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  1. Im not a clay shooter. I only encounter flying clay targets in ipsc cofs. How can i train effectively for it w/o going to the range as in dry fire, or in the range simulation w/o using flying clay? My only sg know how is for practical shooting and very few duck hunting of yesteryears.
  2. Afair I fell twice or thrice in matches but did not DQ. I still recall how I was so concerned and aware where my muzzle was at the same time not letting go of the pistol while falling. But I didnt practice them
  3. Yes. If you consciously think of getting a good grip, your subconscious skill of gripping properly, if already developed, is over ridden so usually you end up w/ a bad grip.
  4. Fun fact. If your draw is good then think of properly gripping the gun just before the beep to draw, more often than not, you will have a bad grip
  5. Maybe one’s choice depends very much on one’s level of skills and involvement in the sport? If Im C class and a weekend shooter my choice would not be the same as an A class aspiring to be a GM in a years time?
  6. I used to train frequently and consistently. Then take a day or two off right before a match. Big or small. I feel fresh physically and mentally in such matches. These past several months I have that “apathy” you mentioned. After registering in a big match I wake up in the wee hours of the morning feeling distressed and regret that Im going to the match. In smaller matches I feel strong dislike just thinking a night before or just as I leave for such match.
  7. IPSC rules 2019 for SG allows mandatory weak shouldering in classifiers and short cofs. Dont know if same in rifles.
  8. Im on ipsc too most if not all the time. Yes shooting awkward behind barricade strongside can be mitigated very much w/ it. Also agree on smooth and safe transfer while moving to position. Careful not to get into trigger early.
  9. How often do we need this in matches? Either mandatory or more of freestyle for faster stage times. Im learning the technique just in case...
  10. After 100s of rounds I noticed heavy build up of gunk non lead powder residue in my chokes. It got so thick that my bore brush had a hard time removing it. Had to use sharp small screw driver to scrape them out. Think it affected accuracy of slugs and spread of shots. My 1301 doesnt have it no matter how many I shot. Strange.
  11. At the moment I unintentionally devised a cof drill that tend to help develop my speed: Midrange targets. 1 mini popper as activator, 1 paper target in a fast swinger, 1 full target and 1 mini papers as options. Swinger is 15y away and abt 4y to the right of activator. 2 options abt 2-3y to the left. Full target at 7y. Mini is a bit farther at 10y. Open 2011 .38s major. At timer signal, draw shoot activator, 2 option targets, last is swinger. Been doing this for a few days now. Initially I had to point shoot the option targets and chased the swinger at first exposure. And missed a lot. As of yesterday I was aiming As on all targets. Had an all A hits in 3.39 secs. Aiming or not, my times were in 3.2-3.5 range. But my key is calling every shot at speed to have time to aim and shoot in a controlled manner specially at the mini and swinger. Far from being good at it but Im seeing some improvement here. Eta. Swinger forces me considerably in speeding up the whole process
  12. Its a mind game. I tell myself not to be anxious or worried or afraid things will go wrong. Believing it is another mind game. With frequent practice (another game) I usually succeed.
  13. Lapping for clearance a previously functioning gun and lowering main spring to 14# to make it reliable again would make me wonder what and if the problem was really solved.
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