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  1. Shoot ANY drill faster than your comfortable pace repeatedly until you're confident you are hitting what you are seeing.
  2. Does a comp change the pattern vs a no comp?
  3. Thats normal, You just dont spread your feet so i think its a given.
  4. I prefer Stoeger's: wider feet/stance = lower body. No frills.
  5. “Announced stage plans”? Maybe you mean published stages/cofs. I wont rely on them much. More often they are far from the real stages come match day. Anyway, when in the match proper most probably you wont remember any of them coz your focus will be on the real set up stages. Device plans that are easy and simple for you based on your known skills.
  6. Except me. See above
  7. In my 550 i dont always look for the powder in the shell but I always feel the bell in the mouth wth fingers before a bullet is seated to be sure it has powder in it.
  8. I believe the most important factor is reliability w/ the SG big kick. CMore Sliderides are the most reliable in my open major pistols but didnt last long on my 1301 in my first and only try. Given time and chance I might try another one. Also Ive seen micro dots give up on some in the middle of stage runs. So for now Im in PSX1000/2000. No circuits and batteries to worry about.
  9. One canveat. You need to do it religiously and contineously for some time until it sets in. Doing something at speed is quite unsettling if you are not used to it. Its taking me some time to learn from.
  10. Yes not everyone will and only a few dare to. Maybe its why, not everyone shoot to his/her best possible capabilities. Also each of us have different routes to betterment. But the worst advice was the “slow down to get your hits” and a lot including me were willing victims to this. Been in A in Std. For yrs, and in Open again for yrs. never got to get better. Everytime I ventured out of my comfort zone such mantra pops out to rein me back. Been a long time to be dumb.
  11. Shooting swingers and movers make me shoot subconsciously based soley on sight picture. That is, shooting with intent to hit good points.
  12. In a major IPSC match last year, an IROA in eqpt check ruled it to be good in Open and Standards divs. I shoot open by the way.
  13. Yes. And also to Stoeger’s. But A lot of us including me dont like to commit errors w/c prevent us from pursuing this. Im A class for years and its obvious to me that speed is my biggest hurdle. Then I decided to force the issue in my training and it seemed to pay off. Im not the speediest guy I want to be yet at 58yo but Im improving my par times in Df and Lf drills though just bit by bit, w/c I think is just right.
  14. Been doing it in dry fire in all my drills since a month or so ago and seeing positive results. Have to force myself to operate outside my normal pace. Made errors along the way but think its normal when in new territory. I believe everyone have been on the same learning boat?
  15. Dont know about tac but in ipsc its ok for open and std per iroa. It does not use battery nor electronics so its only a fiber optic sight w/c project the light to the glass window. In my limited experience in Open, the ring reticle is quite fast to acquire targets for bird and buck shots. For slugs i use the center dot for precise aim.
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