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  1. Ipsc min. trigger pull for glocks is 3#. For production div.
  2. Update. Re-reamed chamber to .908” depth yesterday w/ .38 super Nonte reamer, by myself. Shot 375 rnds reloaded super rimless today. No more jam of failure to lock up. And think gun is a bit more accurate now than previously. Thanks everyone!
  3. Here is what i learned in this ordeal. .38 super by SAAMI headspaces on the ream via a depression under the barrel hood. So depth of chamber at .9175 is not an issue. But todays chambers are reamed w/ Super Nonte w/c headspaces on the case mouth and w/c works for Rimmed super and Rimless supercomp. The Nonte reamer, in order to reach the correct depth reams the depression under the hood way forward so it wont have any function in chambering a round. Hope i understand this correctly. My chamber at issue here is Nonte i believe. It just needs a few thou of an inch deeper to function reliably
  4. Right. Tried to get other gs but very few in my neck of woods could come at par wth his quality works. But this time think I better heed your advice. Lots of pita for a few thou of an inch.
  5. SAAMI headspace is .050-.070. Mine is .053 well within limits. But jams when fed w/ longer brass.
  6. Went to my gs today. He advised me to instead select my brass w/in .900 +_ .002 length. Will try this but if it dont work I will be obliged to learn to ream it myself or let other gs do it.
  7. Bit off toipic. My sti slide in 38 super has a burr or small protrusion in the very corner of that side. After some rounds fired its obvious the shell rim is hitting the area more than the adjoining area as its very shiney but gun is reliable. I tried to dress it to flush of breech face but still a bit of uneveness remained. Dont know if its bad for the gun or not.
  8. Checked my brass length that wont chamber and found they were longer than my .902” chamber. Some were .908-.912”. SAAMI chamber specs for .38 super is .9179”. Should I go for SAAMI or a bit shorter say .910”? My kkm barrel is .910 and easily chambers these long-shell rounds. My gs is inclined to go the barest minimum for his alleged accuracy sake. But for me reliability is king.
  9. For me its the correct technique, unless you mean the support hand? Training to sustain the grip pressure while shooting is not so hard. Shooting a 32 rnd long cof would amount to only a few seconds of actually firing the gun. Dry firing any shooting drill a week or two consciously focusing gripping your desired grip would easily make it subconscious.
  10. Has anybody lightened the gun? Quite heavy for my taste to compete with.
  11. Does this mean you are doing it consciously and you want it done subconsciously? Or is the other way around?
  12. Getting the hits at slower pace is normal. But the goal is to get the hits at speed.
  13. Trigger freeze is usually due to tension in the firing hand. Try locking the wrist w/o tensing the hand. Its a bit counter intuitive as our natural reaction is to grip harder when trying to shoot fast. But w/ focused training it can be done both in df and lf.
  14. The readings are also affected by where you apply force along the handle
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