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  1. MikieM

    Build A Winning PCC.....

    Oh, there was plenty of sarcasm when I first posted this thing, that's for sure. People were aghast. It was like I had committed a sacrilege. Imagine the audacity this guy's showing by telling us how to build a PCC. Well, audacious maybe, but gutsy was more like it. As you can see it went against the grain of many here and there was no hesitation in their letting me know. But, if you go through this entire thread you'll see that there was a fair number of folks who appreciated the suggestions I made, and for me that was remuneration enough. The truth is I don't really give a hoot, one way or the other. I have long since sold the four guns, and don't even compete in the division any more. So I guess the laughs on you.
  2. MikieM

    Build A Winning PCC.....

    I agree with you. There's more than one way get it done. By-the-way, "perfect build" are your words. Not mine.
  3. MikieM

    Build A Winning PCC.....

    How would you know this? Are you a GM? My guess is you're working as hard as you can to get out of D class, but failing. Regardless. They work, and work well.
  4. MikieM

    Tripp Cobra 10 Round Problems

    +1 to all the Tripp accolades. Out of six new Cobra magazines (9mm) I had one with the spacer in the wrong position. I sent the mag body to Tripp Research with a note, and they sent me a brand new magazine. Great folks to deal with. Virgil builds a damn good-looking gun, too.
  5. MikieM

    Build A Winning PCC.....

    Give a GM any one of my four guns and he can win with it.
  6. MikieM

    Build A Winning PCC.....

    This post is like a bad penny, although it would appear that I'm somewhat vindicated. I have built 4 guns so far using these guidelines, and all have performed accurately, and without failure.
  7. You might try a Glock part, but in my case I just left the OEM spring in. I got the performance I wanted without changing it. The Freedom trigger is definitely worth the cost, but you may have a problem with misfires when using the 6.5 striker spring (I had about a 2 per cent FTF rate). If you load ammo on a 1050 you'll be able to set primers deep enough to probable overcome the problem, or if you can locate Federal small pistol primers you'll more than likely fix the issue. I went with a 7 pound Glock striker spring with Winchester primers seated to 0.005 below flush and wound up with a 2.5 pound trigger, and 100 per cent reliability. Have fun.
  8. MikieM

    EGW 7 hole Chamber checker

    I have one just like it. It is not for checking loaded ammo but rather sized cases. Although some loaded ammo will drop in and fall out quite easily the barrel you are going to use the ammo in is your best means of testing. Plunk and rotate into it.
  9. MikieM

    Bullet weight vs the timer

    Ah. Living proof.
  10. MikieM

    Which mags? (1911)

    Tripp Cobras (9mm) with Dawson pads. Working great so far.
  11. MikieM

    Load for a Canik TP9SFx?

    I used the same load in the SFX that I am currently using in SS, and IDPA. 147 gr. RN 3.2 gr. N320 Winchester brass and primers OAL 1.110 to 1.120 depending on how it plunks. PF around 130. Accuracy is plenty good enough.
  12. MikieM

    Bullet weight vs the timer

    It didn't help me. I got to the Port-o-potty, jerked open the door, and there stood the Match Director with a fishing pole in his hands. "What are you doing?" I asked. "I dropped my jacket down in the muck." Said the MD. "Why don't you just leave it?" "Oh, hell no!" He responded. "I had a ham sandwich in the pocket."
  13. Pre-Christmas marketing strategy. Good way to get a 650.
  14. Yes. It's in my back yard. I'll give you the address. Not a thing wrong with getting hold of Dillon. They know a thing, or two, because they've seen a thing, or two.
  15. MikieM

    Locator Pins storage

    Easiest way for me, too.