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  1. What if the zip code is not in US will it still work as it should? interested buyer outside US here
  2. Im in chrome now and think its fixed. Thank you
  3. Also it does not refresh even if backed several times. I have to do it manually. Oh well welcome to the new normal
  4. Iphone XS MAX in safari Latest ios About 2 mos ago this was not like this. Hope it goes away by itself soonest as Sarge’s.
  5. Wherever sub page I back from into main page I always end up on top of main page. This is quite annoying specially when Im in the lower part of the main. Say Im on Shotgun topic thread, when I back to Main Im automatically on top of page so I need to repeatedly scroll down to SG again. Searched this in my IOS settings, but did not see anything to reset. Maybe its in the forum settings?
  6. Its the striker safety. The rounded head was worn or too much material was removed that when pushed up It dont stay clear of the striker robbing it of the inertia to hit the primer enough force to fire. eta. The added weight might have altered the clearances between the frame and slide and might had same effect. eta2. It can be tested by removing the parts and live-test fire. Note reliability, and inspect the primer strikes.
  7. Have Recently bought a used locally customized (not in US) comped 2011 Open pistol in .38super. When its held w/ barrel horizontal or muzzled upwards, the slide retracts smoothly. When muzzle is pointed a bit downwards, could feel slide and barrel binding a bit when it retracts rearwards. Tested for barrel frame fit via link pin and its ok. My prime suspect is the upper lugs of the barrel is interfering w/ the roof of the slide by a hair when pointed downwards but not when pointed level or up. It shoots well and reliable. But I fear it will ruin itself later. what could be the problem and solution if any, short of replacing barrel and/or slide? Not a gs but I fit my own thumb safeties and other minor works.
  8. Yes that helps a lot Thank you I was imagining the thumb will push on the forward part of the rest as the rest/s.lock is positioned a bit back near the hand, causing it to lift its rear end and lock the slide.
  9. Wouldnt it cause to lock the slide unnecessarily? I understand a detent should prevent it but is the detent enough to counter the downward pressure of the thumb? Some push on them rest w/ modest force. Or maybe its not for everyone who use thumb rests? fwiw I dont use any thumb rest in all my open pistols. Just want to learn the concept behind...
  10. Got it! Thanks for the vpn tip.
  11. After several tries still no go
  12. Something is wrong w/ my ios? Cannot access that either. Will try other system later. Thank you
  13. Been trying to access AA Load data online So many times in so many days but cannot. Any info why? Tia
  14. 2 of my children are rt eye left handed. At their very start I trained them to shoot rt handed to coincide w/ their rt eye dominance. Both hg and rifle/sg, bcoz 99% of guns are made for rt handed. They Never had any difficulty.
  15. Equal movement in x and Y will result to a diagonal line going to the final mount w/c I believe the shortest travel from holster to the final mount. Think bowling is not. By that video example, It starts more in Y than X then a bit later it abruptly goes up so its more in X than Y.
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