the iphone. I just run the wires inside my shirt. I usually play it at walk thru, and when programming the stage in my mind. Sometimes I just play it when Im on LAMAR. Theres a little distraction and makes me focus less harder w/c helps me to be not so overeager to perform at speed. Seems it counters too much adrenaline w/c could wreck my runs. It may not be for everyone. My buddies wont even try it. But I think its worth exploring.
  8. My +9 taccom doesnt do that pealing off finish
  9. BoyGlock

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    Yup. The screen walls were pretty transparent. My argument then was that my shot was aimed and even hit an A then i re-engaged the target with 2 more in the port it was visible. The hits were 3 As. Right after I triggered the first shot I realized I was not in the port. Im shooting open w/ reddot so my eyes must have tricked me as my focus was on the target. The ro did not stop me but after the run he tried to dq me. Fortunately the RM knew better.
  10. BoyGlock

    Music in earmuff

    I feel less pressure or stress when I have music playing in my ears during stage runs. Hence better performance overall in terms of effeciency, less errors, etc. It should not be too loud to distract me from RO commands and be unhearing of other loud sounds like gunfires. But loud enough that you can even dance to it. Has anybody tried and noticed the same?
  11. Thank you. W/ lots of rest think Im good now.
  12. BoyGlock

    Decapping before you clean brass

    I tumble wet w/ steel media w/o depriming. No problem whatsoever. It also dries completely in an hour in my shell dryer.
  13. BoyGlock


    First time I met it online selling parts and accessories from Switzerland. It has some nice stuff. Anyone got any experience dealing with them?
  14. Yes. But found whats hurting is the repetitive twisting of wrist to flip the gun over. And my late age not used to it. After weeks of rest tried it again w/ less reps and felt less pain after.
  15. BoyGlock

    590M For Open

    Im on this at the moment. Newbie in practical shotgun. Have a 1301c and SX3 w/ speedloaders. Box fed custom semi autos are in my newbie eyes are desirable but onerously priced here in my neck of woods. Although I could afford it if I decide to get one, the cost and performance in reliability make me think against it. Im not in the US so technical support is big concern. Also the type of matches in my locality make reloading less critical. Im not out to conquer the universe so I will stick w/ the 1301 and sx3 for now and practice stick reloads more.