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  1. Oh, come on. USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge, et al, are games. And the guns we buy are the things we play these games with. When you are in your dotage are you going to hand your grandson a holster worn, shot out old pistol and say, "Son, this is the gun I almost made C Class with." Not me. I'm gonna sell mine to help pay for my new apartment at the Senior care facility.
  2. My Tripp Cobras have the same gap between the first and second rounds. They work like a champ.
  3. Citing someone's inheritance, or a person who collects guns, only serves to muddy the water. It really isn't Germain to our topic. My opinion is that a person shouldn't fall in love with his tool.
  4. Because no one ever has that mindset. These are tools for our sport. How many people do you know ever looked at a gun and said, "Oh Jeez, Louise. I'm gonna buy that gun and keep it for ever and ever."
  5. In our sport you should never own a forever gun. What you should own is a tool that gets the job done in what ever division you happen to be in. Nor, am I saying that you should be foolish with your money. Just don't skimp on a gun choice to save a buck is probably the advice I would give. If your pick is the Wilson CQB, then go for it. It's a proven winner.
  6. CHA-LEE, is right. Our guns are like race cars. For top performance they require constant inspection and tuning.
  7. I recently bought a Dan Wesson Pointman 9 to use in IDPA. I removed the factory guide rod and replaced it with an EGW GI spring guide and an EGW stainless spring plug. In addition, I added a SS magwell by Smith and Alexander. With an empty Cobra 10 round magazine, and extended base pad, the gun weighs exactly 43 ounces, according to my digital kitchen scale. This same set-up should work for USPSA SS.
  8. You bet they do. I'm currently using a Dan Wesson Pointman-9 in IDPA ESP. This same gun can be used in USPSA SS Division. I have to shoot Minor loads with it, granted, but it's unlikely I'll be heading to the Nationals any time soon.
  9. FWIW: Maybe once a year, or so, I will take a Q-Tip soaked in non-acetone nail polish remover and swab the ramp in the head where the primers go round. I think it does two things. It cleans the ramp surface, obviously, but I think it also etches the surface of the ramp ever so slightly, helping the primers move around a bit more easily.
  10. Oh, there was plenty of sarcasm when I first posted this thing, that's for sure. People were aghast. It was like I had committed a sacrilege. Imagine the audacity this guy's showing by telling us how to build a PCC. Well, audacious maybe, but gutsy was more like it. As you can see it went against the grain of many here and there was no hesitation in their letting me know. But, if you go through this entire thread you'll see that there was a fair number of folks who appreciated the suggestions I made, and for me that was remuneration enough. The truth is I don't really give a hoot, on
  11. I agree with you. There's more than one way get it done. By-the-way, "perfect build" are your words. Not mine.
  12. How would you know this? Are you a GM? My guess is you're working as hard as you can to get out of D class, but failing. Regardless. They work, and work well.
  13. +1 to all the Tripp accolades. Out of six new Cobra magazines (9mm) I had one with the spacer in the wrong position. I sent the mag body to Tripp Research with a note, and they sent me a brand new magazine. Great folks to deal with. Virgil builds a damn good-looking gun, too.
  14. Give a GM any one of my four guns and he can win with it.
  15. This post is like a bad penny, although it would appear that I'm somewhat vindicated. I have built 4 guns so far using these guidelines, and all have performed accurately, and without failure. ?
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