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  1. Home made using empty shells? Could be the caulking in the primer pockets is too soft that the fp tip goes into the primer flash hole and binds in the hole holding it there not letting it retract. I use spent primer inserted backwards to plug the holes to prevent such thing. Had same problems in 2011s and prevented me to rack the slide.
  2. Tip of fp might be sticking or binding on the “primer” of the snap cap holding the fp forward, in turn preventing the slide to be retracted?
  3. Flopping around? Check your pouch and belt set up. W/ all 170s I only have 2 in short and nedium stages, one in the gun one in the pouch. I have 3 only in long cofs.
  4. If you can find a Derya MK12, theyre the same guns
  5. Whatever we practice with, it becomes easier and consistent
  6. For simplicity and consistency, I do
  7. Its Turkish made mag fed semi in 12 and 20ga and from utube Ive viewed its very reliable with its 10rnd mag out of the box. Other than that I heard or knew nothing. Hope others have experiences to share.
  8. Squibs are on the shooter. In ipsc if an ro suspects a squib and stops you and turns out its true you will be scored as shot. If it turned out its not, you will have the right to reshoot. If you voluntarily stopped w/o ro command, squib or not you will be scored as shot. No reshoot.
  9. If we can drive while the radio is playing I think its not much different to shoot while listening to something?
  10. Was live practicing a while ago on a cof w/ a far and moderately fast full board swinger. When my grip on the pistol is a bit off I could hardly hit it on my second shot in one pass because the dot would not return on target in time. Gripped the pistol properly and the dot returns on the target fast w/o much effort so good 2 hits/pass are quite easy.
  11. You can try put your earmuffs over your wired earbuds and shoot.
  12. My default are classic rock and hard metal rock music of the 70/80s. Must be in my generation. Im not young anymore. But Ive tried other upbeat music and felt the same results. Think its personal preference. Whichever positively distracts you.
  13. Yes I bluetooth w/ my Peltor sport tac 500 so its wireless. But even w/ wires in my msa sordins I connect w/ the iphone. I just run the wires inside my shirt. I usually play it at walk thru, and when programming the stage in my mind. Sometimes I just play it when Im on LAMAR. Theres a little distraction and makes me focus less harder w/c helps me to be not so overeager to perform at speed. Seems it counters too much adrenaline w/c could wreck my runs. It may not be for everyone. My buddies wont even try it. But I think its worth exploring.
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