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  1. I try to use my live fire experience guide me in dry fire. Be very honest, and desciplined in df as in lf. Going or trying to be slow is not a guarrantee of error-free performance. Im just more carefull and descriminating in my sight pic and trigger pulls on hard targets. A Class Open ipsc here fwiw.
  2. My opinion is, give it some time before changing anything, as long as its reliable and accurate. Shooting minor in different platforms vs major are so different and will be magnified in reddot guns compared to iron sights. Id also say try to ignore it. It wont look very stable but you can hit the target.
  3. Most if not all comments posts here justifies my fear of 9major. No matter its advantages the risks in safe use is too high. Im not starting a 9/38 war, ive already read a lot of them in this forum. And most are subjective for my taste. This KB issue in 9 maj I believe is not isolated nor rare. The signs of over pressure in the brass after repeated reloads are so obvious that I could not just ignore until safety is compromised. I dont see such signs in .40 .45 .38super even in old overused brass.
  4. Rebarrel gun to .38super. I started in Open in 9major. I observed that the very high pressure of 9major (even in ipsc pf 160+) and any slight OOB and/or slight weakness in the brass due to repetitive reloading could very much end up to kabooms. This was my very reason to shift to .38s.
  5. I think you need to experiment with your eye condition to know what you can get away with. And Even w/ healthy eyes, every person is diifferent. What you might read here mostly is the typical by the book focus w/c is a good place to start with but dont stop there.
  6. I have a 1301comp and Derya mk12 aka ria vr80 box fed sgs. Although boxfeds are an advantage in reloadings, for me its quite heavy vs tubefed 1301c. I shoot Open in ipsc and occassional 3GN in my side of the pond. Both dont have much round counts in long cofs and Can be easily handled by both guns. If both are reliable and I had time to train w/ speedloaders or quadloads in my 1301c I would favor it over the vr80 mainly due to its light weight and hence easier gunhandling in lots of movement stages. Besides in ipsc the max box mag cap is 10, while in tube max gun L is 1320mm w/c usually load 13-15 rnds depending on ready conditions and ammo to be used. its just me. Not a big guy and 60yo.
  7. I see them as mental prep routines not superstitions.
  8. I try my best to pull parallel to the barrel, place the hook the same point on the trigger, pull as if taking an accurate shot, contineous even pull, no jerking. All done as same as possible for consistency.
  9. I used to compete in this. Reliability is no. 1 because clearing a jam is very difficult due to its very small ammo. Otherwise its quite easy and fun to shoot. Ipsc Phils. here.
  10. My apologies for my off topic posts @DPA
  11. You are correct in your point of view, and just different from mine. Neither is wrong. The best gun in the world in your hands can only shoot as good but never better than you. You can have all the gizmos in your gun to make you shoot your best but at the end of the day you only shot it to your abilities. This is the selling but deceiving idea why sponsored shooters should be top tier ones to make his guns look better or best vs the competing brands. Now that Eric G. shoots a cz, many migrated to the platform but cannot shoot like or even close to Eric. So is it the gun or the shooter thats performing best? What i meant was, we can only do so much to our guns to be the best gun there is. But our human ability is far more superior and limitless. So why keep on looking in our guns?
  12. No worries, no offense. We are on opposite sides of the earth. I was just sharing notes. You are already a gm and looking on the hardware for advantage. My view is the opposite. While we can do a lot on our guns to get any perceived advantage, we at times fail to see and harness the tremendous abilities we have that are far more advantageous than any hardware can give. The gun can only be as good but can never be better than the shooter. My son doesnt have any talent. I started him in pistols coz I shoot hg. He could not shoot it straight no matter what. I tried pcc on him and was so ordinary but can hit his targets. Due to his difficulties in hg he found pcc easier so he got interested. I gave him guidance and motivation and he responds beautifully although he is not serious on it. Im 60yo, 18yrs in ipsc hg, as much as I wanted to be better if not best, I do not see the game/returns worth my investment in my side of the globe. Besides i started too late in this sport. Good luck and stay focused
  13. Could have should have ya but i see youre a gm so i guess you know everything about pcc and i dont do pcc
  14. I have a stock upper taccom ulw 5” barreled 9mm pcc w/o comp, 4# non-competition ar15 Sigsauer 5.56trigger, w/ not so small dot bounce. But my 18yo son can shoot it consistently w/ .15-.16 splits out to 15y all A hits on ipsc turtle targets. Out to 20-25y in .20s splits. Makes me wonder at times how much more he would gain in speed w/ a no-dot-bounce pcc’s and hair triggers installed. I taught him how to shoot so I think I know how he got there, but its more him than me. He trains w/ me regularly in live fire, dont dry fire, and not so serious in his shooting. Goes to local matches only in his free times and if he feels like going. Nothing to brag about but when he does go, he beats the local hot shots most of the time overall and has the fastest times in almost all stages. But the competitor field here is not yet as thick as yours. I believe its more of a software thing than due to dot bounce so I leave the taccom set up alone.
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